11/10/2012 Poetry John Foster

Stars are like beacons beckoning us,
                                      Luring us with light from long ago.


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Comment by Janet Rothwell on October 11, 2012 at 8:50
Stars are like angels watching over us,
Shielding us from dangers below,
The beauties of stars are beyond description,
Like flowers approaching their bloom,
Dancing upon us,
Making a beautiful shine glimmer in the night sky,
But behind that one single bright light,
Lives a dark and secret life,
Waiting to immerse,
Capturing souls, who dares to venture,
Beyond limits of the universe,

Marian and Saras, Langley Grammar School.
Comment by Nicola Gowing on October 11, 2012 at 9:56

Stars are like our dead family members,

Watching us from the sky they give,

Us the light we need at night but you can never,

See them in the morning they will still,

Give you love all the time,

The dead people from your family will always,

Twinkle so you will know they’re ok,

They are never alone because,

They have us with them but we might,

Be on earth don’t think they are alone,

The stars are sparkly yellow,

They remind me of lightning flashing down to earth and thunder,

People say thunder is the gods bowling and the,

Lightning is the waitress checking the God’s cards in the card reader and bringing them drinks while banging her feet on the bowling floor.


By Courtney Brown ,Great Yarmouth High School.

Comment by Sarah Gould on October 11, 2012 at 11:09

Dancing and flashing in a show

While the moon twirls

And the planets shine like icy pearls.


Like a merry-go-round the earth circles the sun

As the fiery flares of the king of light

Shoot up like a bullet from a gun

The planets bow like slaves with fright

And the shooting stars dart in the darkening sky

As space shuttles glide and fly.


Well done Caroline, Elza & Qasim of Holy Trinity Primary School in Wimbledon

Comment by Rosie Pike on October 11, 2012 at 12:50

Stars are like jewels -

Each an individual beauty

Shining in an abyss of darkness.

The planets circle the sun

As it leads them through the shadows.


The sun sparks fire

That is lit by human hearts.

The moon shimmers like a rippled water front

Flickering like a weakened bulb

In the pure darkness of the night.

Behind the celestial blanket lies

The danger that hunts

And stalks its prey.


   These are the magical moments of the night.


By Charlotte, Keaton and Alex from Bishop’s Stortford College






Comment by Debbie Baird on October 11, 2012 at 14:02

Stars are like torches shining at us

Guiding us straight back home

Stopping the Darkness that lurks

And bringing the light that we deserve

Stars are our friends at night

Bringing us dreams that we will delight

Stars are the loved ones that we lost

Together with us in our hearts

Although they don’t stay long

They will be here, don’t be wrong

As they always are, every night

Stars are our every delight


Al, West Kirby Residential School

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