11/10/2012 Tommy Donbavand

The Martian Landing, started by Tommy Donbavand and completed by YOU!


My rocket blasted for the stars

I'll be the first to land on Mars

The first to stand on Martian soil

The first to start the endless toil


To build a new society

To leave the Earth behind, be free

To conquer planets deep in space

All from man's first Martian base


But when my rocket ship touched down...


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Comment by Janet Rothwell on October 11, 2012 at 8:45
There were wonders upon the misty ground
Many investigations will have to be conducted
Many fears will face us; we may be abducted

A fear of the unknown is a new creation
Searing my imagination
Sending me into the scorching, merciless volcanoes
Depriving me of my pursuit of living creatures

Searching of water
Oxygen levels decreasing
Getting tighter, harder to grasp
Falling, falling, falling…

Vishwam and Irfaan, Langley Grammar School.
Comment by Nicola Gowing on October 11, 2012 at 10:17

I fell to the ground 

And hit my head

And I thought to myself

Could I really be dead?


I wasn’t. I’m alive

But the martians are surrounding

I’m scared out of my wits

My heart is pounding

I can’t believe my eyes

They’ve crowned me their king

I’m jumping for joy

I’m blinded by the bling


They took me to a their base

I’m scared what I might find

Maybe it’s a different race

They walked like dogs but stands on they hind


Through the doors there was light

Oh my gosh

I’ve never had such a fright

Right before my eyes


I saw something no one would believe

For it was my brother

Standing before me


The martians had got him

In captivity

He was in so much pain

I had to set him free..

By Evie, Bethany, Joshua and Melissa – Great Yarmouth High School

Comment by Sarah Gould on October 11, 2012 at 11:20

The flames screaming at the force of the atmosphere clutching onto their gasp

The moon waving a hello, greeting the new star ship

The sun burning, gazing at the moonlight

The buttons, buzzing, beckoning every ear it touches,   

The stars, glimpsing at the at the earth, wishing they were there

The astronaut praying trying to reach

The stars sprinting spitting out bright fireballs

Whoosh,  whoosh cheered the rocket as he sped away into space.


Well done to Samuel, Tom, Sara and Manon from Holy Trinity Primary School in Wimbledon for their amazing poetic contribution.


Comment by Rosie Pike on October 11, 2012 at 12:55

Off I go whizzing away,

Back to earth where I shall stay.

Yes they’re getting out of my way.


Finally I’m back on land,

The air is fresh, with the sea and sand.


Just when I think they are staying away,

They come down together,

What will they say?


They come out of the ship one by one,

And they take my brother, now my mum.

Now I go whizzing away,

Back to the place I do not want to stay.


I am back on mars

Gazing at the twinkling stars.

 One by one they fade away:

This is the end I want to say.


I look in their base

And open a door;

And this is when I see…


My mum and brother having tea,

Sipping rather splendidly,

But in the shadows right behind them,

Something was lurking…

Comment by Rosie Pike on October 11, 2012 at 12:57

By Harry, George (Zac and Nadja) from Bishop's Stortford College

Comment by Debbie Baird on October 11, 2012 at 14:11

Martians I have not seen before lurking,

 Guarding the door.

The stars are back but I know they won’t stay

 Is it night or is it day? 

I try to laugh but there’s fear in me

How will I get away from this galaxy?  

The thought of earth goes through my mind

A former king of Mars

A member of mankind

The only way home is something I can see

But how do I get away

With martians around me

Suddenly there’s a loud barking sound

The barking of a martian hound.

My brother and mother they are free

Now all eyes are focused on me

The last human in this galaxy

Only the thought of escape

Will be able to set me free

I think and think and think again

And then a idea so risky

I must be out of my mind

But I remember on the plant of Mars

I’m the last of mankind…..


 By Chantelle  West Kirby Residential School     

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