07/10/2013 Alan Gibbons

Although it was my first visit to this part of the country, I couldn't help but feel drawn to the banks of the lake. It was the way the weeping willows framed a certain view across to the far bank, the way the light fell on the waters, the scent of the earth, trees and undergrowth. I found myself moving ever closer to the edge, drawn by the strange familiarity of the scene. It was as if I was being transported back to a place and time that was familiar, yet I could not possibly have visited. Within moments, I was seeing that same scene through someone else's eyes. I was experiencing someone else's thoughts. That's when I glimpsed my reflection in the surface or rather that's when I glimpsed the reflection of a stranger exactly where I had been standing.


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Comment by Lynne Coppendale on October 7, 2013 at 9:50

When I got home I went straight to my room to write
about it, I described exactly how I saw it. The next day I went back to that
very same wood with the light shining on the waters, the scent of the earth,
trees and the undergrowth. It felt very different. There is someone in the
woods, they are coming closer! RUUUNNN! I ran and ran and ran I was out of
breath I stopped for a minute to catch my breath whatever it is, it’s coming closer
and closer I carried on running until I was in the safety of my home. Mum
looked at me and asked what is out there, I said to her “there is no time to
talk mum got to go” “Go where?” Before I could answer her I was upstairs
writing in my notebook about what I saw this is what I wrote: “It was big, it
was scary, it was wearing something green and pink and orange and all the
colours of the rainbow I wonder what it was, I couldn’t make out the shape of
it. What was it?......

Charlotte Wheildon, Danum Academy, Doncaster

Comment by Nicola Gowing on October 7, 2013 at 10:43

I heard twigs snapping, this creature was no ordinary creature. It was continuously walking towards us. My mum looked out the window and it was just staring at her. The creature had hypnotised her , before long my mum was out there dancing with the peculiar shaped thing. I still had no clue what it was. With a mirror to protect my-self I slowly approached the window, of which I could see them from.

I saw her approaching the creature for a hug; then I interrupted them by shouting,

“MUM, you lunatic, what do you think you are doing?”  

Mum replied by yodelling, “oh I do like to be beside the sea side; yes I d-o-o-o-o-o like to be beyond the sea, yodel-oh-ee-dee!”

I stared at her in confusion while she kept on yodelling, I really had no clue what she was doing, all of a sudden she turned into a… 

Keeley Roe, Dulcie Read Great Yarmouth High School

Comment by N Francis on October 7, 2013 at 12:56
Screaming, crying wreck on the bank of the lake, curled in a ball with her hands clamped over her ears. She was shrieking a muddle of words, incomprehensible to me.
A glitch in the system.
The creature was gone, with no trace of ever setting foot on the soft, moss-lined bank. A silent sigh of relief escaped my lips as mum sat up shakily and returned to a confused reality. Nervously, I stepped forwards and offered my hand to help her up. She accepted hesitantly, but not before I caught the look of panic in her eyes.
Since then, life has continued, as normally as usual.
One week later, after a long, hectic day at school, I stepped through the front door to find her brandishing a kitchen knife, held up in front of her with intent to harm. Reacting instinctively, I backed out of the hall and through the door. I turned to run, but a pixelated, jumbled image of the creature from the woods flashed before my very eyes. A bout of dizzying sickness washed over me, and I felt very unsteady on my feet. In the hope of regaining stability, I reached out my hand for the garden wall.
Instead, my hand found a cushioned pillow of moss, which could only mean one thing…

Alice Bell & Rebecca Gibbons, St Benedicts Catholic School
Comment by Simone Pope on October 7, 2013 at 13:55

The creature we encountered previously had been here because I saw down at the banks that there was a lot of wet moss which were weird shapes and sizes all over the floor. Next I suddenly realise that my mum has left but I shockingly, hear screams and I instantly react to where it came from. I spin quickly and start sprinting towards the direction the scream was erupting from. I turn the corner and see a bloodcurdling sight, my mum is in scattered pieces across the rooftops. I finally get a clear picture of the beast, but this thing was odd it looked like nothing I had ever laid eyes on before. Its face was an image of true horror. Its teeth were an extrodinary length and had the sharpness of a lion’s. The beast had 3 eyes which had an endless glowing depth. It snapped its face up from its meal (My mum) and our eyes both met, we stared at each other for a moment. I turned and ran into the misty woods. I heard a devastating roar. which blew the leaves off the tree and shook the ground then I heard a thud on the floor and knew I was being hunted.   

By Cameron and Harry from Woolmer Hill School.

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