2/9/15 Priory School story 10 Chris Bradford

One step. Just one step is all that it will take. As I stand upon the cliff edge, I wonder if I’m prepared for this. I’ve triple-checked everything. But there is still the chance that something will go terribly wrong. The countdown in my head has begun...3...2...1...

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Comment by Miss Errington on September 2, 2015 at 9:43

As I fell from the edge of the cliff it felt like my parachute wasn’t working. I was panicking as I was through the air. Finally as i got to the bottom I pulled my parachute really hard, and it then worked. Unfortunately I landed into a river and I hit my head on a rock and I floated down the river. I woke up with terrible bumps and bruises and I found myself in a forest.  As I was walking round the forest I called for help for about an hour and no one helped me, so I went to build a shelter with  and a camp fire with wood, and I went to sleep. The next day I woke up and I was starving, so I went hunting and cooked some I went to get some water but I found something was a cave, as I stepped in I saw gold shining into my eyes. 

Ronnie Wilson and Jay Achilleos

Comment by Miss Errington on September 2, 2015 at 11:07

As I walked throughout the cave. The light became brighter and brighter `as I got there I saw it was gold. I scrimmaged in the gold and then I fell in a dark hole… when I got to the bottom I looked up and saw some skeletons. Then a ghost flew up to me and said” you are really greedy”.  I said “why?”

“Because you tried taking the gold so you fell because it was cursed”. “This proves you are you are greedy.”

 “I’m sorry I just was trying to get home”. I turned around and sobbed my heart out. I started flouting and I ended in the cave again. I walked back to my shelter but I got attacked by a mystical beast. I got scratched on the leg. I limped back to my shelter and shut the door.  But the beast got the door and opened it. When it got in I sat down and purred. I looked curious at the beast. The beast is grey and has brown stripes.


Jorgie Codd, Wiliam Ribbans ,Shahnaz Islam

Comment by Miss Errington on September 2, 2015 at 12:08

Its grim, yellow teeth shone in the glowing moonlight as it got closer. The creature growled at me, I could tell it wasn’t going to be friendly. My esscents were flowing around upon me.  I didn’t realize until through creature went for me. his paw went right through me but I thought he had just missed but then I saw my mum in a crystal ball on a stand trying to talk to me I was I was frozen from fear.

Kayleigh Baker, Paige Lugg

Comment by Miss Errington on September 2, 2015 at 14:05


Then the cave started collapsing around me. I ran for the cave but as I ran I tripped and fell in a pit. I climbed out of the pit. I sneaked around the beast woke up and found me. He slammed his arms and tried to kill me but I used my ninja skills to escape. When he slammed his arms at me I ran up his arm, climbed up the fur on his neck and slit his throat. The beast crashed to the ground and cracked the outer wall of the cave creating a new opening. I looked outside, there was a massive cliff. I had a choice climb down or find another exit. I risked climbing down; I slipped and fell into a tree. The branch slit my neck.

Lee and Sumiran.

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