5/3/15 Alan Gibbons

Rathbone House had stood on Coldharbour Lane for eighty years, unloved, desolate, alone. Nobody visited. They knew the stories, you see. They knew its reputation. I made its acquaintance in the long, hot summer of 1976. It changed my life forever.

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Comment by Katie Thomas on March 5, 2015 at 10:22

The house seemed quite ordinary when I walked in. The walls were a pale white with mould growing in the corner. The windows were covered with a thick blanket of dirt. Dust particles flew through the air, settling on the white turned black sheets.

Even though the house seemed ‘normal’ I couldn’t help but shake off the eerie feeling; the feeling that you get when you feel that you are being watched. I shook my head and told myself to stop listening to what others had said. This house was now my home.

My children were going to love it. The big garden would accommodate all their toys and still leave room for Kate’s plants. The sun was beaming and a slight breeze filled the air. Today was going to be a good day. I could feel it. This move was a good decision for us as a family.

Kate and the twins came running into the house. Footsteps resounded on the floorboards and I could hear the chatter of who was going into which room. Suddenly a scream shot out. I ran as fast as my legs would allow me. There on the wall, written in blood ‘watch your back’ followed by three single smiley faces. 

Esaa, Hamzah and Mohamed Nagdi.

Comment by American School of Milan on March 5, 2015 at 10:52

This adds on to the 1 story starter due to late posting of the continuation.

15 years later…


I remember the first time he told me about the Rathbone House. I was only young at that time, and didn’t think he was telling the truth because he never did. About 3 months ago, I asked my dad if he had ever heard about it. He said the name was familiar. I think I remember some of the myths, like how the house was haunted, and how the people who lived there before had hid mysterious things all over the house. Earlier today, I discovered a name in the bushes behind the house, in the backyard. I remember having seen multiple nails hanging with no purpose on the side of the house. So, I went by the side of the house and looked to see if the nails matched with the holes in the name plate. Then I placed the name plate on the wall and saw that it slid into place perfectly. I hadn’t thought about what was written on the plate yet. I looked down and saw a brick that was out of place. I looked at the name and saw….


Astrid O, Lama A.

American School of Milan

Comment by Kelly Babbage on March 5, 2015 at 12:11

…my name written in ruby red blood dripping onto the floor.

Running back to the house I hear something creeping behind me. Turning around with a sudden movement, I sense a ghostly shadow.  With the speed at which I turned around, I fall over with a loud thump.  Confused, dizzy and fearful I blink twice, getting back to my feet I realise that what I saw looked just like my Dad used to.


I run back over to the name plate and it has changed saying ‘I said my spirit would come back…’ I feel frightened once again. I run as fast as I can to the house! I discover the door wide open and rushed up the stairs, two steps at a time. A cold rush of wind made me shiver as I entered my room. Every window was wide open with curtains being blown in a crazy dance. Something was controlling the strange events…but what was it?

Easebourne C. E. Primary

Comment by Alison murtha on March 5, 2015 at 12:45

Suddenly I realised the blowing noises had stopped and the windows were all tightly closed. A scream came from the next door room. I rushed to see what had happened, my sister was laying on the floor unconscious. I was deliberately staring at the body...I couldn't believe what I was witnessing. I ran for my life I was terrified, I began dreading that I could be the next victim to be murdered.

Calvin, Roan, Archie, Freddie, Edward, T-Jay- Cockwood Primary School

Comment by Alison murtha on March 5, 2015 at 13:01

I was tired and stressed- I didn't know what to do next. I stopped to take a breath- the door beside me slowly opened and a hand appeared. A silent shadow ran past me- I stood terrified to the spot. Someone touched my shoulder...

Hannah, Yasmine, Casey -Cockwood Primary School

Comment by J Dennis on March 5, 2015 at 14:46
I was petrified, and knew what was coming. I closed my eyes and wanted it to just be quick and over. All I could think of was my sister and what was behind me. For some reason, maybe out of desperation I turned around …

By Alfie, west kirby residential school.
Comment by Kelly Babbage on March 5, 2015 at 17:34

Easebourne's writers: William, Maisie, Miles

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