04/10/2013 Alan Gibbons

The mist descended late one September evening. Few people gave it a moment's thought to begin with. It was just another autumn fog, maybe a little thicker than usual. Then there was that curious tingling sensation that spread across your skin like a nettle rash. Nobody worried to begin with. The rash caused itching and a little wheeziness, but it faded quickly enough. It was halfway through the second week since the coming of the mist that everything changed. It was the curious blurred vision that affected maybe half the population. If they looked at their reflection in the mirror, they would see a second, shadowy self, a translucent outline with staring, silvery eyes. Was it a trick of light, they wondered, an after-effect of the earlier stinging and wheezing. Within a month, nobody thought it was an illusion. The Shadow People had come. They would change our way of life forever.

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Comment by WP Central on October 4, 2013 at 7:37

Amber and she lived in Uganda. The morning she woke up and looked in her mirror she saw a shadowy figure staring back at her. She tried to touch the shadowy figure, but her hand went right through it. She climbed onto her counter and stepped through the mirror. It was pitch black inside, and she overheard people or the Shadow People talking.

     She followed the voices and quickly hid behind a rock. The voice had stopped and now she heard footsteps. She glanced outside the rock and saw quickly moving lights which were the Shadow People. You won't believe what she saw after that......


Alyena G. and Brittany M.

Christa McAuliffe


Comment by Adam Lancaster on October 4, 2013 at 8:17

It was like the fog was actually alive. It was like it was made up of people. Lots and lots of people and they looked like they were heading towards her and the village.

Stuck the ground in fright she knew that she had to do something. To tell someone what she had seen, to warn them somehow that this was happening and that they had to run. But her feet wouldn't budge, they wouldn't move at all.

With all her mite she willed her body to move and just as she was about to win the fight of wills she noticed something else in the fog. Someone else. Someone familiar, someone she hadn't seen for nearly 3 years. 3 years ago when he feel into the ravine as the waterfall had swept him away...


Emma Yr8

Comment by Paula Ward on October 4, 2013 at 9:48

Her brother looked at her blankly as if he could see right through her. As if he was staring into far beyond. He didn't move a muscle; his skin was as pale as the ominous mist. Amber was in pure shock. Was she hallucinating?

Moments later he brought out a tense, mysterious hand; however, as quickly as he had put out his hand, he vanished, leaving just a cloud of dust.

This couldn’t be real.

She stood there as still as a statue; all she could feel was guilt. It was that day, 3 years ago. She didn’t know what came over her. It only took her a few seconds to let out her anger. That’s all it took.

Falling, falling, falling…

She turned and ran; uncontrollably shaking as she did so. She arrived home, trying to find her breath. Was this actually happening? She had always covered up the guilt, pain and emotion. Her mum stumbled in. Ever since the death, Amber’s mum had drowned her sorrow, always making her distraught. Amber had destroyed the family.

She couldn’t let anyone know.

That night all she could think about was the mirror. A haunting prospect. She decided that at first light she would go back to the mirror. In the morning she woke with a start. She was still tired and hoped that everything was just a dream. But it wasn’t. A terrifying fear came upon her. The mirror was beckoning. A daunting thought comes across her…

Was her brother the shadow man?


Will and George

Robert May’s School

Comment by Adrian Thompson Laisterdyke UK on October 4, 2013 at 10:59
was her brother the shadow man?
She looked at the mirror again and her brother appeared in the mirror. He looked like a zombie with red eyes, black rags. His skin cut open and all bruise. All of a sudden her brother’s hand comes out of the mirror and get her by the neck. She was desperately shouting for help but there was no one to help her. Then the hand disappeared and she was gasping for air. Then she suddenly ran out the house breathlessly. She ran to her friend house on the way to her friends house suddenly a car stops near her. It was her brother in his ghost car because he wanted to see her. She quickly ran to her friend’s house. Her friend was asking her “what had happened .“
By Leroy, rohit ,siaam Laisterdyke business & Enterprise College,UK
Comment by WP Central on October 4, 2013 at 12:57

But the light in front of Amber’s eyes began to fade and everything around her was spinning. Nausea gripped her gut and sweat plastered her hair to her face. Her body, too weak to stay up for any longer, began to crash toward the cold ground. The last thing that Amber heard were the frantic cries of her worried friend and the last thing she saw was the dauntingly close face of the shadow man, standing right in front of her.

Ellen Hughes and William Heggs- year 8. English Martyrs School. Alan Gibbons

Comment by Carol Williams on October 4, 2013 at 13:36

It was him, her brother.

 But he’d been gone for almost 3 years

Although she was out cold, on the rock solid ground, she knew exactly what was happening. He was there, he was angry, he wanted her. All of a sudden his long, witch like finger approached her. It came down like a flash of lightning; his shrieking voice came over her

“It was your fault, yes, all this… YOU! Why? Why did you do it?”

She couldn’t speak, she couldn’t think, her mind was blank, but what was it that was her fault? She whimpered, he didn’t care, he wasn’t bothered, he laughed as if she was a comedian,

“Ha, pathetic”

He spat the words .It sent a shiver down her spine; she was confused, scared, she felt guilty even though she hadn’t a clue what she’d done

“We all missed you and boy you’ve changed” She finally managed to get her words out.

“What do you mean I’ve changed, I’m dead?”

Amber let out a cry “but you fell into the river, so how is it my fault?!”

He boomed “it might have seemed like I fell, but what you would say if I told you I jumped, I jumped because of you, you got all the attention and I was just the stupid little boy I wasn’t wanted, but now you will pay”

She felt several hands crawling up her back. They were out for her, now she’s gone. Payed her price

Goodbye Amber.



Eve and Olivia.T Fernwood School

Comment by Allison Painich on October 7, 2013 at 15:46
She say what she had seen before: a zombie, red eyes, and black rags. "Had the whole world turned into shadow people?" she thought. She ran out the back door and screamed as loud as she could. Amber was so frightened. She didn't know what to do.

Then, she ran home crashing the mirror to the floor trying not to see it again. Amber then realized that finding the shadow people was not her thing. Was it really her thing?

Jaylie and Markeeyia
Minnie Ruffin Elementary
Monroe, Louisiana, USA

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