5/3/15 Catherine Johnson

The day North died I was in the school library. I always thought that if –when - someone close to me died, ceased to exist, I would know, feel it somehow, some way. A shiver, a cold tingling something like that. But seriously, I had no idea.

I was  talking to Emine. We were arguing, not a blood and guts heart and soul argument either, just what we thought the Year Eight in front of us should read next. Emine was all for dystopia, I was 100% for real life. The Year Eight agreed with me, nodding and smiling at me a  bit too much.  That’s when I realised.

“You’re North James’ sister?” The girl said this half way between a statement and a question.

I sighed. It was for most of the school, the only interesting thing about me.

“Really?” The Year Eight gasped and blushed.

Emine shut her down and I was grateful. “Yeah, she is and no, she’s not going to get his autograph or arrange  any kind of meet and greet, North never comes in the library and he never hangs out with us, or her. Ever. OK?”

 “Sorry, kiddo. North James and me have only blood in common.” I said and she  ran back to her knot of friends lurking by the romance spinner.

I didn’t know then that North had managed to lose most of that blood, washed out and into the gutters at the crossroads in between the old shops and the new flats.  At that moment North James only existed in memory.

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Comment by Katie Thomas on March 5, 2015 at 10:05

I walked in to his room and I saw him watching TV. He shouted at me "Get Out Of My Room NOW" I walked out slowly with my head down to the floor. Why...Why doesn't he like me? I just wanted to ask could I watch it with him what should I do? I try my hardest to communicate but he never listens! Its like we are not brother and sister more like we are enemy's! I lay in bed thinking "Should I just leave him"? Or do I keep trying it was a big debate! The next morning I woke up with a massive figure at the end of my bed! My eyes were to blurred to see but then I realized it was North. "Erm what do you want"? "Hi Lisa I was coming to apologize"! "I'm really sorry about all that I have done"! I was thinking in my head is this a dream? Then he just walked out closed the door and he was gone? I went down stairs to see my mum lay there crying? "Mum are you ok?" No reply! I ran other to north but it seemed he was like dead? Was he or what! What am I going to do!

James, Huzaifa, Abdullah Chunara.

Comment by American School of Milan on March 5, 2015 at 10:50

Abigail S. and Julia S.

As I stood there waiting for the ceremony to start, I realized that was the nicest he’d ever treated me. It saddened me to realize I’d never actually been close to my brother, and now it was too late to change that. One last look, that's the last thing I’ll ever get from him. Then Tiffany, his girlfriend, came over to me and said, “You know, North really loved you, Lisa. Even if you guys argued sometimes, you were still his sister.” Who was she to tell me this? She’d only been with him for a year; I’d known him my whole life!

The men carried the rose-covered coffin into the church; my last chance to try to forgive my brother. My mother’s tears soaked her white lace handkerchief, and my father had not said anything for most of the day. Tiffany was staring at the coffin, her expression blank, lost. The priest, clothed in a deep purple robe, entered the room. He proceeded with the mass, and soon it was time for the end of the ceremony. He walked over to North’s coffin and lifted the lid. My entire family gasped, including Tiffany and me. North’s body was gone…


-American School of Milan, Italy

Comment by Kelly Babbage on March 5, 2015 at 11:52

They all stared in horror.  My heart was pounding, I couldn’t believe the situation I was facing.  Tiffany whispered in my ear “where is he?” I didn’t reply.  My mouth frozen shut.  I could hear nothing.  Slowly people around the room started to mumble to each other.  How were we to know they would look inside the coffin.  Our plan had gone terribly wrong.


            We thought we had covered ourselves really well.  Despite pretending I never liked him. North and I shared secret we had NEVER repeated.  We even managed to fool our parents and his girlfriend into believing we hated each other.  Now I am left to face everyone and try to explain how and why North has gone missing. 

Easebourne C.E. Primary

Comment by Alison murtha on March 5, 2015 at 12:35

It all started about a year ago...North was becoming more and more famous and finding it harder to deal with life in the public eye. His team-mates at Athletico FC were used to being hounded by fans but North just never really enjoyed this side of football. He often complained about fans following him around town and leaving notes on the front doorstep or on the windscreen of his sports car.

He asked me to help him disguise himself and had been twelve months in the making and organising...

The priest in the church rang for the Police and soon the church was packed with armed policemen and sniffer dogs checking every inch of the church. Detectives were lined up ready to question all the mourners. It was chaos!

Angus, Sam and Leighton, Cockwood School

Comment by Miss Naomi Flanagan on March 5, 2015 at 13:23

After the twelve months were up it was time to put our plan into action

Step one-make everyone (family, friends and everyone who knew us) believe that we detested each other.

Step two-create a decent disguise that would last just enough time so nobody would suspect a thing.

Step three-make sure everything was ready for his disappearance. 

Last step- tell mum and dad that he had been offered a great opportunity, one that he couldn't resist.

All steps were pulled off without a hitch. Everyone fell for it... that is until this moment.

Police had now lined us up and were asking us all sorts of questions. I was dreading my turn.

I couldn't make out quite what they were saying but I knew it all had to come out soon...

Katie Faulkner and Eloise Seale Pershore High School

Comment by Kelly Babbage on March 5, 2015 at 17:43

Easebourne's writers; James, Dominic, Nienna

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