07/03/2014 Tommy Donbavand

The weatherman got it wrong - again!  He said it was going to be cool and bright this week but, instead, we got almost a metre of snow.  He hadn't warned us that we would end up snowed in at school, unable to get home for three full days.  Mind you - he hadn't warned us about a lot of things.  Like the creatures beneath the snow.  Frozen corpses that had climbed up through the icy cracks in the frozen ground to crawl beneath the white stuff, searching for food.  We didn't know anything about them until Mr Green - our head teacher - tried to dig his way through to the school gate.  We watched, terrified, from our classroom window as bulging tunnels of snow advanced in his direction.  We shouted warnings - of course we did - but he couldn't hear us over the blizzard.  Then, once he was surrounded, the hands burst out of the snow and dragged him beneath the surface.  We never saw him again.  That's how we learned that they hunt in packs.  But that attack was at lunchtime.  We were soon to learn that the nights were worse.  Much worse...

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Comment by Nicola Gowing on March 7, 2014 at 9:22

During the night the corpses can come above the snow and can move much quicker. That’s when they become more dangerous. They can see much better than us in the dark and they have a really good sense of smell too, that makes it easier for them to track us. The frozen corpses are terrifying to look at because they are humans but their facial features are all mashed up. They have their noses where their lips should be and eyes where their ears were supposed to be. They go around in groups of 5 that are usually all male; we think that it’s the male corpses that do the hunting.  They become much more intelligent when night falls; they come up to the school, looking for a way in. We usually stay up through the night and sleep through the day because it’s safer. The only trouble was that the corpses got wiser every day and learnt our routine. That’s when things got out of hand…

Dee Sejko, Great Yarmouth High School, U.K.

Comment by janet dowey on March 7, 2014 at 10:20

We had just decided to try and get onto the top floor of our building, which was a two-storey building that was stout and wide but not very tall, and try and gain the attention of a passing car or helicopter. We had attempted this before through the window, waving our arms and screaming at the top of our voices to alert any passing cars and see about one hundred children waving and screaming through the windows, but the street outside the school was completely deserted, almost like a ghost-town. Snow had been shovelled onto the cold stone pavements and yellow-tinged slush lined the drains, and tracks of footprints snaked away through the thin layers of frost and crunching white snow. There was a high, rusted, black-iron fence that surrounds the school, meshed into swirling black patterns, and glistening icicles like daggers hang down from the metal. Anyway, we managed to get up onto the roof of the building, but the first teacher and person to climb onto the white-frosted roof glanced around cautiously before something darted out from the right, and the teacher was gone from the roof with a shrill scream of horror and alarm. The children started screaming and yelling and shouting and as the remining teachers tried to settle the youngest down, three of us glanced out onto the roof once again. There was a thin crust of white frost coating everything, and ice glistened and sparkled on the ventelation shafts that were bolted into the roof, and a frigid wind screamed, shrieked and howled across the roof, blowing the white frost into billowing, ghostly clouds and chilling the three children to the marrow of their tingling bones. At first, there was nothing out of order - just the wind, the frost, and the ice, but then, from across the roof, a pair of hands gripped the black railings. At first, the children thought they were human, but they were not. They resembled those of a human, but the skin was wrinkled, shrivelled and stretched taut over the thin bones, and even from here, they could see the sharp angles and edges of the bones. Shrivelled skin was black with frostbite, flaking away in places but cut or bruised in others, and the cracked fingernails were tipped white with frost. The three children screamed in unison as the hands hauled up a head, then a neck, then a chest and a pair of shoulders... The temperature dropped like a stone so that it was even colder, and in their panic, they managed to make out distinct features of the corpse: shrivelled, wrinkled, stretched black skin from frostbite. Dark bruises. Bleeding cuts. Knobbled joints. Thin, bony arms. Sharp angles of bones poking through the frostbitten flesh. Long, thin neckk. Two deep, sunken eyes set high and far back on its skull-shaped head like polished jet orbs. Small black slits for nostrils. Patches of frost and ice clinging to its frostbitten flesh. Lipless jaws gaping to reveal rotten black stumps of teeth set deep into glistening red gums. Patches of the shrivelled black skin torn away to reveal its thin white skull underneath...

By Dylan Wright, Unity City Academy, Middlesbrough, United Kingdom

Comment by janet dowey on March 7, 2014 at 10:26

during that night the corpses dont just stay under the snow they come up to get a better feast that is why they are so deadly but what are they we all wonderd why have they come to our school why havent they been outside houses full of snow why do they target schools.ever since our head teacher got draged away in the snow no one ever deard to go outside.all the phone line conections have been eat by them things that is over 10,000 volts of electricity in them things no wonder the head teacher was dead straight away. but how do they eat all there mouthes are sealed with needle and thread there eyes just like black holes maybe its the night sky that fules them the black hole like eyes the night it was they need to keep them strong.then as it arose morning we seen our head teacher he was burnt to a crisp and looked more like a demon than a human but how was he still alive he had been shocked by 10,000 volts of electricity but was he still the head teacher we all know.....


middlesbrough unity city academy

by lucy armstrong

Comment by janet dowey on March 7, 2014 at 10:45

It turns out that the head teacher had been harvested  for their kind now they wanted us for a grand feast but the corpes only way of getting in was in the roof.

