04/10/2013 Bali Rai

You!’ I whispered.

‘Hello, old chap!’ said the newcomer.

‘But…but…’ I stammered, ‘How can it be…?’

‘Chin up!’ he replied cheerily. ‘Anyone would think you’d seen a ghost.’

            The laugh that erupted from his mouth sent shivers running down my spine.



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Comment by WP Central on October 4, 2013 at 7:30

The truth is, I just solved a mystery but it was't finished, and what was coming for me made me wish I had only seen a ghost. It all started a week ago. I was getting ready to move. I started cleaning out my closet when I saw a small trapdoor that was built into the wall. I opened it and I saw a box. The box looked like it had been there a decade. The smell of the fragile fabric and stale dust made me cough, but that only made me more curious. I unlatched the box making my best effort not to have it break off right in my hand. I finally got it opened. Inside was a key, a map of the drainage myriad under this city (New York City) and a riddle written on a fragile piece of notebook paper that read:

          The key in the box

          Takes you to where X marks  the spot.

         So follow the clues and follow the map

         That will lead you to the flow of water

         Underneath where you are at...


 Skylar E. and Madison F.

 Christa McAuliffe


Comment by Adam Lancaster on October 4, 2013 at 8:04

Surely this had to be a joke. Surely there really wasn't anything that exciting in this boring old city. It must have been a mistake, a joke being played by either Mum or Dad. Yet looking at the box it was definitely old and it certainly smelt like it had been here a long time.


Standing up I carried the box over to my bed. Maybe I could work it out. Maybe it was real, it might lead to some unknown, burried treasure left for hundreds of years for some brave explorer to find. Maybe that someone was me?


But why me? Why would it be in my room?


Lifting up the map to try and see if there was anything written on it the sun suddenly streamed through my bedroom window, right through the map and it was then I realised this wasn't some joke. It was deadly real and was going to change my life forever..


Robert A YR8

Comment by Paula Ward on October 4, 2013 at 9:41

The following morning it was back to normal. Wake up, go to school, sit through lessons, and go home. I had been thinking of the map all day. It still seemed unreal to have found some kind of treasure map in the closet! The surreal experience had thrown my mind into a void of confusion.

I left my house and walked up the street until I found a manhole cover. I had taken the decision. I was going to take the bull by the horns, and find whatever waited in the winding maze of the New York sewers.

With a grunt, I dropped down into the stinking water. I flicked on the flashlight and the tunnels were illuminated in bright white light. I squinted, glanced down at the map, and began my trek into the heart of the seemingly unending maze.

A few hours later, I felt I was nearing my goal, until I saw the dead end. My journey should have been over, but the small cross carved into the brickwork had other ideas. I slowly approached the marking and gently brushed the wall with my fingers. It seemed crumbly, so I tried pulling some away. It fell away in chunks, so I gave it an almighty kick, and the whole thing gave way.

There, clutching a piece of parchment lay a skeleton. A white mist enveloped the small room; it swirled around but finally took shape, a shape that I recognised…

“You!” I whispered. Now here I am.

Ollie C & Rhys T

Year 9
Robert Mays School 

Comment by Adrian Thompson Laisterdyke UK on October 4, 2013 at 11:02
“You!” I whispered. Now here I am.
Here I stand freezing cold with a shiver going down my spine standing before a dead skeleton. Suddenly, I heard a rapid voice. It said “why are you here”, I replied very slowly “ who.. Are..You I slowly stammered. There was no reply, therefore I took no risks I turned back with a cool head , but I was really terrified and cold. I was as cold as the Antarctica and I kept slipping., Therefore I thought of not going back, I thought of the severe consequences that could haunt me if I turned back. Immediately, I startled I could see a ghost before my very eyes, I couldn’t believe it, it flew as fast as a cheetah and it eyes were as bright as the sun. So I thought to myself, I have to keep my confidence and keep moving forward. Even though I knew there could be major obstacles in my journey I have to keep going. Self believe is very important and that is something in which I never looked back on because I trust my self and I have to keep believing if I ever want to find that person. As soon as I looked up I saw a gigantic hole, I entered the hole, and smelled the disgusting and horrible sweat it was rank. Then I thought to myself should go back to square 1 or carry on?.

By Hamza ,hamzah, and waleed
Laisterdyke bussiness and Enterprise College.
Comment by WP Central on October 4, 2013 at 12:58



I must carry on with my expedition to my goal.

With my hands trembling, I took a shaky step towards the dark, gloomy hole. Not knowing what to expect.

As I crawled along the uneven earth, I could hear my every sudden, sharp breath, haunting the tunnel. I paused to rest. Leaning on the wall, I sighed at the relief of safety.

Suddenly, the wall gave in upon my weight and a fell into an abyss of obscurity. I hit the floor. Hard. My head flew back and I drifted into unconsciousness. Darkness.

 Pain shot down my left hand. I wailed in agony. It was as if a knife had pierced through my flesh. 

My thoughts of the horrific pain stopped as I heard a scream echoing down the tunnel. I wasn’t alone...

By Lucas Rodriguez and Franceska Wells. YR8

English Martyrs Catholic School 

Comment by WP Central on October 4, 2013 at 13:05

I turned around and saw a grey, shadowy figure, with cold icy eyes staring at me, sending me piercing looks. My stomach churned with fear as I stared deep into his eyes. The blurred figure did not move but however grew a smile, a dark and evil smile. The figure showed his sharp, pointed teeth; and his eyes grew wider with a look of burning envy. The sewer was black and cold; all that I could see was his eyes and terrifying smile. My legs betrayed me and I started to run towards the exit, but where was it? I couldn’t see a way out. The ghost, who was yet to know, was blocking the way, the only way out. I heard a crackling voice say… “There is no way out.”

Uwam and Holly, year 8, English martyrs catholic school 

Comment by Carol Williams on October 4, 2013 at 13:29

My heart fluttered as my eyes desperately searched for a way out, I’m not going to let this demon control me. Then there was a blinding light “where am I” I heard the ghost screech, his eyes were blank, lifeless even. What had happened? Why has this happened to me? What have I done to deserve this? Who helped me? I started to walk on, looking for any signs of life. I managed to push through the ghost who seemed to be in a coma state and escaped from this living hell through the hole I once entered. When I got out to the human world it was yet to my astonishment that I found myself the only one walking. Everyone seemed to be on this bed like floating thing. I was a bit dazed by all the blinding lights and strange contraptions; but I continued to walk to a building I once called home. Home couldn’t describe the state of the crumbled building that stood in front of me. Where was my family? How could they of moved away in the few hours I was down the hole? Do they not love me anymore? But then it came to me, there was two holes I must have gone up the wrong one; this must be the treasure. This was earths parallel dimension or in English, my new home.

Jessica and Hannah Fernwood School Nottingham

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