10/10/2012 Roger Stevens

Sarah stood staring past the boys, across the clearing, at the barn. She could just see Gran's house, through the trees beyond. 
"Come on," Andy said, "Are you going to go in or what? It's only ten pence." 
Sarah looked at the boys, proudly standing around their construction. "It took us all day," Billy, her younger brother, said. "It's quite safe," he added, trying to convince her to go in. John and Tim, the other two boys, were nodding eagerly in agreement. 
"It's not a very big maze," Andy urged. "You've an above average chance of not getting lost. You're not afraid are you?" 
Ridiculous, Sarah thought. She had to admit they'd done a good job building it - but after all it was only made of old wooden poles, wire netting, tree branches and old blankets. And several trees held the whole thing up. Why should she be scared? All right. She'd humour them - even if only to please Billy. 
She handed over a ten pence piece. 
"It looks a bit rickety," she said. 
"Nonsense," Andy countered, and he gave it a shake to prove his point. The other boys watched anxiously as bits of twig and leaves fell to the ground. But it held. 
"This way." Andy held the grubby blanket back from the entrance. Sarah gathered her courage in one hand and her skirt in the other and crawled in. 

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Comment by Robyn Kouw on October 10, 2012 at 3:43

As Sarah was crawling through the dark and muggy tunnel she thought to herself, I have to watch out,I know these boys are prankers and there must be a trap somewhere, but they’re not going to fool me this time! Sarah felt a moist slippery  drop fall upon her cheek.  As she looked up to see what it was she violently smashed her head against the roof of the tunnel and immediately blacked out diminishing down a crevis.  Sarah hazely awoke in the deep, cramped  space,  and it struck her that she had been fooled by the boys, despite her best efforts.  How will I get up? Sarah thought.  She gathered all her strength to try and pull herself out, but no luck. One more try, Sarah thought. She tried one last time with extra effort  and was succesful! She kept crawling and suddenly felt something slither over her  bare legs, “ Aaaaah!!”…..    

Hanna and Lucy

St. Mary's College, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia         

Comment by Ellie Gee on October 10, 2012 at 11:06

Slithering up her body, a scaly shape made a terrifying hissing noise. Sarah made no sudden movements otherwise the adder would bite her. Going round her body, she felt it strike but luckily it hit its own tail and it went off in the distance. Sarah took a deep breath of relief and carried on. As she was crawling she could hear the boys giggling up above, then she heard a rumbling sound, she had fallen in to the trap. Crumbling rocks came falling from the ceiling, suddenly, a rock nearly smashed her head and another hit her knee, it was broken! Now I have to get out quickly. It was too late now, Sarah was already caved in! Still fighting to get out, she tried to climb the mount of rocks with her throbbing, broken knee. She could see a glimpse of light; she was very close to getting out when the adder came back and bit her! The pain shivered up her spine.

William Hepburn, Goerge Prime, Finn Bates, Dane Broughton and Jake Coltham-Lai.

Comment by Linda Thiebaud on October 10, 2012 at 14:58

Sarah started feeling dizzy again and also started seeing colors. Then she blacked out. She woke up to a sudden throbbing pain in her knee hurting worse than it did before. She knew if she didn't get out soon she could die. Sarah began slowly moving and she painfully pulled herself out of the pit. She tried to crawl back the way she came, but noticed that the boys had put up a wall of rocks. Sarah decided it was no use and that she would have to find the real exit.

By: Callie and Garrett

Christia Mcauliffe Elementary Highland Village, Texas



Comment by Allison Painich on October 10, 2012 at 16:54

Sarah woke up and her whole body was numb.  Opening her eyes, she noticed that she was not in the cave anymore.  Suddenly, a storm of questions flushed over her.  "Where am I?  How did I get out of the cave, and who is here with me?"  Sarah looked over her right shoulder and saw Andy standing there with his ten foot long snake.  Suddenly, it was all too much to handle and all Sarah saw was black.  She heard faint whispers of the boys' voices.


Gabby, Rachel, Amanda

St. Fred's

Monroe, Louisiana, USA

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