13/10/15 Andy Briggs


Mohinder had absolutely no problem with hanging upside down. It was something he enjoyed doing when he was younger. The blood rushing to his head would always make him dizzy and he would inevitably flip back to his feet, wobble, and fall down.

Except now he couldn’t because somebody had stuck him to the wall with duct tape.

He was already feeling woozy, which didn’t help as he concentrated on the room around him. Where was he? How did he get here? More importantly, who had taped him to the wall and why?

He wiggled his body experimentally and suddenly heard the satisfactory sound of tape tearing away from the wall. Was it his imagination, or did his leg feel a little looser?

Focus, he chided himself. Getting off the wall was the priority. Only then could he investigate the body slumped across the only exit from the room. The body that, from this vantage point, look oddly like him.

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Comment by WP Central on October 13, 2015 at 7:56

From the distance he focused his eyes and he noticed a dark frightening figure was getting closer and closer.

As the figure came into the light close to him, they looked into each other’s eyes and Mohinder realised he was looking at himself, it seemed to be a clone.

The sound of more tape giving way could be heard…

Aiva, Emma and Gemma, Wick High School

Comment by Ann-Marie Robinson on October 13, 2015 at 8:47

Aware of the distant figure moving slowly, frighteninglycloser, Mohinder began to feel his stress levels rise. He wriggled frantically! Surely he could get loose!

The tape continued to slowly tear and fell to the floor with a bang! The dark figured loomed closer…

Jessica, Elise and Rhiannon, Longbenton Community College

Comment by Katie Turrell on October 13, 2015 at 9:58

Suddenly there was a merciful ripping sound, as the tape came loose as Mohinder fell to the floor, putting his hand out to break his fall and hearing a sickening crunch come from his wrist and feeling a searing pain spread across his arm. He jumped to his feet to get his bearings, and once again the pain from his apparently broken wrist threatened to engulf his consciousness. Looking up to check on the sinister figure stalking towards him, he saw it standing not two feet in front of him, observing him as though quizzically. He looked around the room. The walls were a pale cream color, the floor and ceiling gray. Water dripped from the ceiling and condensed into puddles on the floor. He didn’t know how, but he had the feeling he was underground, a basement maybe. Black tendrils spread across his vision, and he succumbed to the pain, realizing that if this thing was hostile, he would not be able to execute fight or flight in this state. He let himself be claimed by unconsciousness...

Felix, Beacon School

Comment by WP Central on October 13, 2015 at 10:43

.........some time later, he had no idea how long it was, he struggled to open his gritty eye to see himself in a mirror. Groggily he peered forward but then his 'reflection' moved and spoke! It wasn't a reflection at all but a boy that had the same face as him - how could this be possible? "Are you ok?" the boy asked him.

Bev Humphrey

Write Path Founder

Comment by Rebecca Utter on October 13, 2015 at 11:58

“Where am I?” Mohinder whispered, “Why do you look like me?”.

“Brother, I am your clone. We must fight, you have an hour to prepare,” the clone had the same voice as well. Mohinder fell to the ground, deep in sleep. When he woke up, there was a crowd, cheering his name. “Mohinder! Mohinder!” He was given a stick, bent to the right, almost broken. On the other hand, the clone had a bunch of the same clones, all armed with bent sticks. On the “Go!” by the announcer, the clones all ran at Mohinder on they piled on top of him.

With a sudden gasp, Mohinder woke up. He was in his bed, realizing it was all a dream. He peeked his alarm clock, only 3 in the morning. Sweating like a pig, Mohinder walked outside, feeling the cool Autumn breeze. He went to his favorite tree, and hung upside down on it.

Suddenly, he heard echos. Echos of himself. No, his clone. “You have an hour to prepare.” just like in his dream. His head began to hurt. He started to scream in pain. Taped on the wall, Mohinder was back. He knew what to do this time. Escaping from the duct tape, repeating all of the same events, when he woke back up, in his bed. He realized. “I’m in a time loop. I must get out,” He packed his swiss army knife, and went back to the tree...


Nicholas R and Alec W

American School of Milan

Comment by Nikki Heath on October 13, 2015 at 12:39

Feeling the blood go rushing to my head, the whole world started to turn. Suddenly, I woke up in the place that haunts my dreams…the clone’s basement! My face started to peer over me, giving me a disturbed look. “You have returned brother” the clone hissed. “Have you realised what’s happened”

“Ummm…. Am I trapped in a time loop by any chance?” gasped Mohinder.

“Good you have realised- now let’s destroy it!

“Destroy what?”

“The time loop obviously! We need to get ready danger is lurking ahead…”

Rhian and Jess, Werneth School, UK.

Comment by Nicola Gowing on October 13, 2015 at 13:47

Before he thought about any danger lurking ahead, he once again had to get out of this mess on the wall. As he struggled to break free he realised what was going to happen to his wrist...again. He enlisted the help of his clone -It ensured his safety. In the split second that his wrist should’ve broken, his clone had boldly leaped forward and grabbed it before it had smashed on the floor. Suddenly a loud ringing sound filled the air and heavy footsteps could be heard from a distance! Mohinder hesitated. He grabbed a chair from the corner and wedged it under the door handle, while the footsteps were becoming louder and louder, coming closer and closer. The clone instantly knew that this sound coming towards them, whatever it was, was trouble. Luckily he had an escape route. The clone pounced forwards, and ripped open a near vent. Without any reluctance the clone had yanked Mohinder through before he could fathom what was going. Unfortunately they had no knowledge of the sinister figure stalking them.



Daisy, Lilly, Brodie and Britney

Great Yarmouth High school, England.

Comment by Linda Thiebaud on October 13, 2015 at 14:57

     Then the strange figure came into the was wearing blue shoes, purple pants, and a green T-shirt but, the thing he noticed the most was that it had no FACE!!! It was like it's head was a total blur.

    Then, when Mohinder noticed the figure had no face he screamed...''IT'S A ZOMBIE!!!''  

     Next, the figure took out a pair of scissors and, CUT the tape and  Mohinder face planted on to the tile floor. Then when he got up the figure was GONE!?!?

        -- Lucas B. & Kennedy F.

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