07/10/2013 David Orme

‘Tornado alert in Jones county. Be prepared!’

The Turners lived on a farm on the plains of Kansas., U.S.A.  Tornadoes are common there, especially in June.

  Ellen Turner turned off the radio and looked out of the window. Across the wide flat fields, all looked calm. But in the distance, clouds were gathering. A dark funnel began to drop from it towards the ground.

  She called the two children. They had to get into the tornado shelter underneath the house - now!

  Jim was playing a computer game and didn’t want to stop.

  “We’ve never been hit by a tornado. Stop panicking, mom! No way will it hit us!”

But then the power went off.  

They quickly headed for the shelter. They should be safe there, but there was a problem.

Dad was out in the fields, checking on the cattle.  Could he get back home in time?


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Comment by Lynne Coppendale on October 7, 2013 at 10:02

“I need to go and get him! Even if I have to risk it and nearly die but I can’t leave him to die by himself.” cried the terrified Mother.

As the two children dropped off to sleep their mother sneaked out of the shelter to save their father, who was still herding the cattle and didn’t know that there was a huge Tornado in the background ready to hit.

The mother ran as fast as she could to reach the children’s father in time before he got blown away by the force of the tornado. The frightened children woke up to find that their mother was gone. They looked around the shelter and didn’t see her so they looked through the window and saw her try to tell their dad that the tornado was going to hit

   “I hope my mother and father get back in time.” said the youngest child.

All they could do was sit and watch their mother try to pull their father from his cattle but their father didn’t want to leave his cattle to be blown away by a monstrous tornado. But he knew that he has to leave them behind to save himself.

The children gave a sigh of relief to see their mother and father running back to the shelter together and the cattle running to a nearby barn shelter.

    “we're all saved” shouted the youngest child.

Then something unexpected happened and the shelter started to rattle...

Sophie Cousins and Brooke Holgate, Danum Academy, Doncaster

Comment by Nicola Gowing on October 7, 2013 at 10:46

Terrified, the youngest child sat in a black, dull corner and sighed. Suddenly the dad, who was worrying about his cattle, found an unexpected discovery ‘’what was it?” The colossal tornado passed a few minutes ago; unfortunately their house was demolished, therefore they had to stay in the shelter. As the father looked out of the window he sighed. His cattle were dead. Time flew by, it was nine , (the youngest child’s bed time) he could not get to sleep as it was so perishing and windy. Stew was the only thing for dinner every night. The father, the mother and the two children were fast asleep, Until a green flash past by…

Dylan Wiseman, Great Yarmouth High School

Comment by N Francis on October 7, 2013 at 13:00

And that’s when I woke up…
With the mid-day sun shimmering off the crystal cut edges of the blue lake, warming my face. I gasped and my eyes flew open, hot sweat streaming down my pyjamas, down my forehead and under my armpits. Every night pulling myself out of that same dream, tornados ripping through the land, my mother and father barely reaching the shelter in time, hoping that I dream of something better than… This.
I sit up in my bed, wrapped in tousled covers, as the sounds of a rusted, old truck which came to a holt at my front door. I sat up quickly, trying to reassemble my hair, and my face, as my heart skipped another beat. A knock on the door, and Cody walked in….
His blond hair shimmering in the sun, his electric blue eyes fixed on me, his body relaxed as he wondered over to my bed. I was in love. And so was he. I could sense it. He was mine, the muscular, captain, of our school football team.
Our eyes met again and we leaned in…

By Majella O'riordan and Kamila Galysa St Benedict's school Suffolk

Comment by Simone Pope on October 7, 2013 at 13:54


I shook the damp sheets, relishing the cool moisture clinging to my skin.  I gazed around at the gorgeous new shrubs, their flowers just starting to effloresce. I breathed in the sweet aromas that were swirling around my face like innocuous smoke from the most addictive cigarette. I stepped out bare foot into the grass laced with morning dew.

     I became aware of subtle drips of warm sticky liquid painting my face. I licked my lips to identify this mysterious substance. Savouring the metallic drops, I felt the memory of a past flavour creeping into my mind like some sort of insidious omen. I tentatively wiped the strange liquid that was splashing down into my eyes and mouth. Harsh slashes of rich crimson streaked my palms. My eyes were lifted by some obscene need to find the source.

     The two halves of Cody cast an unearthly shadow across the sodden soil. His entrails hung neatly like bunting across the winding boughs of two intertwined trees. Drops of blood lingered and fell from his flaky frozen lips, his pleading but unseeing eyes gauging into mine in a suffocating death grip. Unable to tear my gaze away, a strangled scream crept up from my vocal chords…

By Evie and Alice Woolmer Hill Haslemere

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