I found it in the shed at the bottom of the garden, in the dark, at the back. Hidden. Whoever put it there didn’t want it to be found. I would never have come across it if I hadn’t got locked in. While I waited for the others to find me I started foraging around to relieve the boredom. Luckily I had a torch and that’s how I saw it, sticking out from between the pages of an old telephone directory. I opened the book and for several minutes I just stared, but when the door opened I hid it again –in my pocket. Right from the start I knew it was important but I didn’t know then that it was going to change my life.

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Comment by Sarah Cook on October 14, 2010 at 0:01
I shined the torch at the figure I can barely see. It was my stepmother. I don’t really like to talk to her seeing as she’s recently married my father. I quickly walk out of the shed while she was trying to once again get into a conversation with me. When I approach the back door I run pass my big, pestering brother Ben who tries to trip me over. As I’m quick and fast I easily jump over his giant leg and poke my tongue out at him before I enter my tiny, little bedroom. I yank the object out of my pocket. It was a pure gold necklace with a shining, green emerald placed in the middle. Around the priceless emerald was tiny foreign writing that was nearly impossible to read. As I was examining the necklace I‘m drawn to put it around my neck. I check the time. 9:00pm. Slowly but silently I drift off into a deep sleep.

Suddenly, I was awoken by a flash of blinding white light coming from the necklace. I could not see anything. Where am I?

By Caitlin and Jack - Christ the King North Rocks, Australia
Comment by WP Central on October 14, 2010 at 5:25
I realized that it was my friend Valentino calling out my name. “Edgar, Edgar I’ve given up. You can come out now”. I came out of my dad’s rusted brown shed pretending that I had nothing in my hands. However, he had seen the large envelope in my hand and asked what is was. I quickly shoved it into my pocket pretending that I hadn’t heard. We went inside and saw that Valentino’s mum was sitting at the table drinking coffee and having an animated and loud conversation about her latest spar treatment. They talked for a while and then Valentino and his mum left. I went into my room and started looking at the black and white photo. It was a picture of …

By Jacob and Tom - Christ the King North Rocks, Australia
Comment by Jenny Bache on October 14, 2010 at 9:34
.... a necklace, a pure gold necklace with a glittering shiny emerald set in the middle. The exact same one that I had. I was suddenly scared, "Don't be silly", I whispered to myself. "There are lots of necklaces like these", but in my hear I knew this was wrong. A girl was wearing it on her pale snow white neck. She looked exactly like me. I know readers like you like to have a description of the characters, so here goes .... I have chocolate brown dark hair which is usually wavy and hangs down gently to my waise. I have delicate black arched eyebrows and pale white skin. Lots of people say I am slender though I think I am not. I have rosy red cheeks and long fingernails with thin fingers ....

The next morning I decided to go back to the old shed It was pitch dark, the darkness clung to me trying to crawl inside my skin. I flicked my torch on. Much to my horror and astonishment there was another photo of the necklace.

I couldn't resist the temptation this time; I pulled the beautiful necklace from my pocket and stared at it. Up and till now I hadn't noticed it, but it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Its sparkling glow lit the shed and glimmered everywhere. The emerald gave out a blazing luminescence. There was no turning back ... I was under a spell. Automatically I took the faded photo and put the necklace on, carefully winding the gold around my neck. The moment it came into contact with my neck I was whirling around ... like bath water swirling down a huge plug hole! I was rapidly trying to get free ...

Suddenly I was smashed down on the floor .... I wasn't at home I was somewhere else. Where was I? But forgetting that I fingered the necklace which was propped on my neck. My heart froze like someone had plunged an ice cold dagger in my heart. Something was whispering in there to me! I slumped down on the lush lime green grass. Dazzling sunlight floated across my eyes momentarily. It was only then that I became aware that I was not alone .......

By Ashvinny - St Matthew Academy, London
Comment by kgarnett on October 14, 2010 at 12:29
.......Drifting in the air, was a strange figure, whom I recognised as her stepmother. She was clothed in a ripped and rather saggy, blue dress. Her skin was as white as snow and was faintly transparent. Opaque. I screamed as the floating figure travelled mysteriously towards me. Below her dress, where her pale feet were meant to be, was just blue, cloudy mist.
I attempted to scream, but my mouth was dry and nothing came out. I was pinned to the floor by my necklace. I was under a spell. The figure was smoothly gliding towards me. I hammered on the door.
“Help! Please somebody help!”
The door burst open, and I glanced out at the blue gloomy mist that hung in the air. Souls and ghosts flying around. What was outside, was no longer my garden...
By Sammy and Toby Beechwood School, (Elizabeth College) Guernsey
Comment by Anita Vine on October 14, 2010 at 13:48
I slowly crept out of the dark and gloomy shed. I could feel the necklace shaking against my skin as if it was trying to tell me something. The floating shapes were making sounds, happy sounds, joyful sounds, laughing sounds. I stopped and stared, this didn’t sound like a horrible place, this sounded like a exciting place. I suddenly realised that the shapes were children playing games. Where was I, what was going on? I didn’t know what to do since I didn’t know any of them. But then it dawned on me that I did know them, they were my happy memories of when I was younger. As I carried on walking the happy memories were fading and turning into dark and scary memories. Why was this happening? A face appeared in front of me, it was familiar to me but I couldn’t remember who it was. The necklace suddenly started to glow and all the shapes were disappearing . Eventually I realised the picture in my head was my baby sister since she died a couple of years ago ...
By Natasha and Sarah
Castercliff Community Primary School.
Comment by WP Central on October 15, 2010 at 7:50
The figure floating above me gave me a clue – a note on a
piece of paper. I didn’t look at it so I stuffed it in my pocket. Then all of a
sudden happy memories of my baby sister and I together flashed into my mind. I
decided to unclip the emerald necklace to see if it would take me back home.
Again the necklace lit up and the whole room swirled round and round. In a
flash I was back in the gloomy dark shed.

I thought of the clue the figure gave me, I pulled the crinkled note out of my pocket and delicately opened it and looked at it. On the crinkled paper was a picture of a small emerald necklace like the one I
found and a bigger one. At the bottom was a picture of my baby sister. I had a
moment or two to figure out what this meant. I realized I needed to go back to
the mysterious room. I clipped the necklace back round my neck. The room lit up
and swirled round and round.

I was back in the room. I opened the door to let all the ghostly figures out. I looked at the small ghosts and tried to find my sister. I found her in a corner looking sad and gloomy. Then I clipped the smaller
necklace around her neck and only she lit up with a bright light. It was so
bright I had to close my eyes. When I opened my eyes I found myself back in the
shed with my baby sister in my arms sleeping and still wearing the emerald
necklace round her neck. My baby sister was back at home, but I am still left
wondering how my baby sister got into the mysterious room with the strange

Elise and Ella, St Clair

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