07/03/2014 Andy Briggs

From Beneath

Waves the size of houses tossed the trawler back and forth like matchwood. The storm had taken the Captain by surprise. Never in his thirty years at the helm had he seen a front move in with such speed, black clouds moving with preternatural fury.

What had summoned them, the captain didn’t know. He knew the sea held secrets it was reluctant to surrender. Out here there were things not meant to be disturbed.

But that’s exactly what they had done.

The captain recalled the hours before the storm had appeared. The trawler net had snagged on something under the water - which was impossible because there was nothing there. Not even the sea floor. Yet the trawler had been yanked backwards, coming to a complete stop as the strained engines burned out.

Now they were dead in the water.

Dead in the water and something was rapidly rising beneath them.


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Comment by Nicola Gowing on March 7, 2014 at 9:40

As the mysterious thing was rising beneath them, panic filled the ship, several people had survived but they had no way of getting home… they were stranded! As the boat was rising, massive waves crashed over them sending 2 more ship mates overboard. On the radio there where thousands of calls coming in from Adelaide, saying unusual freak accidents were occurring right as they were listening.

As panic levels were growing higher, no-one would move... everyone stood stone still. Suddenly a massive whirlwind initiated sweeping vacuuming the boat into the air uncovering the mysterious thing. When the captain’s worst dreams materialized, the apparent ‘mythical creature’ Cavatina was eating the overboard corpses and rising up the ship.

The Captain, Jim-Carl, had had a previous run in with Cavatina, on his past ship ‘LANKBOTTOM’ Cavatina had attempted to destroy the old rickety-rackety ship but had failed…

Then all of sudden Cavatina…

Keeley Roe,  Great Yarmouth High School. 

Comment by janet dowey on March 7, 2014 at 10:17

Back on the main land a rescue party was coming to  look for the ship.Tom  a sailor was on board the rescue ship but as they got to the part of the sea that the old ship was meant to be they saw a horrifying discovery - red water and bits of flesh in it. Suddenly Cavatina came out of nowhere and flooded the ship and nothing more was told.

Toby Black

Unity City Academy

Comment by Annette Bowles on March 7, 2014 at 11:43

Captain Jim-Carl had recently been put in prison for decapitating his mother, however he had been granted release because he had a boat race to prepare for. Although, it wasn't a boat race. During his time in prison, he had been plotting the defeat of Cavatina, he knew she was out to get him, because after all, she was the reason why he killed his mother. Cavatina was a gruesome, fearless monster. She was as ugly as a wild boar. His shipmates would be joining him on his 'race' but there was a high chance of them not surviving... This didn't bother Jim-Carl, as he would be getting revenge on Cavatina...


Kelsey Mason, Katie Harte and Sophie Kemp

Lynn Grove High School

Comment by Vashti Turner on March 7, 2014 at 13:02

Meanwhile, struggling under the deep blue waters, Jim-Carl battled the brutal Cavatina. His lungs screamed for air whilst his brain was determined to finally beat the aquatic beast. Cavatina slashed the side of his arm and scarlet red blood poured out of his limp arm. It began to diffuse in the water, leaving dirty, red streaks in the ocean. This marine monster was obviously winning the torturous battle; Jim-Carl sank deeper and deeper. He lay on the sea bed which was slowly engulfing him. Sandy claws scratched at his neck and corals were burying him alive.

He scrambled for something to hold on to...

Annabelle Kao & Ashley Diabate – Bacon’s College, London 

Comment by Tricia Oyston on March 7, 2014 at 13:51

He scrambled for something to hold onto, every muscle shrieking in agony. Water slipped uselessly through his fingers, his anger at Cavatina ebbing away to sheer desperation. She wouldn’t let him die; she hated him too much for him to die so peacefully. So, abandoning his instincts, Jim-Carl let his body go limp, and stared with half-closed eyes at the tranquil swirls of blood. Tendrils of sea weed smothered him, and the world became an inky mass of green. Darkness was threatening his vision, but the only thought running through his mind was the pure irony of it all. He had only a second to bask in his wisdom, when a crushing force engulfed him, and he met the cool night’s air with a start. Gulps of salty sea air rushed into his lungs, and the fog in his mind began to clear. Tentatively, he opened his eyes only to find a hideous face, leering at him, speaking with a grinding voice, as familiar as his own…

Sonika & Lexie  Y7 Sheffield High School

Comment by Simone Pope on March 7, 2014 at 15:00

His eyes flickered open and he saw a face that he thought he would never see again.  The woman, with grey wiry hair, who was bent over him, was his mother! But he killed her. Surely? It wasn’t until he had stared at her for a couple of minutes before he had seen the brunette girl behind her.


Who was she? Why was he here? Many questions he could ask but his voice wouldn’t let him. The wind blew, blowing his hair into his eyes. As he lifted his hand to brush it back, sand dropped from his arm into his eyes. He was no longer on his beloved vessel.


“M-mother?” he stammered. The girl, behind the ‘dead’ woman, turned around. Her eyes shone in the dim light that surrounded them. They both gave an emerald touch, too similar to his to not notice.


After a minute of processing he realised they HAD to be related. “Yes, it’s me.” The old woman croaked. He couldn’t help but ask who the mysterious girl was.


“Your sister Clove” she stated.


Clove discontinued her staring into the distance and spoke up.


“I only just found that out too.” She informed.



After a brief discussion of where they were. (On a deserted island, 100 miles away from home). They decided to retreat home, on his boat saved by his mother. He wasn’t thinking straight; due to the fact he had just found out he had a sister. They started to set sail back home.



Unexpectedly a roar was heard. The monster was approaching. And there was no escape.


By Izzy, Eloise and Emily, Woolmer Hill School, Haslemere

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