'Put down the knife, Dave. This is stupid.'

Billy Roberts stared across the now empty gym floor at his friend, currently standing by the wall, a sheen of sweat giving his face an unearthly glow under the lights, his eyes wide and piercing as he stared back at Billy while waving the old looking, ornamental dagger in his hand.

'Dave's gone, Billy.' He whispered, licking his lips and giggling as he spoke. 'He opened the box. He found the dagger. The dagger of the fallen.' He paused, staring at his one time friend.

'You knew it was there, didn't you?' He chuckled. 'All that time and you never told him.'

Billy sighed. The week had started so easily...

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Comment by WP Central on October 15, 2009 at 8:44
For him. He had gone to school on Monday feeling tired as anybody would. But a new boy had come to the school. He had messy brown hair, blue-gray eyes his skin was ghastly pale, which made him look as though he was sick, even though he claimed he was healthy. Our teacher made him introduce himself to the class.

He sighed and said: “my names Dave, I’m 15 years old, erm… That’s about it”

. There was a sudden silence, as he went to take his new seat, next to me. Why did he have to be next to me? He stank like… I can’t describe the smell, but I tell you, it was horrible! We didn’t talk. We didn’t look at each other. He didn’t look at me, but always looked at my work. I began to get annoyed. He would get praised for the work that I did. The teacher was always saying:

“Well done Dave, it’s the first day for you and you are already making good progress!”

Dave smiled a toothy grin. His teeth were going yellow.

When the teacher came up to me, she said:

“Billy, did you cheat?”

I looked at her flabbergasted.

“Of course not!”

Dave then said rudely:

“If you cheated Billy, just say it. Nobody likes a cheater”

I stared at him. This liar had just blamed me for what he did.

I had never cheated in my life. Can’t this stupid teacher see that when he came, that’s when I “cheated”? I loaved him, with a passion that could never be told. Then my stupid teacher said:

“Billy, to make it up to Dave for coping his work, you can show him around.”

“Whaaaat!?!” Billy said.

By Fatmata and Desola Blackheath Bluecoat
Comment by Sue Parr on October 15, 2009 at 9:39
I couldn’t believe what was happening! Billy thought, but I had no choice. At the end of the lesson I took Dave on a tour of the school. On our way to the biology room Dave saw a care takers closet and ran in and locked the door behind him. Billy walked off and thought “Oh well, at least I don’t have to show him around.” When Billy got home he had a message, the coolest guy in school had asked Billy to be the DJ at his 16 birthday party for CASH! Billy was over the moon, he had been asked to DJ in public! Meanwhile, inside the closet, Dave had found what he had come for, The Dagger of the Fallen.
By Saiyna Patel and Roli Adollo
Comment by Nicola McNee on October 15, 2009 at 10:56
That night all Billy could hear was the scratch of his disks on his decks and the beat of his heart. A dim light fell across a ghost like figure yielding a glinting object. The hairs on the back of Billy’s neck rose. He had to do something. Billy’s footsteps were in sync with Dave’s as he followed him through the sea of people. He could now see the mysterious object in full form. His stomach tuned as his suspicions were confirmed. It was the dagger of the fallen.

Isabel and Freddie
Comment by Liz Bridge on October 15, 2009 at 11:27
What was Dave doing with the Dagger of the Fallen wondered Billy? Billy walked suspicously and followed Dave through the disco dancing crowds.But this was no time to party! Luckily nobody noticed that the party's DJ had left his decks and had followed Dave into the school's gym.The dagger had been polished only days before.Dave looked at the clean metal blade of the dagger and saw Billy's reflection.Suddenly he turned around to find Billy directly in front of him. Billy looked like he had seen a ghost! Dave was holding the dagger in his right hand ready to slash at Billy's face."Why did you follow me?!" exclaimed Dave.
By Danielle and Lauren from Warblington
Comment by Mrs Diana Scott on October 15, 2009 at 11:56
He froze and stared in horror at the dagger that had took his friend away,the merciless object that put him through so much agony and pain.He had to stop the dagger from causing any more trouble,if this went on there will be all kinds of havoc.He looked at the object furiously and said aggressively...

By Syeda and Arjan. Mayfield School
Comment by Bev Humphrey, Woolwich Poly, UK on October 15, 2009 at 13:24
“What do you think you are doing” asked Billy in a scared manner.
“I am going to slash your face in that’s what” threatened Dave .
“You wouldn’t dare” said Billy his voice becoming a stutter. Billy had begun to back away from Dave but Dave hadn’t noticed this. Yet. After about 10 steps back Dave had noticed what Billy was doing and charged at him. Billy swiveled on his heels and ran for his life. 1000 thoughts were bubbling around Billy’s head.
Was he going to be alive at the end of this?
Would Dave launch at him and kill him? But he didn’t have long to wait…
By Bradley Woolwich Polytechnic
Comment by Margie Godwin on October 15, 2009 at 21:30
Dave was closing in behind him with the dagger in his hand. Just as Dave dove at Billy, Billy took a sharp left turn. Dave slipped and the dagger went flying to the left right into Billy's hand. Billy gripped the dagger as tight as he could and kicked Dave as he was trying to get up. With that Dave slumped to the floor. Billy raced to the open door, running as fast as he could to the edge of the river that ran through the city. As hard as he could Billy threw the dagger into the river and hurried back to the party. Everyone thought he had taken a break and no one ever realized what had just happened. When the dagger fell into the ice cold water the spell was broken. It sank to the bottom of the river and never again did it cause harm to anyone.

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