What is the meaning of life? Are we the only sentient life in the universe? These are just some of the questions Terry Douglas had never committed much thought to. He had a vague inkling that numbers were involved somehow but maths had never been his forte. The only number Terry was concerned with was the one counting the popularity of his twitter feed. So when a delegate from the Intergalactic Council arrived at his door asking for his opinion on some of the deeper questions of the cosmos it forced parts of his brain that had long remained dormant to stir and caused his thoughts to move into previously uncharted territory.

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Comment by Sarah Love Mandurah Cath Coll WA on October 13, 2010 at 7:02
When Terry was a young kid he was the biggest super nerd in the science lab. He would always tell his friends about his latest discoveries, even when they didn’t listen. He had was always interested in astronomy, until the tenth grade when he got picked on for being such a nerd, even his friends turned on him. But he always had fame with the teachers and everyone knew he was smart. Terry gave up on being the smartest guy in the school. So he joined the football team where they won the grand final game, thanks to his smart tactics. His mind was flustered for words as he attempted to speak to the strange beings that had appeared on his doorstep…

Rebekah & Shannon Mandurah Catholic College
Comment by Sue Parr on October 13, 2010 at 8:57
The strange beings were half-slug half-llama. They could only speak through their disformed slobbery mouthes. They slithered around with mysterious curiosity, almost like living shadows that haunt the street.
“, w..who are you? What are you doing on MY doorstep. I really think you have got the wrong house, try next door!” Terry closed the door, shocked and horrified by the creatures, but they were too agile and flung it open with great strength, sending him flying to the back of the hallway.
“WE NEED YOUR HELP SIR TERRY! WE ARE HERE FOR YOU. YOU HAVE KEPT OUR UNIVERSE ALIVE FOR MANY YEARS NOW WITH YOUR OUTSTANDING INTELLIGENCE!” One of the creatures shouted. Seeing Terry’s fear, the Intergalactic Council member calmed down. “I am sorry for shouting and scaring you Sir Terry. Listen, we have been taking information out of your brain for six years. Look!” The Intergalactic Council showed him a screen filled with numbers and patterns. “ Each hour a pattern or number dissapears , soon the screen will be blank and our universe will become DUST. Sir Terry, you are our only hope to save the intergalactic people, including our planet, where the Raxacalagafalagatorious people live! Please say you will help us?!”

Emily and Amelia, Heathfield School.
Comment by Liz Bridge on October 13, 2010 at 9:21
“Wait a minute! How did your committee succeed to collect all of my brain information when you live on a different planet?”
" Oh didn’t you know? You were chipped when you were a baby and we have been tracking you ever since.” Terry was shocked, how could his parents allow that to happen with out telling him? He was lost for words. The aliens looked at his confused and frightened face, they were shocked that he was clueless. “Didn’t your mum and dad tell you?" “N…nooo I had no idea until now!”
Lorna-may and Amy, Warblington School.
Comment by Lynda Marett, CTK Preston on October 13, 2010 at 11:16
Terry was astonished. How could his own parents hide this amazing secret from him? The biggest secret in his life, he could not believe it. Terry turned with curiosity to the alien, “What do you want me to do? “ The alien replied in a serious tone, “You are the only one who can save our planet. Your duty is to come with me.” In shock Terry committed to go with the alien, not fully understanding what he was taking upon him self.
Suddenly, Terry felt the ground beneath his feet, start to tremble....

Christ the King by Sharib Jan and Chloe Mason
Comment by Nicola McNee on October 13, 2010 at 12:02
He closed his eyes and waited for the shaking to cease and his brains to stop whirling around inside his head. When he opened his eyes, he found himself....still standing at the back of his hall with the two aliens in front of him exchanging puzzled glances. Terry groaned. For one brilliant moment, he had thought that it was all a bizarre dream and the shaking was his Mum waking him up. The aliens, meanwhile, were chattering very fast in a language he couldn’t make out. Then, very slowly, they turned to face him. “I’m sorry.” said the taller of the two solemnly. “I should have anticipated this. The High Anmar has blocked our powers.” “The High Anmar,” the other added “is the ruler of our planet. He does not wish us to be able to use our gomlelrimbachahask.” “What’s happened?” asked Terry. “Why are you talking like that?” But he thought he already knew.

Naomi Sankaran
Kingswood School
Comment by Paul Register on October 13, 2010 at 12:55
Suddenly there was a strange, dull tinkling noise behind him - as though the air itself was being ripped apart by two cute little pixies playing with tissue paper. Terry spun around in what felt like the slowest of slow motions to him. To his amazement (yes, he had more amazement left in him!), standing there was the most heroic and dashing-looking man Terry had ever seen. His long blonde hair flowed over his shoulders like beautiful lava rolling down a dark mountainside. His impressively well-built chest pushed firmly against the fabric of his black shirt as his tree trunk arms settled on the shining and jewelled pommel of the silver blade tucked into his strong leather belt. He cocked his head slightly towards Terry and gave him the slyest of smiles and a wink. Terry could almost swear that he heard a sound like a tawny owl swooping as the stranger's upper lid descended on the lower one.
The slug/llama aliens auidbly gasped as the blade-wielding hero flashed a smile at them that illuminated the hallway like a supernova. He placed a hand on Terry's shoulder and raised a small circular device up to his mouth. He winked again, this time at the Intergalactic Council representatives, shouted "Teleport!" and the two of them started twinkling and disappeared....
Comment by Chris Tatton on October 13, 2010 at 13:55
Terry stood there wondering why all these magical things were happening to him. He found it very ‎exciting but there were too many questions going around in his head. Why me? Why did I get ‎chosen by God to be so smart? Why didn’t my parents tell me about the chip that is in my head? ‎Was it all a joke? Did they not think about me and how I would feel? There are far too many ‎questions but there is nobody here to answer those questions.‎
For now he wants to help these people from this wonderful, unusual place called ‎Raxacalagafalagatorious as they have chosen him to help them. Terry felt like there is so much ‎pressure for him to fulfill. That night he simply could not sleep. He was trying to get his head round ‎it. But he couldn’t. Terry looked upon this planet straight away but unfortunately he could not find ‎this planet called Raxacalagafalagatorious. That night the strange creatures came back to him still ‎wanting me to take control and improve their lives by saving them. ‎
This time they took Terry back to this weird but yet quite wonderful land. BBRRRRRRR! It was ‎extremely freezing out there!‎

Ibrahim Siddiq and Megan Tunstill ‎
‎ West Craven High Technology College

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