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 Tony adjusted his mask and slipped backwards into the water. It seemed a long way down to the bottom. The water was clear enough to allow him to see well for a few metres but further than that everything looked blurry.

  Which way should he go? Phil had said there would be markers but he couldn’t see any. Where was Phil anyway? He should be down by now.

 He must have swum straight for the site instead of going straight down. Tony began to feel worried. Phil had told him everything was cool. There shouldn’t be any problems. But, where was he?

 Tony decided he had to move He tried to think. Which way should he go?

He swam a short distance but he was too close to the bottom. He was stirring up the mud. Then, just a few metres ahead he saw it. At last!


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Comment by WP Central on October 4, 2013 at 7:34

Okay,  let's go back a few months when Tony's parents and girlfriend got kidnapped...

     One sunny Saturday morning , Tony was making pancakes with his best friend Phil when all of the sudden he heard screams and the door slam.

     He ran upstairs only to find his parents gone! "Maybe they went to the store to get more butter. Dang it, I got to make more food before Mady Copper gets here."

     Five hours later Tony was still sitting making pancakes. " I guess she forgot," Tony said. 

     "Don't be so sad it's not like she missed your birthday," Phil replied.  

      A couple days later Tony was lying on his bed. He hadn't seen his parents or girlfriend since Saturday morning. "What if I never see them again. Where could they be, and why would they just vanish?"

Writen by. Grace R. Aleyna M.


Christa McAuliffe Elementary



Comment by Adam Lancaster on October 4, 2013 at 8:13

He began to wonder if something bad had happened to them. They couldn't just have disappeared without letting him know what was going on.

He decided that he had to take action. Sitting down was going to do nothing and it was only going to make him more miserable.

Standing up he made his way to the door, not entirely certain where he might head but feeling it was better than nothing he reached for the handle. Suddenly the letter box opened and a single white envelope dropped on the carpet in front of his feet.

The only thing written on the front of the envelope was Tony...


David YR9

Comment by Paula Ward on October 4, 2013 at 10:00

Now back to the present…

        Tony swam towards the great golden gates. He took out the key that had been in the envelope along with the letter.  He inserted it into the lock and turned it slowly. It clicked and with a jolt; the gates swung open.

At last he had found it; the Lost City of Atlantis! He hesitated, just for a moment; shouldn’t he wait for Phil? But then he saw the angry guards (he presumed that was who they were) and thought better of it.

Tony swam through the gates, which immediately slammed shut behind him. The city glowed like an underwater emerald, with its buildings reaching up to the heavens. He suddenly had a thought; what if Phil couldn’t get through? He then dismissed the thought, he was old enough to look after himself – he didn’t need his best friend to fuss around him.

Tony took out the map he found on the back of the letter; he had enclosed it in a waterproof seal so it didn’t get ruined. According to the map his parents and girlfriend were being kept in the Gaol, underneath the Great City.  He was almost there. Now all he needed was a shovel, or something that could be used to dig his way in. He looked around. Bingo, a shovel. He went over and picked it up but the handle dissolved as soon and he touched it. At least he had something to dig with. Now to find his parents.


By Isobelle YR8, Sophie YR8 and Bethany YR9.

Robert May's School, England.

Comment by Adrian Thompson Laisterdyke UK on October 4, 2013 at 11:01
Tony took the shovel and walked to spot were he had to dig so he started digging he was digging for a long time about 5-8 hours till he found the hole so he jumped in and walked underneath and he started to look for clues so he could find his parents and his girlfriend. He walked to a room and there was three people on one side with bags on there heads and three on the other side so he ran to them and helped them escape he had seen some guards in masks looking for the six prisoners but they were lucky to escape and no one had heard from Tony or his family and his girlfriend ever again.
YOUNAS AND MUDASAR, Laisterdyke Business & Enterprise colelge, UK
Comment by WP Central on October 4, 2013 at 12:57

5 years later…

I was out with Tony and his parents, to get some KFC. As we walked out of the shop, the street became deserted; the only street lamp flickered off. A gun shot fired… Tony’s mum screamed as she fell into a bloody heap at my feet. Tony grabbed me and dived for cover, shielding my body with his. Another shot fired, we watched a bullet fly through Tony’s dad’s head. We scrambled to our feet looking desperately for help. Tony grabbed my hand dragging me towards an office block. The door swung open, tony raced inside, I hesitated, but with no other option I followed him inside…

Leah hodge & serginio prekulaj




Comment by WP Central on October 4, 2013 at 13:08

Phil swam around aimlessly in desperation to find his lost friend. Did Tony get lost or did I, Phil pondered as he stopped to collect his thoughts. Nervously, Phil carried on searching in the gloomy, untouched depths of the sea for his friend, who might not even be alive! Suddenly, he saw a radiant glow emanating from the deep, deathly abyss. Curious, he followed the gleaming light only to find a beautiful golden gate. His feeling of contentness and relief spread through his body and it only added to the adrenaline rushing through his veins. However, his joy was cut short as a knife slashed his shoulder tearing his flesh. Phil turned around to witness an unholy figure hovering over his wounded body. How is it breathing underwater? Phil wondered. His blood was pounding in his ear as his eyes got heavy and his mind went black as if he was falling into an endless oblivion...

By Edan Rid Year 8 and Arden Montero Year 8 in English Martyrs school

Comment by Carol Williams on October 4, 2013 at 13:41

We ran up the stairs, onto the 2nd floor. I could hear the 1st floor crumbling like crackers below us. But somehow he was coming upstairs. I could see and hear the water down below. The Atlantic Ocean cascaded into the sublevels below us.

“Oh god help us!!” I screamed, as if someone could hear us.      

“I should have explained it out fully to you. The only reason I escaped those annoying sea creatures is the thought of you. When they heard I was going to be wedded to you, they couldn’t keep me in there”. The words touched me, as if it were the last words I was ever going to hear. But they were. We realised that we only had seconds left, as the water crept up towards our feet, he appeared. Phil was floating, as if he was an angel in the sky.

“You’d be terrible at hide-and-seek mate! It only took me a few weeks.” Phil shouted, as if he was Tony’s friend still.


“Oh yes I do!”

Well, our time was up. That was it. The end, whatever. I just hope someone realises the pain people are going through down there. Because I know what they are feeling. People don’t get out of there. No one does. That’s how brutal it is down there. Trust me I know I was there. I’m Jenny and I escaped.


By Jacob H and James C

Fernwood  school, Nottingham, England

Comment by Allison Painich on October 7, 2013 at 15:30
So since Tony used a shovel to dig for more than 5 hours, he finally reached the Lost City of Atlantis. What a discovery it is! The Lost City of Atlantis had never found before. So let's move on...Some guards in masks were looking for six prisoners. Tony ran into them and helped the six prisoners. They were also lucky to escape and no one heard from Tonya. They never say him ever, ever again.

Minnie Ruffin Elementary
Monroe, Louisiana, USA

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