09/10/2013 Eleanor Updale

At first I thought it was the sound of a clock ticking, and I tried to go back to sleep.  But I knew I was fooling myself.  We'd never owned a ticking clock. It must be a dripping tap. I pulled the pillow over my head, determined to ignore the sound. But what if the plug was in? There would be a flood in the morning, and I would have to mop it up and explain.  So I got out of bed and shuffled to the bathroom.  All was well there. The taps in the kitchen were firmly off, too. I went back to bed.  The drip, drip noise continued. It grew louder, nearer, faster. I tried to pretend to myself that there was nothing to worry about. Moments later, I knew how wrong I was, because...

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Comment by Carola Webber on October 9, 2013 at 0:14

…of the creaking of the floorboards. They never did that! My arms tingle with numbness and my heart raced. I slowly sat up, feeling the pain from soccer practise coming back. The sound of heavy footsteps echoed throughout the silent room. I was the only one here tonight. Mum, Dad and Jacob were on a vacation in Hawaii, leaving me to tend to the house. I stepped out of bed, my sore feet stepping on the cold floorboards. Maybe it was Liam trying to prank me… I don’t even know! I walked towards my wooden, worn-down door, and grasped the cold, metal door handle.

It creaked open, revealing a shadowy figure. My heart jumped out of my chest as I was pushed down to the floorboards. I felt as if I had swallowed my voice, I couldn’t scream or fight. I tried pushing the heavy man off me, but I failed, closing my eyes. His heavy breath fanned my neck, as I gave up. “You really are an idiot.” I heard his whisper. I whipped open my eyes and glared at the man above me. It was Liam, I knew it! “WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING, BREAKING INTO MY HOUSE AT 3 A.M AND TRYING TO SCARE ME?! YOU BLOODY IGNORANT BUTT-HEAD!” I screamed, pushing him off me.

We stood up, Liam holding in his laughter while I was fuming. “Wow Harry…You wet your bed?” He laughed, pointing at my bed. I whipped around and my cheeks turned bright red. “STILL PRANKING ME, HUH?!”

Elizabeth and Jeremy, Delany College

Comment by janet dowey on October 9, 2013 at 9:31

the noise started on the other side of my bedroom door, I sat up and turned on my lamp the whole room iluminated with a creamy glear, the dripping noise had stopped. I had convinced myself that it was all in my head that noise all the taps were off and secure all the plugs were out just incase. I rested my head on my pillow and turned of the lamp the only light now was the moonlight that seeped though my blue cutains. the floorboards started to creak the boxes started to move my bears were flung half way across the room. what was happening? Is it my imagination or is it my room mate playing tricks on me? I have no idea but it doesn't matter i need to close my eyes and dift off to sleep i will stop then but when is what im worried about. BANG!!! ouch my head, where has my pillow gone? this is getting scary now. "joseph if this is you stop it it isn't funny anymore!" i have had enough i wanted it to stop I have to be up in the morning and i can't be sleepy i looked at the clock it was 2 in the morning i have been in bed for 5 hours already. What should i do to stop it that is when a big shadow blocked my window ...

bethany peacock, unity city academy

Comment by janet dowey on October 9, 2013 at 9:42
...because It appeared. I don't known why. I don't know how. All I know is that I ventured back from the bathroom, across the gloomy black landing whose carpet smelled old and musty, like the smell of an animal's hide, and when I got back to my bedroom and I closed the wooden door with a low CR-EEEEEEAKKKK, I was aware of something in there with me. It was not Peter the cat - I had saw him lying on the carpet downstairs by the fireplace before I had went upstairs to bad at a half past ten - and whatever IT was, It was on my bed. I remained as still as a statue by the wooden door, too frightened to move, as I stared at the dark, uncanny shape that had seated itself at the end of my bed, as stiff and still as I was, but not as near as still as I was. I could not make out distinct features of the dark shape, as the only light was the ghostly, palid moonlight seeping in through the curtains, but I could see that It was sligtly human-shaped, but with a bulging, arching back whose spine brushed the ceiling of the bedroom. It was colourless, shapeless almost, but I could see that from out of a midnight-coloured face there glowed two unblinking red eyes, like embers from a fire, and for a moment, I was transfixed by the red-eyed gaze that was fixed upon my face, chilling me to the marrow of my bones, and then the dark shape had gone, leaving me alone in the blackness of my bedroom.

