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Looking back, Gina came to understand that it wasn’t her fault. Well, not completely. She hadn’t originally wanted to take the dream pills - that had been Lucy’s idea.

There had been a brief discussion about whether they really should take them but it was so boring in Seazone that the two friends decided that anything to break the monotony of living in the city-under-the-sea was worthwhile, so Lucy got hold of them and that was that.

The dreams had started on Monday. They were pleasant and reassuring; the sort of dreams you wished would never end.

Tuesday’s dreams were more disturbing. They were the sort of dreams where you were half awake and half asleep, wishing that you could wake up and stop them.

Wednesday’s dreams were terrifying, because they weren’t just dreams – they were real and they had to be dealt with. And that was what Gina had to do – deal with them, no matter what the consequences were. Little did she know how devastating that would be for her, Gina and the people who lived in Seazone.


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Comment by WP Central on October 4, 2013 at 7:32

he bad dream was about the two biggest eels in the world, the guards of Seazone & the pills, were going to turn on Seazone & kill the mayor, who was Gina's dad.

     Lucy knew that the worst dream would actually happen because her dad invented and locked up the pills. She still didn't tell Gina that for her own sake. Gina told Lucy about her terrifying dream, but Lucy was still not budging. Very soon, Seazone would be in deep trouble.

    Gina felt like giant eels was somthing she had heard about from somewhere. Lucy knew how big the eels were, because she passed them where getting the pills. The two eels were 10 feet wide, and 40 feet long.

     Gina was about to tell her dad about the dream when Lucy stopped her. "Don't! Don't tell him."

     Gina was very confused. "Why not? It's just a dream?" Gina responded. "Well, I kind of didn't tell you the worst dream would come true."

     Lucy said nervously "Ha, true, like that's-WHAT WAS THAT NOISE?!", Gina screamed. "T-they are already here? they usually take days!!", Lucy looked outside and...



Khai D. & Abby E.

Christa McAuliffe


Comment by Adam Lancaster on October 4, 2013 at 8:10

realised that her worst dreams really were coming true.


Not only has the giant eels erupted into the town but they had bought with them what looked like an army of equalling scary looking smaller eels.

"Halt" they heard one of the giant eels call. Everything suddenly stopped outside as if the pause button had been pressed. Everyone that had already been outside when the eels had begun to come were now standing stock still waiting, holding their breathe to see what was going to happen.

Only once before had the guards of Seazone dared enter the town and that was 200 years ago when they captured the then mayor and took him away. Nobody ever saw that mayor again.


Just as Gina and Lucy decided they couldn't hold their breaths any longer the giant eel spoke again. His voice boomed acorss the square. "Bring me the mayor's daughter, NOW!"

Zoe C Yr8

Comment by Paula Ward on October 4, 2013 at 9:54

The eel’s piercing, beady eyes glared scanning the crowd, suddenly, fixing on Gina. The stare bore into Gina like a red hot poker. She shifted under the gaze, her emerald green eyes avoiding the dark, unnatural yellow glow of the scaly monster.

Lucy felt like Gina’s life was hanging off her shoulders, and slipping perilously.  Soon someone would speak up and it would all be over, nothing left but her guilt. She couldn’t shake off the fact that this was her fault. After all Gina was her friend…her only friend.   

“What you looking at her for?” Lucy broke the tension as calmly as possible. She tried to control her voice but the nervous wobble gave her away. The eel’s eyes swivelled round to glower at her. 

“What do you mean?” The eel asked its voice with a hint of menace hidden behind.                            “I-I mean I am the Mayor’s daughter.” The crowd gasped and stared at her silently. She could practically feel their eyes on her neck.        

Her brow began to sweat as she saw the eel double take at this reaction.  “Oh, really? Tell me your mother’s name” he challenged, flicking his tail gleefully.

Lucy struggled to keep a brave face as her mind whirled round trying franticly to remember. She had never actually met Gina’s mother; she had been dead ever since Gina was born. “Ellen.” As the words came out her mouth, the slimy tail flicked up and in one smooth, slick movement grabbed her by the neck.

Juliette & Phoebe

Robert May’s School

Comment by Adrian Thompson Laisterdyke UK on October 4, 2013 at 10:57
As the words came out her mouth the slimy tail flicked up and in one smooth lick slick movement grabbed her neck.
The creature slowly began choking her, stopping her from breathing her face turned blue her bulging eyes stared frantically at Lucy. Lucy was frightened she did not know whether to help or to call someone so she just stood there shocked not knowing what was going on. Gina was screaming as though she was going to pass out.

Halima, Ayshah, Anisah
Laisterdyke business & Enterprise College
Comment by Adrian Thompson Laisterdyke UK on October 4, 2013 at 11:04
She was screaming for her life as the eel grabbed her. She was terrified and everyone was shocked at the fact that the eel grabbed her. The eel ripped her neck open as the blood was sprinkling out it was disgusting. The people immediately took her to the hospital, the doctor tried everything to make it stop but unfortunately the doctors could not save her so she left us. Her father was so depressed he could not take the fact that she left him.
A month later her father got used to the daily life and he started to become more independent on his work but he had a lot of problems with his wife so they got divorced. He was so stressed that he was thinking of hanging him self.
The next day his daughters friends came to see him and they stopped him from doing it .He realised that life is a game so don’t just commit suicide because it will get you nowhere.
Done by Fahmida, Elaina, Aniqa, Abida
Laisterdyke business Enterprise College
Comment by Carol Williams on October 4, 2013 at 13:53

                            FINAL DAY:

Thursday: I woke up panting in horror. I was so frightened I needed someone to talk to, but everyone was gone. Slowly I stood up shaking. Sweat dripped from my forehead.I phoned Lucy; my hands were slippery I almost dropped my phone. Shivering and hot, my hands were I lifted it to my ear. No one spoke until, “hello? Lucy speaking, Gina are you there?”

“It’s me! I need you, I have no one, come to the park now!” I whispered

“What’s wrong? I’m on my way”

I wrapped my hoodie around me and sneaked out my father’s palace. Finally I got there.

I felt a tap on my shoulder.

“Lucy?” I thought.

Quickly I turned around and saw someone. SHE WAS ALIVE!?   

“Lucy? Is it really you?” I said in confusion.

I think to myself could this be a dream? or could this be real?

These dream pills are taking over my life.

To be continued…

Delphine and Zaina.

Fernwood school.

Comment by Allison Painich on October 7, 2013 at 15:40
Gina's father began to gain more strength after his daughter left. He started to lose control of himself and created a giant monster called the "Blue Moon Killer." No one really knew about this killer monster. Before Gina was born, he created the eel monsters. "I must destroy these monsters and create my new ones," he said.

Once he destroyed the eels, created the Blue Moon killer, and set them out to the world, everyone found out. Lucy moved ever since Gina left, so she was safe. Gina's father turned into a monster himself. Will anyone survive?

Minnie Ruffin Elementary
Monroe, Louisiana, USA

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