02/10/2012 David Orme

The planet below them was blue and green, just like the Earth. Most of the planets the exploration team visited weren’t like that. They were rocky and airless, with nothing living at all.

            Lower and lower went the Nightstar. Jez, the navigator, was looking for a safe place to land.  Madge, the ship’s commander, concentrated hard on the controls.

            ‘To the right! there’s an open space amongst the trees!’

           ‘Got it!’

            ‘Great landing!’

           ‘Not bad. O.K. Rik, over to you. What do you think? Is it safe to go out?’

           Rik was a scientist who  studied new planets. He was busy checking conditions outside.

           ‘We can breathe the air, so that’s good news!’
The crew put on their backpacks. Madge pressed the control to open the outer door.

           The forest was cool and shady. The trees stretched upward to where a tangle of branches blocked out the sunlight. Now and again they thought they saw an animal, but it was hard to be sure.

            They heard a sound and looked up. Something big was falling, falling, straight down towards them.

            ‘Move, quick!’

            But it was too late. It was huge net made from ropes, with stones round the edge to make it fall quickly. The force of its fall knocked them to the ground.

            Then they saw the grey figures , climbing down the trees and  running towards them through the forest. 

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Comment by Stefany Anne on October 2, 2012 at 2:53

Siemon Spaapen and Arkin Pal

Garden international school


The last thing that they saw was a club coming straight at them. When they woke up they found themselves in a huge cage hanging over a huge cliff face. Suddenly they heard a huge rumbling sound which knocked them of their feet and knocked them into unconsciousness. While the 3 people from earth were unconscious, the strange natives were debating on what to do with the strangers they didn’t know of. While the crew at the Nightstar fled in the thought that there commanders had perished in this unique planet called Kreole.

But little did the crew know that a native had sabotaged sector 12 of the Nightstar codenamed O.I.L thus causing it to explode in midflight obliterating the crew and leaving no hope of survival for the commanding officers stuck on planet Kreole.

The officers left to die on the grief stricken planet woke up with a startle. A grey figure was staring down at them with curiosity and a glint of aggression in his piercing black eyes.

I opened the cage and threw them some alien grub. To their liking they found it very sweet and uplifting from their dying spirit.

The survivors didn’t know how long they had been in this cage or who was their mysterious friend who seems to give them food and help them survive in one of their most horrifying moment in their lives.  The officers were wondering where their crew were and whether they were going to save them because the scouting ship had a whole armory, but had the commanders known that the ship had been obliterated.

Suddenly one night the rope which held the cage snapped the commanders thought that this was really the end but then they fell into a river system breaking their fall but injuring them slightly and as the river carried them away they noticed that Rik had gone missing but they assumed the worst.

As the river carried them away they thought if they would ever see the trees,  the rivers of earth ,their families and rick ever again.


Comment by Nicola Gowing on October 2, 2012 at 9:47

As the last of the crew stumbled up the rivers bank, drenched in mud and water (at least they assumed it was water) they eyed the rocky cliffs making sure that they were not being tailed by these indigenous people. Any hope of freedom from this threatening world was what looked hopeless.

 “Is everyone ok? Where’s Rik?” Jez asked frantically.


“I haven’t seen Rik in a while” Jez and his crew mates decided to set up camp before deciding a strategy to avoid the natives and find Rik at sunrise.

As the morning approached, the sun rose and still Rik was no where to be seen.

“Do you think the native people have captured Rik?” Asked Andy as his eyes widened waiting to hear the fate of his best friend and brother, the crew could see the worry and discomfort in Andy’s eyes.  


By Tashana, Naomi, Bláz and Angel

from Great Yarmouth High School, England.

Comment by Tricia Oyston on October 2, 2012 at 10:55

They walked down the river bank, no one speaking, the only sound being their ragged breaths. They were surrounded by the steep cliffs at either side of them.  There was no escape if the menacing creatures found them. Their clothes suddenly seemed too thin, with the cool air getting to them, making them shiver. They looked around, startled, as they heard an ear-piercing plea for help.  Rik.

Something suddenly caught their eyes, as they looked to the far-end of the river and saw a small man wedged between two over-sized boulders.

“RIK!” Andy yelled, attempting to run over to his younger brother.  Madge and Jez quickly grabbed onto his arms, in fear of his fraternal instincts kicking in, and making him jump into the fast-flowing river to save his younger brother.

“Let me go!” he screamed, thrashing about in his friends arms.  “I have to save Rik!”

“No! He’s gone!” Madge tried to calm him down. “We can’t save him! He’s too far out!” 

“Madge! Over there!” Jez shouted, pointing at something in the air.


