09/10/2013 David Gatward

As holes went, this one was big enough to swallow a church. it yawned upwards at the sky, a black mouth in the mountainside, howling silently at the oblivious sky above. That we would have to let it swallow us terrified me. It held a darkness that seemed thick, like it had substance. And somewhere in it, deep within its suffocating gloom, lay The Pool. Dad had spoken about it in the days up to his death, muttered to us  glimpses if that underground spectacle; a pool clear and smooth as glass, the rock beneath lending it an otherworldly glow of green. It held something that would save us, he promised, but what he had never told. Now though, with our days falling away, the end of the year facing us hard as stone, and the echoes of wolf howls on the wind, we would find out. It was the water that had hidden dad's secrets, water that had eventually killed him, and water that would, we hoped, eventually give us hope.

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Comment by Carola Webber on October 9, 2013 at 0:48

Vishi slipped from a rock and cried tears of pain thinking how hard life has been without his father. Mike stayed strong and knew he has to do it. He placed his hands against the rough cold ends of the wall, he paused, he felt it again, it was something, and it was a message showing how far the mystery hole was. It was warning of the danger they were about to face. The moon glowed a bright red lighting up the cold dark black sky. Matthew felt the crust of the earth shake. Rocks fell from the roof as the ground shook caving them in. As a rock crashed to the ground Matthew and Vishi slipped in the deep hole.  Vishi and his brother Matthew fell inside and landed in a pool of diluted acid. They quickly swam to the edge and found a paper with a clue on how to find the map. It was so damp it nearly tore apart. They tried reading it but it was in hieroglyphics. Matthew almost gave up hope, bu then remembered that they could translate it in their phone. Vishi pulled out his compass and headed north as the hieroglyphics pointed out to them on the wet, damp paper. They headed north trying not to look at the dead bodies lying on the ground. They soon found some mud. Matthew thought, "mud doesn’t just appear." Then Vishi spotted some vines hanging from the roof of the passage. They climbed up and saw the most beautiful and mystical things. It was a world  never  seen by any human eye. Filled with creatures and plants extinct for more than two hundred million years. "What on earth is that!, cried Vishi.



Comment by janet dowey on October 9, 2013 at 9:26

It was a most dark and uncanny place for The Pool to exist, I considered. The blackness of the vast, immense hole was more like the draping shroud of some sort of midnight, and it was more of a pit that a hole. As I stood there, staring down at the inky, sable blackness yawning deep, deep below from where I was watching the blindingly-black gloom from the ridged edge of the yawning hole. The wind was screaming like a banshee, and I was chilled to the very marrow of my bones, but not because of the intense cold of the mountainside altitude that tingled the skin of my back: it was because of fear, because of anxiety, because I had no idea about what was lurking down there, in the deep blackness, besides The Pool. The fine hairs on the back of my neck were standing on end, and with dawning terror, I mustered up every last scrap of will-power and strength, before I vaulted myself over the ridged rock into the black gloom of the hole. For a moment or two, I felt as if I was floating through this black, colourless place: the icy-cold wind was screaming around me and my clothes were lashing violently and uncontrollably like the wings of a bird as the howling wind pumelled me like a thousand fists. There was nothing but undisturbed blackness filling my sight, making it impossible to see anything except for the deep blackness, and then I hit something icy-cold. Wet. I sank for a moment through more inky, sable darkness, feeling my clothes and hair floating and bobbing slowly in some sort of underwater current, and then I regained the strength to yank myself to the surface of the inky blackness, and when my head broke the surface of the bone-chilling, mind-numbing water, I gasped and spluttered for air. Cold water streamed through my hair and down my drenched, sagging clothes, and as I took in my bearings, I found I was in some sort of pool or lake. The water was as black as a winter midnight, and completely undaunting, and the strange thing was that when I moved, no ripples spread across the inky midnight-coloured surface. The water remained still. Like glass. It was The Pool.

Dylan Wright    Unity City Academy,    Middlesbrough

Comment by janet dowey on October 9, 2013 at 9:36

Approaching the hole I sighed not knowing what to do. I was given instructions to where the hole would be found but to how I unlocked the mysteries behind it all I was completely un-aware. If only my father were here, guiding me along the path that would eventually give us new hope and help us survive throughout winter. With no food or warmth back home we would only last 1 month at the most. Helping my mother and little brother was the only thing that gave me the will to carry on my hopeless march where I had covered over 150 countries in 2 months. It was impressive but would all the pain and exhaustion be worth it? I stood, as told by my father in his last minutes, patiently by the clear water. It was still and seemed like it was a sheet of polished diamond that would not be broken or penatrated. Beneath the water was a large transpaernt green stone holding within it an old, yet shiny silver key. Was I supposed to retrieve the key and return it back to home? I knew not what the key would help us with but that my father would not lead me to a dead end only to die with hunger and loneliness in the middle of nowhere. My heart leapt as I was showered by the icy water. It reached up to my chin and yet I was in the shallowest part, how was it possible for me to go so deep in without coming back up for a breath only halfway through...