Dylan Wright, Unity City Academy, Year Eight
Comment by janet dowey on October 9, 2013 at 9:54

my blanket was pulled of me by an invisible force. I screamed, my heart pounding hard on my chest. Both my parents ran into my room switching the light on, blinding me with the ilumitating light shining of every wall. Familiar giggles erupted from underneath my bed and a deep shade of red overwhelmed me. I was so embaressed... what I imagined as a giant terrifying monster was really my two little sisters! Anger suppressed my embarresment and I turned on the little girls beneath me. 'Get out my room! Its 5 o'clock in the morning and I have school tomorrow! If you dont get back in your bed and go to sleep I will personally cut off all your dolls arms and legs.' I yelled. They crawled from their hiding place and stook their tongues out at me and ran to their rooms. My parents shook their heads in exhaustion and relief then walked slowly back to their bed. My body relaxed again and I slowly drifted of to sleep again.

Zoe Pilcher, Unity City Academy, Middlesbrough.

Comment by janet dowey on October 9, 2013 at 9:56

...Next to my bedroom is an unloved bathroom that has never been touched since the day that the whole house was made.'What shall i do' continously repeting myself. I looked out of my curtains and there was no sign of it raining so there wasnt a leakage from the roofhowever it sounded this way. Eventhough that i wasnt comftable in the first place i did not wasnt to get out of my covers as the heat started to builod up on me and i didnt want to move.eventually, i got out of the small,wooden bed and reached over to turn my yellow lightshade on untill i knew what the whole dripping thing was. Instant black mould grew from the bathroom wall into my bedroom wall.not only that, it was like a waterfall and if this went anyfaster it would be touching my bed.This wasnt happening!! What am i going to explant to mum and dad in the morning? I got out of my bed and then put the main light on.This looked even worse. I opend my bedroom door and not a pin drop was heard. not even my little brother that normaly snores. i open the door that lead to the unwanted bedroom when i saw such a horribal place to be!!

Matthew Foster, Unity City Academy

Comment by Karen King - Oakbank School on October 9, 2013 at 10:53

I’ve never had so many nightmares in one night - one minute I was alone in the house by myself then the next I had twin sister (how rank would that be!! ) but there’s one thing that I noticed that all the time there was the same ticking  sound. It drove me mad. In the end up I had two options either find the ticking and probably get into some sort of danger there always is when there’s a ticking or stay in bed letting it drive me insane for a bit longer. I pondered over the question and decided to go find it.


I knew it was somewhere in the house. I made a plan to work from top to bottom not leaving any stone unturned. The attic was clear but out of the corner of my eye I saw a trail of something red, I followed it down  through the bathroom into the living room and the it finally stopped just outside the cellar door. As I went down the steps to the cellar the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end.  “Hello?” There was a voice a very faint voice. Then  “Die!!” I suddenly felt the tip of something sharp against my  throat and as I jerked my head away there was a drip on my forehead - I looked up and saw the corpses of my family!  I tried to scream but I couldn’t make a sound, then the tall  creature shrieked at the top of his lungs  “You’re next!” ……………

By Jess Bond and Danielle Mellish, Oakbank School, Keighley

Comment by Adrian Thompson Laisterdyke UK on October 9, 2013 at 13:26
As I stepped back, my fear dragged me forward.My heart started to pump faster and I felt a shiver run down my spine. "Aah! Who is there?!" I tried to scream, but I wasn't able to move any part of my body. Furthermore, my hands got stuck to the wall.As I tried to mive, I could see green gloomy, round eyes staring at me. I felt nothing except something grabbing me, and coming down like a fireball. Suddenly, my hand moved forward and I caught something. It felt like a book. I put my hand on one of the pagesas it snatched me. I ended up in the book. It was unbelievable and amazing. At the front of me, there was a damp tree which was trying to give me a message. I couldn't understand what the tree was trying to tell me. I turned quickly, and stumbled onto a path...

Yeasmin, Sana, Alishba & Alysha, Laisterdyke Business & Enterprise College, UK
Comment by Allison Painich on October 9, 2013 at 16:25
Frightened by the tree, I gazed at the amazing world. It was an ugly world, but then before my eyes turned so beautiful in ways that I couldn't fathom. As I traveled farther down the path, the color of the beautiful world became to fade. I then passed by a pond and trees I thought looked familiar. I knew what was happening. The world was dying. The tree found me and started speaking. "Beware of a monster of green and blue." All of a sudden, green fog started surrounding me, and I saw a blue monster flying above the fog. I became very tired and lost the feeling in my legs and feet. The numbness filled my body, and I fell to the ground. As I fell asleep, I heard my name called. "Harry, Harry." I woke up looking at my mom standing there saying, "Get up, get up. You can't be late for the first day." I jumped up realizing all that had been a dream.

Gordon, Cameron, Chloe, Sara Kate
Lee Junior High
Monroe, Louisiana, USA

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