08/10/2013 Malcolm Rose

The hooded woman looked about eighty years old but she was barely fifty.  A lifetime in the underground had taken its toll.  A lifetime of illness had taken its toll.  Her back bent, Zoe moved painfully slowly along the frozen path.  Dressed in rags and filthy furs against the chill, grim
determination was written across her decaying face.  Her head bowed by deformity, she could see only the ground for a few metres ahead.  Frail, she stopped to regain her breath and ease the cramp.  To look ahead, to see how far she still had to drag herself, she leaned back from the waist.  Zoe’s waist was one of the few parts of her body that remained supple.  The icy wind stung her face and the hood fell back from her head.  Her unruly mass of grey hair was alive with lice.  She looked like a twisted abandoned scarecrow.  Her left arm was fixed into position, crooked across her sunken belly.  With her good right arm, she pulled the hood back over her head and held on to it.  Her long sigh was whisked away by the breeze.

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Comment by Adam Lancaster on October 8, 2013 at 10:01

It was just a hint in the air that had initially bought her out of the depths of her reverie. A hint that over the last 30 years had gotten stronger and stronger. So strong that something had to be done about it.

The reason Zoe had lived for so long underground was now going to be the reason why she was coming above ground and it was probably, if Zoe was right, going to be the thing that finally finished her off!

Jake Yr8

Comment by Lorraine French on October 8, 2013 at 10:59

She forced her frail body to move, muttering the last weapon in her arsenal as the creature moved closer towards her. A blow hit her head shattering her last spell whilst sending her into a nearby building!

The creature that had followed her through the urban mess of London was finally seeking its revenge. With a sudden burst of energy it leapt onto the second floor of the building, where she was cowering in the corner.  Its shadowy figure bubbled and hissed as the green blood that had inhabited this creature shot out in anger. The dangerous blood created burnt holes through the indestructible concrete. Its yellow decayed teeth, its blue piercing eyes and its unusually shaped nose slithered up and down its destroyed face. Its feet, well if you could call them that, were stomping and HARD!

The creature marched towards her cracking the floor under its weight; it continued to march heavily onto her legs, then her body taking its time to make as much pain as possible because it knew she couldn’t die.

Maybe then she was not meant to be a human. That would explain her capture and planned demise. She couldn’t remember life before the underground, even though she knew that she must have lived in the ‘above’ once before... Surely she must have... Right?

Written by: Oliver Y7 & Jack Byrne Y8 – Trinity School Belvedere

Comment by Jayne Davidson, WHHS, UK on October 8, 2013 at 12:53
Before Zoe could even begin to think about her life before the many years she lived underground, the terrifying creature whispered something truly horrific into the cold, misty air. She couldn’t understand what the vile monster had said, as it sounded like it was in another language. An ancient language. A language that was maybe even used by extinct civilisations millions of years ago. All Zoe could think about was how she NEEDED to escape from the horrific beast. Slowly, drawing in a huge breath of chilly air, she heaved herself up onto the mount of debris which she had crashed into earlier. Standing face to face with a slithering serpent , she opened her cracked lips to speak. “Listen, I don’t know what you want with me or why your doing this to me, but I do know one thing! You need to stop!” Her voice was weak, as her throat had gone dry from fright. She barely made a noise in the deserted car park . The colossal beast laughed a spine-chilling laugh. Zoe cowered into the corner of the car park. Creepily, the scaly figure slithered closer towards Zoe. “Oh you’re going nowhere yet”….

By Ella
West Hatch High School
Comment by Nikki Heath on October 8, 2013 at 14:05

…exclaimed the beast. As the serpent slithered at an alarming pace Zoe tried to understand her surroundings before it could get any closer. Zoe’s limp defeated any chance of running from the snake.”W…why are you doing this to me?” Questioned Zoe, her movements and emotion were stopping her from moving. The serpent stopped and looked into her eyes which by now were full of fear. “You want to know why I am doing this,” his face curled up into a cruel smile, “It’s because you are old and weak making you a nice meal”. Zoe’s thoughts whizzed around in her head, “was the only reason this monster chased me down here because I taste good? It can’t be it must have more meaning”. Moving once again the beast got closer and closer, “what’s he going to do to me someone or something pleases help”. Then out of nowhere a mysterious figure appeared and forced the beast back with a blazing bolt of lightning. The beast shouted “who are you” the figure said “I’m your worst nightmare”.     


By Elliott W and Harrison C yr7 Werneth High School Stockport UK

Comment by Allison Painich on October 8, 2013 at 15:42
The figure slithered to the mysterious beast and said, "What do you mean you are my worst nightmare? I am not scared of you. I always stand up for myself. You cannot scare me." Zoe ran as the two figures were about to battle. "I am Lightning Bolt," said the figure. He was wearing a dark blue costume with a light blue lightning bolt on the chest. The slithery monster pulled out a knife and was inching closer to Lightning Bolt. Lightning Bolt dodged him and shot a lightning bolt out of his eyes and hit the figure. The figure fell to the ground in horrible pain...never scaring anyone again.

Jaddis and Courtney
Sallie Humble Elementary
Monroe, Louisiana, USA

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