10/10/2014 Miriam Halahmy

It was the only one in the charity shop but Sky knew immediately she had to have it. There was a sticker on its dear stubby nose. £1.50. All the money she had in her purse.

Would she get into trouble?

She glanced over her shoulder. Mum was looking through the books and Emma was pushing hangers on the jeans rail, looking bored as usual. Emma used to be good fun and join in everything with Sky and Mum and Dad before she turned twelve.

But that was before Dad left, six months ago, taking their seven garden gnomes with him.

Sky turned back to the cheery, brightly painted figure on the shelf. He was a fishing gnome, her favourite, with a red cap which hung down at the back just like Happy.  Sky had named Dad’s gnomes after the dwarfs in Snow White.

It was her tenth birthday in a week. If she bought the gnome, would something change?

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Comment by Sarah Cook on October 9, 2014 at 23:59

Sky picked up the gnome and took it to the counter, she paid for it and placed it in her favourite One Direction backpack that her father had given her for her ninth birthday. Later that day Sky took the gnome and placed it on her front lawn, her mum called her in for supper. While they were eating there was dead silence… there used to be joy and laughter.

After supper Sky trudged up to bed. That night she dreamed about the lovely times she had with her dad. One of them was when they went to Hawaii last year they swam every day and picked a coconut from the tallest tree. Sky still had the coconut on her dressing table.

The next morning, Sky woke up and went to her front lawn. She couldn’t believe what she saw!!

ONE OF THE MISSING GNOMES THAT HER DAD TOOK WAS BACK! It was Sleepy. How did that get there…..

Tania and Danielle

Christ the King Australia

Comment by Rosa Harkin on October 10, 2014 at 9:17

Sky began to feel very confused and puzzled. She put on her Snow White dressing gown that Dad had bought for her last Christmas. She slowly tip-toed down the stairs carefully so she wouldn't wake her Mum, gripping the banister as she went. As she opened the front door she could feel the blustery gale hit her in the face like an avalanche.

Nervously, Sky picked up Sleepy the gnome. She knew it was the same gnome her Dad took as it had the exact same crack across it's eye. However, the gnome felt extremely cold and was covered in hard ice after being out in the frosty air all night. She stared intensely into the clear ice as an image from the past came whirling into her head.

All of a sudden she was back on the ice-rink with her dad, falling and laughing as they skated around the park. They were drinking comforting hot chocolate with squishy pink (her favourite colour) marshmallows. Such lovely memories.

"Sky, Sky, what are you doing out there?" shouted her mum.

Sky opened her teary eyes and replied "I'm coming in Mum."

She glanced down at little figure in her hand.

Did it really just wink at her?...........

Medina, Sakura, Nivachi, Sanskriti, Arushi, John, Haydn, E-jay, Mahamid, Abeer

Norbury School, Harrow, London.

Comment by Bev Edmeades on October 10, 2014 at 11:16

The very next night, there was a terrible storm with crashing thunder and hammering rain, then in came the howling wind rushing through the empty streets of London. Suddenly sleepy lifted of the ground and hit the neighbor’s car and, as quick as a flash he smashed into one thousand pieces! The next day Sky wandered out of the door on the way to school and she knelt down to see Sleepy the Gnome but he was not there. Sky looked down and there were the remains of Sleepy’s body. Sky picked up the head of Sleepy that was still in contact and kissed it.    




By Jasmine, Florence, Sam, Oliver and Joseph Win


Hemingford Grey Primary

Year 5  

Comment by Alison murtha on October 10, 2014 at 12:20

She gathered up more of the pieces and tried to fit them together; like a puzzle, but it did not work the pieces had completely shattered and were now disappearing into the unknown. She was not worried about going to school just about the gnome. She took the head and slipped it into her bag so secretly that nobody could have seen her. She looked at her watch it was 9:01 and it took her at least ten minutes to get to school. She knew that she would be in trouble but she did not care.


When she got to school was pulled into her class by her best friend Jazz. “Sky your late. Mr Miles is going crazy. He is already in a bad mood. Something about his wife”. Sky was not listening because she was feeling faint and the look on Sleepy’s face was stuck in her confused mind. Then in the blink of an eye Sky fell to the cold, stone floor…   


By Hannah A, year 6  Cockwood School

Comment by Bev Edmeades on October 10, 2014 at 13:59

Heart pounding, Sky tentatively shuffled towards the headmaster’s office, swimming in emotions. She knocked, feeling a nauseating headache enter her mind. “Come in!” bellowed the malevolent head master making Sky tremble. Sky walked in, finding it hard to stay on her feet, watching the headmaster sort his files of paper. “Aaaahhhhhhhhh!” screamed Sky as she fell to the perishing floor hearing her echo catapult of the walls like a torturous memory. Memories of all types flooded her with emotion teleporting her back to the past. She was paralyzed as if she was frozen in time           


She awoke to the image of a circle of faces shrouding her as she was carried to her aged bike, dripping with metallic rust. The world was a carousel as she cycled back home twitching as the effects sluggishly drooped off. Her vision blurred as she crumbled off her bike scraping against the floor. Tumbling into the river Avon, Sky’s bag snagged on a post leaving Sky tumbling into the river and her brain freezing. She awoke to a phosphorescent light…


By Jessica, Kitty, Dylan, Stas’, Harry

Year 6

Hemingford Grey Primary School.

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