04/10/2013 Mark Robson

As Sam watched the sea level climb up the side of the artificial island, he felt his body tighten with excitement and an edge of fear.  The sinking feeling as the enormous island-shaped vessel drove out to sea on its gigantic caterpillar tracks was unlike anything he had ever experienced before.  The water foamed and gurgled in a frothing frenzy as it was shouldered aside by the cliffs of metal.  Looking down, it seemed to Sam as if the water’s creamy jaws were slowly eating the ground from under his feet.

   ‘How low is this thing supposed to ride when it starts floating?’ he asked nervously.

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Comment by WP Central on October 4, 2013 at 7:25

Sam thought back to how he came to be on this island..... 

     Sam was far from home; he was sent away to an island becuase his mother was captured,and had been missing for many years. Sam was sent to live with his aunt and uncle, but he doesn't care for them. Every day he takes a walk on the beach. Some times he feels like Harry Potter becuase his parents are gone; he cant stand his aunt and uncle, and he feels more important than everybody thinks he is. 

          He was on the island feeling alone, lost, empty, a feeling he couldn't explain. He's around  so many people, but inside he's all alone. He tries making friends, and talking to others but it's no use. It's getting dark and people are starting to leave the beach, but sam stays. He likes to be alone. am is walking, and he finds a jungle."Man I've been walking for miles" said Sam, when he saw a waterfall. He took a step to it plunged into quick sand. He seems to be falling down, down, down, into a secret cave only to find....


Katherine E.  Christa Mcauliffe


Comment by Adam Lancaster on October 4, 2013 at 7:52

...that the bottom was just as hard and painful as he had imagined it would be whilst he fell. Tentatively standing and trying to assess if any bones were broken Sam eased himself of the rock strewn floor. Having been preoccupied on his way down he hadn't had the opportunity to take in any of the sights but now down on solid ground he was able look around a bit more. Craning his neck up (at least that didn't cause too much pain) he could see that he must have fallen around 50 foot down what seemed to be something similar to mineshaft. The edges looked quite smooth in some places, almost as if something had rubbed past them quite often. Maybe that was why he didn't seem to be too injured, just a tear in his trousers and a graze down his left arm.

There didn't seem to be any way back up the shaft though. With the smoothness of the rocks there was nothing to grab hold of. At least the shaft was letting some light into the cavern showing Sam that if he couldn't go up there was at least the possibility that he might be able to find another way out.

Brushing down his trousers he decided that he would have to try and find where the tunnel was going to. With a deep breath and a beating heart he plunged forward into the darkness


Christine P YR8

Comment by Paula Ward on October 4, 2013 at 10:02

 Eerie silence consumed the cave as he edged his bare feet across the slippery array of pebbles. Ricocheting around the arched walls of the cave, he hears a scratching and scuttling patter against the coarse ground. He sees a silhouetted creature emerge from the depths of the darkness, and quickly scamper back out of the shaft of light coming from aloft. Little by little this “noise” increases, until he is enclosed in the blanket of sound.  He jumps back in shock, as a tapering edge of God knows what scratches against his exposed feet. Backing into the corner he tries to escape from ever present noise, as his lower back brushes against the tangle of slimy ropes. Quickly turning, he reaches forward into a mass of this clump-like object of which he assumes is seaweed. He claws at it, trying to break free from this net but his wrists are enveloped within it. Water starts to lap at his feet and the distinct cry of the crashing waves starts to overcome the drumming noise of the creatures. In a desperate attempt he takes a deep breath and scrabbles through on his hands with the water level at the crown of his head. The seaweed obstructs his vision but the force of the water pushes them aside, he squints to what distinguish what the apparition before him incorporates.

What emerges in front of him is a paradise…

Helen Jarman and Nila Pillai

Robert Mays School

Comment by Adrian Thompson Laisterdyke UK on October 4, 2013 at 11:12
What emerges in front of him is a paradise – but wait. Maybe not a paradise at all. It could be just the opposite. He faced a creature which had two heads and three legs and 4 tongues. He was the most enormous creature ever weighing over 2000 pounds.
He was such a creature he drank lakes up in one go. His breath melted rock, and his gaze turned grown men to stone. Sam wasn’t stupid. He turned and ran, stopping only to glance backwards from time to time, and make sure the monster wasn’t following him. It wasn’t. He turned again, this time for longer. No monster – then, he saw it. A flash of gold out of the corner of his eye. The giant monster wasn’t giant any longer. It had shrunk to the size of a long, wriggling, worm, and was following him. As he turned around, to run faster, he saw only blackness, as the ground he had been running on disappeared from under him, and he started to fall through space….

By Noman, ihsaan, mohsin, Laisterdyke B&E college
Comment by Carol Williams on October 4, 2013 at 13:42

…mars, Jupiter, Saturn then suddenly CRASH. He fell one more time. As he tried to get up he heard something, but what was it he though he started to get anxious!!!

                But what made it more unusual was that he had heard the noise before, and then he turned around slowly with fear. His heart began to race he could feel a wet breath breathing on the back of his neck. A shiver sent down his spine his heart suddenly stopped…

                …the monster was no longer a monster, there was a human figure emerging from what was a monster, it started to talk ,but hang on a minute he thought to himself I know this voice it was … wait no it can’t be can it … YES, YES it’s mum and dad!!!

                Wait this it is too good to be true; I have never had any luck in my life so why should I have luck now.  Could it be a dream what I don’t want to wake up from…



To be continued!!!

Imogen.T & Olivia.J

Fernwood School

Comment by Allison Painich on October 7, 2013 at 15:24
OOOHH NOOOO! All ground around him was completely surrounded with gravity, but gravity couldn't hold him up. He was such a giant that he just fell right down. He called for help, but no help was there. He kept falling deeper and deeper. He suddenly fell on the ground and broke a bone. Some people were happy...some were not.

Minnie Ruffin Elementary
Monroe, Louisiana, USA

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