Toby Black

Unity City Academy

Comment by Annette Bowles on March 7, 2014 at 11:36

The night sky was so dark, it seemed that the stars were no longer present. Our headteacher was now a member of the corpses, putting us in more danger than the previous events. Now there is only twenty of us left, each one of us fearing who's next. Usually, night time brings peaceful dreams, but to us, night time brings our worst fears to life. Emma, my best friend, just went to the bathroom and she hasn't been seen since. That was three days ago. Everyone's really worried, but as we're all in so much fear for our lives, there is too much worry and concern for us all to process. We're all becoming more and more frantic, but it feels like each day is getting closer to the end, which will cause all of our worries to stop. I don't know how, but I somehow managed to sleep. It doesn't last long, when it's interrupted by a terrified scream. I don't know everyone here, but I sure am glad that the petrified scream didn't escape my lips. My gut tells me that the corpses are getting closer and closer by the second.Each breath I take feels like it could be my very last. My eyes travelled to the door...                                    

    Lily Johnson, Elsie Clements, Rowenna Durrant, Yassmina Lassoued, Megan Stroud, Stella Mavroudis. Lynn Grove High

Comment by Vashti Turner on March 7, 2014 at 12:56

Through the misty glass I could see what I had been dreading.  Twisted features glared at me, bloodshot eyes, flaking skin; it was Emma! I fell to the ground, shocked. Fear rooted me to the floor, accompanied by the excruciating sense of hopelessness. I couldn't bear to look at her face, that wonderful, friendly face that had brought pleasure and hope to me whenever I despaired...

Out of nowhere rage surged through me, pulsing through my veins. I refused to weaken my resolve, refused to give in to the horror in front of me, refused to die. Emma’s face (though distorted) was still here to give me hope. “Barricade the door!” I ordered my voice hoarse and echoing. “We’re not dead yet! Muster up some courage!” I screamed “Barricade the door!”

 Slowly, the people around me began to shuffle around, moving heavy objects and positioning them in front of the door.  I could tell from their faces that they were very close to losing hope. I saw Mrs Hitchcock, teary and exhausted, trying to comfort a howling Shane, I saw weedy little Albert, shoving a heavy grandfather clock (do not ask me why there is a grandfather clock in the gymnasium), I saw the clock fall, crushing little Albert, smashing the door to pieces...

Zaid Islam and Yousef.U, Bacon’s College, London.

Comment by Tricia Oyston on March 7, 2014 at 14:03

Splintering wood showered across the room. I dived under the splintering remains of the grandfather clock, narrowly avoiding the tiny shards of wood slicing at my flesh. Fresh tears dripped down my sodden face. Suddenly, the pain in my chest melted away. Throwing the clock aside, I slowly stood up and stared at the shattered door frame. Shadows crowded outside and the first corpse ambled in, his burning eyes locked onto mine and his deformed mouth dripped saliva. I allowed the tears to run down my face and splatter on the floor. The corpse stumbled backwards, his face a writhing mass, staring at the spot where the salty droplets had hit the floor. Then more came in and did the same. I laughed, not just a little snigger, but a big booming laugh. And suddenly, before my very eyes, they started to shrink. Smaller, smaller, smaller, until they were no bigger than a mouse then, with a pop, they completely disappeared. Abruptly, I the flow of tears eased off and then completely stopped and my face dried up. As I glanced around the room, I realised there were more of them, crowded around me and my head started to spin. The world spun round and round and my head felt like it weighed a ton. A wave of calmness passed over me and I felt my legs buckle beneath me. Then…nothing.


Alice M, Georgia S and Joanna C

7W             7W                      7X  Sheffield High School

Comment by Simone Pope on March 7, 2014 at 15:02
We all dropped our items and screamed in terror. The frozen corpses surged into the gymnasium not knowing what to expect. We all franticly tried to discover another exit, but fortunately they came through 1 at a time and took around 10seconds for their pale, shrivelled and cracked bodies to trudge up to us and rip away our limbs and organs. But luckily Sam (the oldest of the kids) found a ladder underneath some fallen mats. We soon set it up and put our muscles to the test, as we climbed to a window shining glistening stars down upon our faces. The window was locked and I was stressed as a mother is when she has to get her son a car. We didn’t all fit on the ladder and soon enough the frozen corpses were ripping apart my fellow classmates and teachers who were at the bottom of the ladder of hell. Sam reached for his phone, hysteria flowing amongst his blood cells, he smashed the window and we all lurched out with the corpses struggling to climb on are rears.

A high pitched scream signalled to us that they were everywhere are only option was to leap onto the next building and climb through the window, and so we did. There were only 5 children left and I sensed they all knew it was the end. We looked at each other and they knew what to do and we soon put up strong but few barricades and grabbed what weapons there was available (well, rulers, pencils, books and chairs). it was all silent and heard footsteps slowly shuffling stealthily across the floor. And soon as I blinked, the copses broke are barricades. We put up no fight against the corpses and soon I was surrounded. Suddenly they came at me! Strangely I felt a licking sensation on my face and woke up to find my dog on the bed. Just a dream!

By Billy + Brian from Woolmer hill school, Haslemere

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