01/10/2013 Tamsyn Murray

 I am thirsty. My throat is so dry it grates like sandpaper when I swallow. I’d kill for a mouthful of water but my captors have control of the flasks and I think they’ve forgotten I’m still alive. I watch them glug greedily, splashing precious drops into the burning sand without a thought and I close my eyes with longing. One mouthful, that’s all I ask.

Fingers dig into my hair, jerking my head back. Something hard rams against my chin and I open my eyes to see one of the men standing in front of me. He grunts and tips the flask until a dribble of lukewarm liquid hits my lips. It tastes stale, with a sour tang of metal, but I still lick at the rim like it’s nectar from the gods. When the flask is yanked away, I let out a croak of protest. “More…please…”


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Comment by Stefany Anne on October 1, 2013 at 2:57

Brandon Tan Xiu Loon

GIS Malaysia


Again, he grunted. I begun to question whether or not he (or any of my captors) could speak – no words had been said when they were dragging me across the desert. I wasn’t even sure they were human because the way they dressed, they would have collapsed already. Long trench coats and long sleeved jumpers were not ideal for the desert heat and yet they carried on with me as their prisoner. I pray for all this to end.


“Finally found you guys”


The temperature seemed to drop; I mean it DID drop when the voice boomed. The men turned to face the source of the voice. A masked figure in the same clothing my captors wore – must be some sort of uniform.


The biggest one stepped up. He must be their leader. “This is OUR prize. You PROMISED!”


“And YOU didn’t tell me” The figure pointed a finger at me. It spoke in a rather feminine voice. “It was a nephilim”


It?? Nephilim??


They began to run as she made a rush at them although it seemed pointless, as she appeared to be just too fast. The biggest of them must have realized this and tried fighting back. He curled his hand up in a fist and launched a punch at her. A knife shined and became soaked in blood as she jabbed at him. The others turned and fired gun at her but none of them did any damage. She threw her knife in between them and they burst into flames. She walked towards me and removed her mask.


 “That was exciting wasn’t it?”


Comment by WP Central on October 1, 2013 at 9:12

I looked up into the face of a young girl, maybe about the same age as me. She wasn't what I would call beautiful by any means but her eyes were a brilliant cobalt blue and the merry sparkle in them created an attraction that overshadowed her otherwise plain face. She had bright auburn hair cut into a wispy crop and was delicately built - frail enough for me to doubt what I had just witnessed. I struggled to get my parched lips and rusty vocal cords to work "who are you?"

"Time enough for that later I think first we need to get you out of your predicament, my Nephilim friend!" Squatting down she pushed her hands down into the sand , which I thought was pointless as there was no way they would reach mine.I started to say this but then amazingly I felt hands touching mine under the sand and as she smilingly said "hold tight" I felt my hands and arms moving upwards, bringing my body with them. Within minutes I was swaying on my feet, still clutching hands that were connected to arms that had 'grown' somehow. This couldn't be happening - it must be a mirage, I though shaking my head in wonder. 

Comment by Ruan Peat on October 1, 2013 at 11:03

She let go of my hands and pulled out a round cylinder shaped container. I could hardly believe my eyes. What was she going to do? She went and handed me the flask and I slowly took it out of her hand and I slowly went and took a drink. She had a gun up to my head and said walk, I did as she said then...

by Kieron, Vicki, Alannah, and Tiah. Wick High School

Comment by R Buckland on October 1, 2013 at 11:40

Now that I was free I caught a glimpse of the prison that I was in, it had walls covered in alien skin and the light was pulsating from an enormous eye in the ceiling glaring at every one that past. The Nephilm and I started to make our escape as we leapt through a large dimensional portal which left our ears ringing...

We landed with a thud and as I got up I turned around to discover the Nephilm was dead

It had lost its oxygen as it had travelled through the portal. I thought to myself, how will I escape this brutal planet. I stumbled over a rock ,or I thought it was a rock until I realized that it started shaking around making a very strange sound. I started to examine the strange object which was lying in front of me.  It was not a rock at all It was purple, it was an egg ,but not an ordinary egg it looks like a dinosaur egg well a very big one anyway. Then I heard an enormous ear splitting roar.

Then I thought to myself what if the animal that made the roaring sound had lost its egg?

Suddenly I heard a loud thunderous sound of charging footsteps.

Steven Dickinson  and Samuel Mercer, Ripley  St Thomas  CE Academy  

Comment by Allison Painich on October 1, 2013 at 20:13
The dinosaur came fiercely towards me and I thought, Is this the end? The dinosaur came closer and closer until we were face to face and he roared. My eyes glanced at the dead body and then, I saw the sword. As the dinosaur turned his head sideways everything stopped. I felt a surge as something took over my body and I had no control over what I was doing. My hand was pointing at the sword and the sword was pointing at the dinosaur. I was so scared and confused that I did not know what to do. All of sudden I heard a swishing sound as the sword cut the dinosaur in half. Once again, I had complete control over my body and as I looked up the sword dropped down. The sword returned to its normal size. I heard a voice in my head saying my name over and over again, We are one now. Then I realized it was the dead girl's voice. I walked away thinking about my life.
Kevin, Christian and Nashawn at MS 319

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