“The indigenous people! They found us!”  She looked up, and sure enough, there they were, a whole army of them, waiting for the crew to make their first move.

Shannon L. 9V & Olivia C. 9W  Sheffield High School

Comment by Paula Ward on October 2, 2012 at 11:58

Andy looked around furiously, in the corner of his eye he saw Rik slipping from the safety of the boulders into the crashing waves dragging him along towards a raging, crystal clear waterfall. The natives edged toward the steep walls of the cliff. Panicking, the crew dived into the freezing depths of the river letting the stream carry them towards Rik and the foamy mass of the waterfall.

Andy, Jez and Madge swam frantically away from the natives. “I told you this was a bad idea!” shouted Madge over the rush of the waterfall. Suddenly they stopped, a large net was dragging them backwards. The natives! They struggled to escape the net, it was no use. With a bump, they were dragged onto dry land; grey figures staring down at them. What fate would befall them next?

Rik looked around; where were the crew? He could hear movement at the bottom of the waterfall. What was it? Without warning he crashed down with the waterfall towards a cave littered with glistening gems. He sat up, unaware of his surroundings. Closing in on him were the natives, just in front of the cave wall. What was he going to do?

By Rachel S. 8Z & Courtney B. 8V Robert May’s School

Comment by Debbie Baird on October 2, 2012 at 12:51

The crew managed to quickly weave some rope out of some vines they had found, they used them to jump down and they landed on the creatures knocking them out. They grabbed some weapons and they rushed towards Rik. Andy hugged him fiercely and helped him out they all climbed out and ran off before the creatures could wake up.
It was long after nightfall when they found a place to sleep, they made a small fire and used the weapons they had stolen to kill a few animals they had found. The meat from the animals was succulent and juicy and after a small meal they were ready to rest, Madge said she would take first watch. When it was her turn to sleep she fell asleep soundlessly into a deep sleep. She awoke the following morning to hear the creatures calling down in the valley below, she quietly woke the others and they made sure that the fire was out.

As soon as they thought they were safe they snuck out and gathered some leaves and mud, Madge worked hard to weave a camouflage cover for the entrance to the little cave they had found. They spent the day foraging and weaving until they had a steady supply of food water wood and most importantly clothes , Andy went out and gathered some herbs to make temporary medicine it was turning nightfall and Andy was on his way back when he heard an unmistakable roar come from behind him….

Tai and Cameron, West Kirby Residential School.

Comment by Allison Painich on October 2, 2012 at 15:31
Andy turned around slowly and screamed from the top of his lungs "AHHHH." Now Andy had his eyes closed and the big camoflauged creature grabbed him and took him away. "ANDY!!!!! HELP ME!!!!" Madge was searching for something to hit the creature with, but there was nothing. Out of nowhere, the creature hit Madge and Rik. The massive hit knocked them out for several hours. When they finally awoke, they noticed that Andy was gone. Madge had an idea. She thought they should follow the tracks.

They went into the forest to begain their search. Night began to fall and they headed back to the cave. When morning came, they started their search again. They heard voices in a nearby cave. The men said they saw Big Foot running through the forest. Just as they were giving up hope to find Andy, they saw a glimpse of a huge creature. It was Big Foot. And he had Andy. The used a pocket knife to stab the creature until he collapsed. Andy had never been happier. He was safe.

Ty and Marione
Sci Tech Academy
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Comment by Stefany Anne on October 3, 2012 at 2:07

Garden International School: Iyad Mohamed, Siddharth Khanna.


Andy grinned, he had made it passed the huge enormous creature and into the hands of his trusted crew members. They headed into the lair to find some source of survival such as shelter, food, water and fire.

Slowly the sun set taking along with it the safety of the planet. The night grew dark, fear grew among them. Soon they could hear loud and freaky sounds as they thought the natives were hunting for them! Slowly they crept around the cave carefully watching for any signs of movement, while they were doing so they found a mud hole. Madge crawled in to the hiding spot hoping for it to be safe. To their surprise it was filled with weapons of all sorts! They were shocked to the bone. They crawled out of their mud hole to find the owner of the weapons. They went deeper into the lair until it was extremely dark…

A light came on, it was dim but Jez could make out a shadowy figure.  “Cyborg!!!” yelled Jez!

“Run for your lives the cyborg is going to destroy us, what do we do AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!” SCREAMED Andy!!

“Stop, do not run you and I are the same,” spoke the robot in a mechanical voice. “We are both from different planets.”

“Wow what you are saying is that you and I are both the same?!”

“Confirmed.” The cyborg answered

But then ahooooooo! The natives found them.

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