10/03/2014 The 2 Steves

“What in thunder??” Captain Grogbottle’s roar echoed round the bridge. The ship’s engines of the SS Tintanium had suddenly stopped working. One minute they had been pushing the great ship through the Ocean’s waters, but now they were dead. Then the Captain began barking orders left and right. Worried-looking officers leapt to obey, pushing buttons, checking instruments, talking in urgent, hushed voices. “Engine room, engine room.” One of the officers, wearing a telephone headset, looked up from his control station. “No response from the engine room, Captain.”

“Hell’s bells and buckets of blood!” Captain Grogbottle turned a flushed face towards the ghostly figure standing on the bridge.”Do you know anything about this??”


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Comment by Bev Edmeades on March 10, 2014 at 10:31

The ghostly figure shook its head menacingly. “Captain you might want to see this.” As the captain turned cautiously, the ghostly figure vanished . . .

Looking into the gloomy darkness, Captain Grogbottle saw something he

never would have expected. The water surrounding the ship slowly started to gather momentum. The captain went white with fear. What was happening? How could this be? The ship started to rock and the crew members looked over to the Captain in astonishment .This had never happened before. The crew stared into the whirling water that now seemed to be glowing. The glowing water started to take shape. . .



By Lia, Joe, Lucas, Jay and Kitty. Hemingford Grey Primary year 5

Comment by Rosa Harkin on March 10, 2014 at 11:49

It was the ghost that Captain Grogbottle saw on the bridge. It started to grow bigger and bigger as it sucked up the water from the sea. The ghost opened his mouth wide and out came enormous waves which covered the ship.

The SS Tintanium tipped from side to side. The crew started to grab anything to stop themselves from falling into the sea. “Hold tight” shouted Captain Grogbottle.

Suddenly the crew started to vanish one by one until there was nobody left.  

The crew found themselves in a cold, dark and damp cave. “Where are we” stuttered one of the officers. “Why is this happening” cried Captain Grogbottle.


By Yasmin, Revati, Arqam, Sakura, Yadira, Ashraf, Abdullah, Isna and Khadija. Norbury School.   

Comment by Bev Edmeades on March 10, 2014 at 13:23

Inside of the damp, bat filled cave, Captain Grogbottle and his panic-stricken crew found themselves lost in a waterlogged vaporous cave. There seemed to be a nest of cobwebs in each corner of the cave, each more menacing than the next. One of the crew tripped over a slimy corpse which made a gruesome squelching sound like he had stood on a bowl of  tomatoes. Captian Grogbottle shivered as a freakish sized rat darted over his foot. Another member of the crew stepped in an ice cold puddle of water,  instantaneously developing Goosebumps. Suddenly a big blast of wind shot through a wall in the cave causing everything to collapse behind them, then captian Grogbottle spotted a old wrinkled piece of of brown paper which looked like it had been chewed at each corner by a rat or mouse. It fell into captian Grogbottles  hands “what is it captain?” whispered Jimothy “it’s a map” “what of” chorused the crew “ I says something about Arnolds lost treasure at the top in fancy bold writing” captian Grogbottle replied to his crew. Suddenly the crew heard a smahing which sounded like someone had dropped a lantern behind them.”what was that?” they all said “I’m not sure but it didn’t sound good to me” said captain Grogbottle. The crew heard heavy footsteps behind them and quete voices.


By Millie, Jenna, Luke and Zak Year 6

Hemingford Grey Primary School

Comment by Nikki Heath on March 10, 2014 at 15:18


Captain Grogbottle turned in fear to find his crew picking up a broken lantern and cursing each other. Suddenly the captain felt a damp, wet sponge slide across his ankle."Look! Water!" shouted the captain to his crew.

"That's not water!" the crew shouted in reply. Grogbottle screamed and kicked the young demon child in the face... she hit the wall and stared with thick red blood falling down her cheek. Crying in fear, while the demon girl was dying, Captain Grogbottle felt a warm deep breath on his neck, and cried in agony as he felt a large silver object thrust through his chest. His crew ran, but were not fast enough!

By Aaron C, Charlie P & Sam L

Werneth School, Stockport, UK

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