2/9/15 Priory School story 11 Cathy Cassidy

I don't even know why I said it. I didn't plan to... I was just so fed up of listening to Kelsey and Tasha and Jayde talking about their boyfriends, fed up of feeling left out.

'This must be so boring for you, Jo,' Tasha said, her blue eyes laughing. 'Listening to us going on about boys when you've never even had a date.'

I wished I could wipe the smile right off her face.

'Actually, there is someone,' I said. 'You'll never guess...'

'A boy? Who?' Tasha wanted to know. 'What's his name?'

I said the first name that came into my head.

'Pete Marshall. I'm seeing Pete Marshall.'

I watched their eyes open wide. It felt good, for a change, to have their attention. There was just one problem. 

Pete Marshall was the coolest boy in town... and I'd never spoken to him in my life...

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Comment by Miss Errington on September 2, 2015 at 9:45

Jo looked up at the girls, and gave a nasty look. They all looked upset, because they all liked him but he, hated  them. Rosie [The oldest] loved him, but as I said Jo did not.

One day Rosie had told a really bad lie. The lie was so bad that her friends were shocked they broke up the lie. Rosie had said that she had been on a date with Jo. She said that they were going on holiday. Then she told Jo, he wasn’t very happy he went and told her friends. Then sadly they broke up. Rosie was very happy; she ran home and starting shredding out tears, lucky in the end her three best friends forgave her.

Leo Lucas and Wayne Bignall-Reeve

Comment by Miss Errington on September 2, 2015 at 11:06

… “what did you just say? I bet your dad paid those people to be your friends. We don’t even like you. Why don’t you do yourself a favour and shut up!” Kelsey shouted. “Who the hell do you think you are? Your a girly girl thinking you are better then all of us. Guess what Kelsey? You suck!” Kelsey’s face turns red within a matter of seconds she screeched and pushed me. I steadied myself to my feet; out of the blue I swung my hand so hard that it left a red mark on her face. “Did I really just slap her? Wow I am more powerful then I felt”.  Kelsey stood frozen; slowly she bought her hand up to her face and rubs her face. Her beady eyes faced me as I gulped loudly. “my mother will hear about this!” Kelsey shouted at me shoving me once more. She tried to run of but I grabbed her pink fluffy coat, ripped the hood then grabbed her scruffy hair and yanked her back. “Listen Kelsey you think you are all hard and better then all of us. Who do you think you are talking to us like we are nothing, looking at us like we are something you found at the bottom of your shoe? You are no better then any of us! Do you know what? Never judge a book bye its cover, I wont take any of your rubbish.  News flash, you suck!” I felt proud as I ran of into the cold starry night…


Georgia-jane cullern

Kion –reidfrancis

Marco overbeeke

Comment by Miss Errington on September 2, 2015 at 12:13

I walked down the damp, flooded road. A car drove past and stormed through a puddle causing me to get soaked. As I trudged down the muddy, misty road I noticed that I had a note in my pocket, it was from Pete Marshall! I gasped, how did this get here? I queried to myself does he like me or was this a prank from Jayde, Tasha and Kelsey. Did I dare to open to open the note or do I throw it away. The question remained in my mind yet still to be answered as I walked home. I sat on the lonely, old park lane bench. I took a deep dig in my left arm pocket. I was reaching for the chewing gum but I accidently dug out the note. I stared left. Then right. Left. right. Just checking no one was anywhere to be seen. I saw a man standing by a tree he didn’t see me so I carefully open the note reading the top line that read

To Jo, …


I love you dearly from …….



Pranked by Tasha and no one else



Poppy Hendrick and Talliah Naudi

Comment by Miss Errington on September 2, 2015 at 14:02

I threw the note to the ground, my eyes stinging as they began to fill up with salty tears. I knew that I would have to face the girls at school on Monday. What would they say to me? I couldn’t escape them, I knew I had English first lesson with them.

I began the long march home, hoping that I wouldn’t see anyone on my way. As I turned the corner, I saw the opening to the gloomy alleyway towards Tugmutton Common. My brother had once told me a story about a girl that went missing last year in Tugmutton Common. She was never found. The only evidence the police recovered was her backpack, swinging from one of the trees deep in the park.

I pulled my coat towards me and hugged myself as I made my way through the alleyway. Shielded from the wind, I could help my heart thumping as I began creeping forward.

A flickering light from the path ahead glimmered like stars in the night sky. I heard laughter boom through the still and silent night.

“Hey Jo, is that you?” I heard a rough voice bellow.

I looked towards the light. There he was, Pete Marshall.

Miss Wright

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