July 1947
“I never been so close to a dead man in my whole life.” Godfrey shivered, remembering. “His face was just pressed up against the glass. It was like sitting in the front row of the Criterion only it was real.” Godfrey rolled over and looked up at the perfectly blue sky.
He was lying flat on his back on Hampstead Heath. The noise of the funfair up by the pond filtered down to where he and his friends sat picnicking in the long grass. Below them the city of London lay shimmering in the heat as if it was on fire. And there were the occasional blackened patches, larger towards the east, that marked out the still derelict bombsites.

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“My father!” I grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and I could feel his sweat slowly loosening my grip. My hand eventually slipped from his neck but I tackled him to the ground. Just as the bullet whizzed past our heads, I could hear Hitler’s evil cackle. For the first time I wished that the portal would appear and teleport us to a different period. I would even be happy if it took us to a filthy barn which was coated with manure. It wouldn’t appear, I tried to say the magic words “alakazam, abra cadabra” but the words were not the key to the portal. I thought about how I had opened the portal previously. I must have done something each time to trigger the portal. Hitler’s finger was slowly edging towards the detonator. All of a sudden everything paused except for me. Was this the work of the portal or was somebody using us as puppets?...
By Zulaika Mehmood and Adam Marsh. William Hulme's Grammar School (13.43)
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I woke up in the hospital bed, wondering where I was. I quickly got up, and ran out of my room. I was exhausted. I began to yell, “Is anybody here?” Quickly, I ran outside, and noticed the hospital was abandoned. So, I ran to the beach. I thought I was in London, but I saw a big rusted, blue statue. I recognized the statue from the television. It was the Statue of Liberty. But where was the rest? Then I understood. I was the last living thing on Earth.

Jake, Jamier, and Ben
Lexington Elementary
Monroe, Louisiana

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