Zoe Pilcher, Unity City Academy, Middlesbrough

Comment by janet dowey on October 9, 2013 at 9:36

The huge creature hade once came opto the street and destroged it 100 yeras ago and now were into 2013 the same thing is happening again.The news went round the street as fast as a car going around a racing track. People then dicided to panic and evacuwate the area. Re-looking the past again, dad only discribed the days up untill the death but somehow he didnt want to talk no more! A week went by and suprisingly there was no news about the creature killing and hurting the area...untill...We once turned on the tv and we then listend to the shocking discovery of a child being taken out a pram and eaten in the broad daylight.Within days the petals of the flowers that was stacked up next to my house blowing down the road making it look like hevan.This gave me the nightmares for the past week and will last right up into my future.I once went to the shop and the doors of the shop was closed.looking corner to corner on the door, i then find a smalll notice that says'sorry to all the public that want their food from this shop. you may know the story about the creature that seems to invade the area and if you have any conserns at all please call the number below!!' and that was all.weeks passed and to my suprise there was nobody in the street that was living here...only me!!

Matthew Foster, Unity City Academy,Middlesbrough

Comment by Karen King - Oakbank School on October 9, 2013 at 10:57

I looked down into the abyss, darkness engulfed the mystery that was below. “Dad,” I breathed, I needed him so much at this moment. I had come so far but still the nightmare continued, taking me down further and further to find something, but what? I continued to look down at a surface which seemed to be too smooth to be natural - something must have caused this, something big… I ran my hand along the wall, feeling every crevice with the palm of my hand. The air became cold, how could it have changed so quickly? I quizzed myself as to what the key might be useful for. It had to be vital. The stone glimmered with the small key trapped inside. I had no other option, I had to do it. I dived off the rock, not knowing what would meet me. I could only hope that the water was not a figment of my imagintion. I closed my eyes, it seemed so slow. Too slow for comfort. A part of me wanted to be reunited with my father. Was this it? Was this the end? Was all this work for nothing?

I hit the water, luckily it was deep. My body was freezing as I tried to surface. I had made it to the stone. I was nearly there…

Alfie Treece and Mohammed Tanveer Ruf, Oakbank School, Keighley

Comment by Adrian Thompson Laisterdyke UK on October 9, 2013 at 13:34
I got out from the water and looked around. i saw a dog that was smiling at me. As it looked, it bared its teeth and attacked! It nearly bit my ear off, but I turned and ran for my life. All I could think of was the girl. Was she OK? I carried on walking, when I heard a voice. I said "Where are you?". She was so confused. She needed some help. Just then, I saw her. She was so sad. All she wanted to do was to see her dad. I reached out towards her, and she backed away, and vanished through the wall...

Muhammad, Sameer, Zahid & Idris, Laisterdyke Business & Enterprise College, UK
Comment by Allison Painich on October 9, 2013 at 16:17
I followed her through the wall. How did I go through the wall? Was I a ghost, too? I walked through the darkness of the passageway until I saw a light. I ran as fast as I could, and once I reached it, I was transported to a world which seemed like home. Then, on the ground, I saw a sword with a note attached to it. I picked up the sword and looked at the note. It read, "From Dad." I was shocked to know that my dad might have possibly had something died fighting. All of the sudden, I heard something below me. The creature was in the city. I had to find a fast way around the mountain. Then I saw it, a waterfall leading straight to the city. I knew I had to jumpo to save the city and my dad's honor. I jumped. I was free-falling for about 5 seconds, and I landed in the water. I swam to the shore and the creature was there. It was huge and menacing. I saw a mark on his chest opening a weak point. I knew my dad must have made that mark for me. The creature picked me up, and I only had one option. That was to throw the sword at the mark. I aimed and threw. I hit his heart dead center. I killed the creature. Since he was so tall, I began to free fall. At the last second, I was caught...but by whom? I turned a saw the girl. I asked, "Why did you save me?" The she vanished into thin air. I knew I saved the city.

Baylee, Terry, Jake, and Andrew
Lee Junior High
Monroe, Louisiana, USA

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