19/10/2012 Grown ups! Simon Cheshire

The park was very noisy. Teams of teenagers played football on the wide grassy area beside the river. Young children played on the swings and roundabouts while their mothers gossiped on the park benches. A huge, green sit-down lawnmower was roaring and clanking close to the flower beds.
The weather was warm and sunny. Anyone looking up into the sky would have seen a clean, clear sheet of blue stretching from horizon to horizon.
At first, nobody noticed a strange humming sound which seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere. Nobody could hear it above the noise of the children and the mums and the lawnmower! However, as the sound gradually rose, more and more people stopped to listen...

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Comment by WP Central on October 19, 2012 at 6:50

It began on the far side of the park from where Tom, Amy and their Mum were picnicking. The teenagers were the first to notice, standing still and pointing into the air. Some got their phones out and started taking pictures or texting their friends. Then the grown-ups realised something was happening and the mothers called anxiously to their children, gathering them close, whilst some ran towards the playground shouting nervously.

The humming grew louder still and now it became clear that it was coming from beyond the church tower, which stood on the southern edge of the park. A flock of birds lifted up from the trees on that side and took flight northwards towards the village, wings beating fast.

Tom, looking up from his sandwich, said, ‘Mum, where’s Snowy?’ He couldn’t see the dog anywhere near them.

His Mum was standing, shading her eyes from the sun and looking at the sky. ‘I don’t know, Tommy. Let’s call her, but stay near’. The family all shouted for their beloved dog, but she didn’t come.

Amy was the one who spotted her. “There’s Snowy, Mum, look with those other ones!’

They turned to see and watched as a pack of animals charged across the grass towards them – dogs, cats and even rats and mice. Howling, squealing and yowling as they ran, the animals seemed maddened by the rising sound. Leading them was their Snowy, with wild eyes and bared teeth…

Anne Robinson, Dixie Grammar School


Comment by Adrian Thompson Laisterdyke UK on October 19, 2012 at 7:39

Closer and closer they got, eyes wide, drooling. A parade of maddened livestock. Amy backed against a tree, pulling Tom and her mum with her. But the animals stampeded past, hardly noticing them. Amy stood, and shook her head. “Odd,” she thought. Until she turned, and saw what they’d been running away from...

Comment by Nikki Heath on October 19, 2012 at 8:21

"MUM!" Amy cried, trembling with fear. Her mum turned around, hearing the panic and terror in her voice. Mum's face drained of colour; eyes widening as she saw the vile creature pounding towards Snowy, tearing through the howling, yowling, screeching pack of terrified animals with every passing second. Screams of horror and disbelief could be heeard from other families in the park, becoming louder as more and more people realised what was happening.

The sky seemed to darken ominously as the birds continued to flee, waves of them flying from the trees as the wild pack came closer and closer to them in what felt like a blink of an eye. Amy and her family stood like statues, scared and unable to move, like a deer caught in headlights. 

"Run! screamed Tom, shocked into action, from where he was  till hiding, cowering behind the tree. Snowy wheeled around, heading towards the sound of  Amy's voice...

Comment by Anne-Lise Robin on October 19, 2012 at 9:07

Tom and Amy couldn't quite believe what they were witnessing and what had happened on what seemed an idyllic afternoon. The creature, this beast caught your breath away, took the words out of your mouth and sucked the happiness out of your heart. There was no time to ponder on the nature of the beast, they were all in danger. Without thinking Amy made a dash to catch Snowy. Sprinting across in the opposite direction she was going straight for the beast ignoring reason and safety. The beast caught her in the corner of what seemed to be his eye and raised a tentacle in swift motion. 

Comment by Stephen Park on October 19, 2012 at 10:14

The tentacle thudded down beside Amy as she sprinted towards Snowy, with such venom the Earth rippled like water under Amy's feet, the splitting of the Earth only adding to Amy's terror but equally fueling her determination to save Snowy. Off balance she leapt onto Snowy and rolled with Snowy in her arms. Amy, lay her side, clinging to Snowy, realised the chaos had stopped, the awful sound of terrified animals were now an eary distant noise, dust settled and those bounding tremors distantly petered out into silence. "Amy!" her mum shrieked, as a dark shadow grew all around her, replacing warm sunshine with a chill that crept up her arms and made her cling to Snowy that little bit more, Amy started to breathe quickly, she felt rooted to the ground. Looking across to her mums face, it was clear to Amy the creature was right behind her.

Comment by Siobhan Hawke on October 19, 2012 at 12:38

As the full impact of the fearful situation hit her Amy felt a calm descend on her.  Time slowed down and a silence fell as if she was in a bubble. She felt able to look and see all around her with a clarity she had never felt before.  She saw her mother's fear stricken face, the shock on her brother's face and beyond them, people running in all directions away from her.  From her and what was behind her.  She slowly turned around and faced the creature. None of the monsters she encountered in TV or books had prepared her for such a monstrous creature.  She felt fear creep back through her bones and as it struck her heart and her lungs making it hard to breath she felt time jolt back and once more could hear all the noise around her.  She opened her mouth to scream and as she did she felt something smooth jut out from Snowy's mouth.

Comment by WP Central on October 19, 2012 at 13:41

What on earth was it? edging her hand down, trying not to make any sudden moves Amy whispered "Drop Snowy there's a good boy" Snowy whined around the object in his mouth unwilling to let it go until she raised her voice just slightly and repeated "DROP!" The smooth, large stone like thing Snowy was holding dropped into her hand - it felt like it was made of velvet but it looked like polished steel and it was pulsating obscenely like a human heart. Amy held it up high and shouted at the creature "is this it? is this what you want?" The creature had frozen and its eyes (if eyes they were) didn't flicker away from the object, its gaze was fixated on the metal stone and it was....was it? yes Amy was sure it was shivering. Making a split second decision Amy shouted "ok you want it - then FETCH!" Snapping her arm back she used the strong overarm bowl she'd been taught by her dad and launched the shining sphere far into the air...

Comment by Caroline Roche on October 19, 2012 at 19:30

The monster turned, heaving its bulk around, in an attempt to catch the object.  The sphere travelled through the air, and as it span it seemed to Amy that it was growing bigger and bigger.  The sphere span away, with the monster galloping behind it.  Snowy followed the monster, yapping at its heels.  Suddenly the sphere stopped in mid air and emitted a piercing shriek.  Amy and everyone put their hands over their ears in shock, but the monster gave a shudder and then shattered into a thousand pieces.  Bits of tentacles flew everywhere, landing with slimy gloops. Before Amy could catch her breath, the sphere opened.  A little figure appeared in the doorway.  Smiling, it saluted Snowy and bowed to the dog.  Before her astonished eyes, Snowy walked towards the sphere, and as he got nearer the dog appeared to shimmer, and then change into another small figure.  The sphere descended, and Snowy (or whatever he was called!) walked into the sphere.  He turned and waved to Amy, then the door shut and the sphere disappeared into thin air.  Amy and her mother rubbed their eyes in disbelief.   Who would have believed that their pet dog had  been an alien in disguise?  "I'll miss him", said Amy to her mum, a sob in her throat.  "So will I" said her mum, "but I think we will get a cat next time, just to be on the safe side."  They left the park hand in hand - and the cat which had been sitting near them winked, and started following them home….

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