07/03/2014 Melvin Burgess

Sandra Elliott was shopping in town when she realised that something had changed.  At first she thought it was something outside - a building had been knocked down, perhaps, or a road re-routed while she had been away. But it was more than that.  For a dizzy moment she wondered if she had been transported into a parallel world, where everything was only nearly the same as the one she knew, and that in this world everyone had three legs or two heads or something bizarre like that. 

    But then she realised that it wasn’t anything around her at all; it was something inside.  She had changed.  But how?

    She continued on her day, puzzled, but unalarmed. It was only as she was hurrying out of the supoermarket and pushed a small child out of her way that she began to have an inkling what was going on.  The child fell to the floor and Sandra, without even thinking about it, trampled on its arm as she made her way out.

   The child creamed in pain.   "So sorry!" said Sandra automatically, and hurried away before the mother could confront her.  But she wasn't sorry. That was the thing.  She didn't care about it one little bit.



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Comment by Nicola Gowing on March 7, 2014 at 9:43

Sandra had an urgent flush of guilt when she continued her little jolly through the day she realised she needed to go home, it wasn’t until she smashed some pottery at BHS and ran away before the security man could catch her with theft of lipstick and damage to property of their shop. Sandra ran upstairs and checked her phone for any evidence of her unusual behaviour there were 10 un read messages from a boy called Matt Goodness she read all messages there was one saying ‘love u, remember , to bring the alcohol at the park to night xxx’

Sandra screamed as loud as she could and rushed down the stairs and her brother Gilbert got in her way of her amazing jump down the stairs to her mother so she ever so swiftly she knotted her brothers arms together and carried on galloping to her mother this time she didn’t have a care in the world about the state she just left her brother in. but her mother wasn’t home it was her granddad and grandma and then she thought deeply and she realised she didn’t rush up to her room she had rushed up to her and her brothers joint room at her grandparents then she  realised her new ‘boyfriend’ is the most roughest creature in her school . She dived into her Nan and asked what has happened then her grandma told her that she suffered brain damage in a car accident that happened a week ago and that Sandra’s parents didn’t survive and she gets told every day this same story but that Sandra never believes her and she always goes to the park and is rude to other younger children and now she started seeing this boy called Matt and he keeps getting her in trouble and once again as before she slammed the door and rushed to the park…


Dulcie Read, Great Yarmouth High School 

Comment by Annette Bowles on March 7, 2014 at 12:10
Sandra rushed out the supermarket and noticed that everyone was screaming, whats going on she thought to herself, so she joined in aswell. The clock struck one so Sandra rushed home back to the manky old shoe she lived in. She walked in home and saw her eleven little brothers playing tag whats going on she thought again, she never realised she had eleven little brothers and she didnt care either.
Evie Cooper and Ellie Brand Year 7 LGHS
Comment by Vashti Turner on March 7, 2014 at 12:53

How could she not remember her brothers? Was she living in a dream or was this new life her reality? She ran away. Thoughts whizzed around in her head. Blood coursing through her veins. She felt normal. But was she? No matter what, she had to find Matt; maybe he would have some answers for her. All she could hear was a faint buzzing sound coming from her tracksuit pocket. It was a message from Matt. He was probably wondering where she was. Grasping hold of her phone, she read the message hesitantly. “R U on ur way? Did you bring drinks xxx?” Placing the phone back into her pocket, she made her way to the park. In the bleakness of the night she saw a group of silhouetted figures gathered around a park bench. Reluctant to approach the group, she watched from afar making sure she was never spotted. Their rough, loud voices echoed through the silent, sleeping park. Could these boisterous, destructive teenagers actually be her friends?  She heard a voice bellowing her name.  Unfortunately, she had been spotted. A figure approaching her was waving vigorously.

”Where have you been baby, I’ve been texting you and I haven’t been receiving a reply,” His voice slurred.

He reached for her arm. Feeling threatened, she backed away. Clearly in an uncomfortable position, she started running towards the gates, desperate to leave his drunken presence. There was no way she could face him. She felt a tight grip around her arm...


Deni&Enite, Bacon’s College, London 

Comment by Tricia Oyston on March 7, 2014 at 14:00

With all her might she pulled away from the tight, sweaty hand that had clasped itself onto her shoulder. Before she could make a break for it, a towering figure in black gripped her wrists together, whilst Matt tore the bag from her shoulders. "I see you've brought the drinks………honey………..sugar………….babe" he slurred, taking a slug of the cheap alcohol, that Sandra had brought, after every word. The other boys, following their leader, let out a riotous cry as they simultaneously drank from the bottles of Schlitz beer. Suddenly, Sandra saw the boys stances weaken, their shoulders drooped to the floor as their bottles did too. "Murderer!" Matt sobbed as he let out an agonising scream before his eyes glazed over and his lifeless body collapsed to the concrete floor. She peered warily into the mostly empty bottle, she saw a little, but that's all it took…..Poison. Realising the reality of the circumstances, she panicked.

Tears stained her eyes as she ran. The London Bridge was just in sight – she knew what she had to do, to put her and others out of their misery. Sirens wailed in the semi-blackness of the night. The boys had been discovered. What she had to do, she had to do quickly…

 Sandra stood hesitantly on the railing, Matt's words lingered in her brain, "MURDERER…MURDERER...MURDERER!!!"



One leap that's all it took……….   Lucy R. Sneha S. Francesca D. Y7  Sheffield High School 

Comment by Simone Pope on March 7, 2014 at 15:08
One step could end it all. Questions rushed through her head, memories flashed back and forth. “What just happened?” she whispered to herself. Sandra pained herself thinking it was her fault. She remained demure for a short amount of time while her thoughts tumbled through her mind filled with fear and guilt. Her tiptoes balanced to the edge she felt she was on a tightrope. Balancing for her life. Sirens grew closer. All was a blur. Blue waves of light passed her sight. They were stirring round like the northern lights. This brought back that one memory. How could she forget, her family smiling and the joy she felt that night. She couldn’t leave her family. She began to shake in the depth and darkness of the cold, brisk night. She felt herself falling, falling and falling.

The trolley slid into the ambulance and the door closed with a metallic click. The lights bounced off the ground, the sirens screeched. Blackness engulfed her.

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