When I open my eyes it’s so dark that at first, for a while anyway, I think I’m still unconscious.  I try lifting my head, try peering past the darkness, but something hard is directly above me, constricting any movement. Unnnnh, I lower my head again, it hurts to much to move.

What’s happened to me? 

Where am I? 

My mouth feels like sandpaper and tastes like a small animal has snuck in during the night and died there. I cough, and it sounds all wrong, a kind of stunted hollowness.  I try raising my head again, and feel the same resistance from above. What’s going on? 

Because wherever I am, it’s not in my own bed. Outside my bedroom window the traffic never stops even at night. But I can’t hear anything, just my own breathing which is coming faster now that I am starting to panic.  Because I’m realising  that it’s not only my head that is restrained, my arms and legs are pressing against something hard, something unforgiving. And now I remember, the smell of chemicals and the cloth over my face, of falling. I shift my body downwards and my feet kick against the bottom of something hard.  


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Comment by Lynne Coppendale on October 7, 2013 at 9:41

I wriggle, I squirm and scream but I am stuck, well and truly stuck … Then the tapping begins a hollow sound alone in the vast darkness. My mind is racing; tears begin to roll slowly and softly down my hot, sweaty cheeks. I miss the smells of the outside world, the sweet and aromatic air; pungent fumes from the cars roaring past on the bustling streets and the divine smell of my parents’ cooking … My parents where are they!!! Once again I scream until there is now more air in my lungs. I start gasping… Suddenly a sharp, piercing pain fills my body but I remain calm. I don’t know whether it’s just me but something tells me I’m going to make it. But then it happens and the flames engulf my body. The rope melts under the heat that I somehow can withstand. Then a cold, cackle fills the damp cave air. “Napalm’s alive, “shouts the chilling voice. I stand but my legs are weak. Then I had to go and look what I was tied onto … I stare into the eyes of a rather angry, fuming dragon, ready to devour me with its pointy fangs and black hole of a mouth …


Callum Watson, Danum Academy, Doncaster

Comment by Nicola Gowing on October 7, 2013 at 10:42

I think for the only second I can spare. What’s a fuming, red, skilful, and extra – horrifying dragon’s weakness? I think its their fire – breathing roar that scares most of the people, Now how do I get rid of it? I thought whilst running from the dragon’s claws and seriously – stinky breath. Then suddenly it lunged forwards, desperately trying to demolish me. As it swiped another one of its super sharp claws I jumped, making its claws smash into the solid rocks.  As I stumbled from my jump I found a golden sword inscribed with a magical spell and swiped his scaly hand off and it fell to the rocky surface, leaving a lake of green blood flowing from the enormous hand. It yelled in pain, “Oh great, Now I’ve enraged it!” I thought as I evaded another one of its malicious attacks.

Suddenly, without warning, A small door disguised within the rocks opened and hundreds of miniature yellow dragons charging at me with flaming eyes full of rage and envy. “Whoever catches this intruder, dead or alive, will be hailed the new top minion powers!” roared the dragon. “CHARGEEEEEE” screamed the minions in unison as they flew towards me. “Quick, through here!” said a mysterious creature. “NOWW.”  I took a moment to think but then I remembered what kind of situation I was in. I had no choice, I followed the creature into a underground passage……..

By Isiahraven Dew & Luke Ford – Busson of Great Yarmouth High School.

Comment by N Francis on October 7, 2013 at 12:55
By Elena Saiu-Bell and Bryony Payne - St Benedicts Upper School
Before the darkness, came the stench. Before the stench came the scream. Before the scream: silence. Silence haunts the cave below. I’m drowned in a senseless darkness. No direction, no reason, no purpose. A sense to follow, become more than I was. That’s all I have. The only reason I follow, let it lead me to my death below. I’m scared, bewildered as to my location, suffocated, alone. I don’t know how long I have been walking, seconds, minutes, hours… Is this the end? I am parched, starving, wounded and exhausted. The mysterious creature halts to a stop, I jolt forward, at my surprise to his discontinue. Metres behind us, the minions have to be that close - at least. How am I to survive, when I put all my trust in this creature I can’t even see? How am I to know where it leads me? I can hear the dragons, or can I? I take another step to reach the creature to find comfort but there is nothing, my foot keeps going down, down, down, until my centre of gravity shifts to a space over nothing. Falling, I know I am safe, that there will hope at the other end. Closing my eyes, I hear a raspy voice speak out into the gloom. This voice speaks out ‘Young girl, mount my back, I will lead you to safety, away from these dragons where your life is endangered. Trust me.’ as he reached out his ingratiating arm…
Comment by Simone Pope on October 7, 2013 at 13:47

I plunge my trembling hand hesitantly into the darkness, until a warm steadying hand grips hold of me, guiding me towards him. “Don’t worry,” he whispers reassuringly, “I’ll get you out of here.”

A nauseating roar shatters the silence. Fire illuminates the perpetual cavern, and a scorching heat permeates the room. In that moment, I saw him. A flash of fiery red plumage and a glimpse of shiny dark talons engulf the darkness. I feel a strong, but reassuring, grip on my arm. Before I know it, I can see beaming light, beckoning to us. The soft beating of wings punctuates my terror. I can breathe. I look around wondrously, my senses are replenished, the shock of the outside world sinking in. I am so taken aback by my surroundings, that I didn’t even notice the winged beauty beneath me. The heroic identity I had previously assumed to be one of my kind, has transformed into a stunning griffin. I am walking on air, but I feel unnaturally secure. Is this a tear in reality? Why does it feel so natural?

The wind whips my face; the air becomes increasingly pure as we dive through waves of cloud, towards the sea. My fingers skim the surface, and distinct realisation penetrates my brain, that this is veritably true. A smudge on the horizon begins to emerge. As we approach the diminutive anomaly, it begins to transpire into my conscience that I won’t be returning home any time soon.

By Tabby, Amber & Chloe

Woolmer Hill School, Haslemere, Surrey

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