12/10/2012 Alex Keller

The tunnel was pitch black. Jaymz swung his torch across the floor making the darkness cower for a moment. Bones laid scattered here and there. They weren't old. 

 Then the horrible chittering started again. Not close, thankfully. But not far either.

 "They coming," whispered Jaymz.

They backed away from the noise and followed the underground corridor deeper into the mountain; away from those noises, but away from sunlight too. 


Soon they reached a junction. Jaymz swung his torch both ways. 

 "Which way?" He asked. He tried to hide the fear in his voice.

"This way," said Brock. "I think I have an idea..."


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Comment by Carola Webber on October 12, 2012 at 0:24

As they both walked towards the left hand side tunnel, they both stopped. Brock shone the torch around to see what was in their path. As they continued walking Jaymz heard a crackle under his feet. He shrieked like a little girl. His fear was impossible to describe, as they both shone their light where the sound came from. They saw 2 skeletons lying on the rusty floor. Struck with fear they turned around to run back, when a little girl came running out. She was possessed with some kind demon. Her hair was tangled, her eyes rolled back in her head, her petite figure was bathed in blood. The girl opened her mouth and said “Di lactum de corendo” which was impossible to understand. She then pulled out a knife from behind her back and began to walk towards the boys. They turned around when all of a sudden the girl came forward. “I'll stab you, skin you and drink your blood” she said in a dead voice. They ran for their lives. Laughter rang out behind them. They turned to look….

Patreece and Christina (with help from Jake,) Delany College, Australia

Comment by Tricia Lennie on October 12, 2012 at 9:10


The rabid girl swooped towards them, her eyes sparkling wildly with fury and a mad thirst for blood as she aimed her knife at the two boys. “Kill…” the girl whispered in her ferocious dead voice. She, it, whatever it was, started towards them with a blood-curling shriek.

Brock yelped, leaping backwards, attempting to escape but instead banging his head on the tunnel and knocking himself out, slumping against the slimy floor, unconscious.

Jaymz cried out and tried to rush to his best friend’s side, but as the possessed girl slunk towards him, gripping her knife as she giggled insanely, he realised he had made a terrible choice. He had brought Brock on this expedition. He had offered him the adventure of a lifetime. When they had first set out for Krakatoa, listening eagerly to the locals’ tales of a ghostly demon that haunted the mountain, chasing down people with his spectral devils, they had just been expecting to find a wild tribe; they had never thought the locals’ stories to be true. Now, they were stuck in the forbidden, forgotten tunnels. And now, he was being forced to abandon his best friend.

Jaymz backed away from his friend in horror, tears flowing down his face as he cried out, “I’m sorry, Brock! I promise I’ll find you again!” His expression was of anguish, but he had made his decision.

Wheeling around, Jaymz sprinted away from the child. He had to escape, even if that meant leaving Brock behind…

Alice Worker Age 12 Bedford Girls’ School, Bedford, England


Comment by Viki Hunt on October 12, 2012 at 11:06

Jamyz kept on sprinting. He had no idea where he was going; he just wanted to get out of the never ending tunnels. As he ran he heard a voice so he sped up. Jaymz ran into a puddle of human blood without realizing, he slipped and skidded into a rock. Jaymz tripped and smashed his head on the damp floor. He passed out …

When Jaymz finally awoke he couldn’t open his eyes. He couldn’t feel the floor so tried to move, he couldn’t. Eventually he opened his eyes; this is when he realized why he couldn’t move. He was in a huge, thick spider web. As Jaymz looked around he saw the possessed girl. She was pointing directly at him with a plain dead face, Jaymz looked himself, and he couldn’t see anything wrong. He looked back at the girl, she was now pointing above him. Jaymz looked up. There was a giant spider looking at him straight in the eye.

By Seb, aged 11, The Piggott School, Berkshire, England 

Comment by Lynne Coppendale on October 12, 2012 at 11:55

As the menacing arachnid crawled down towards Jaymz, his newest meal screamed and squirmed in a desperate attempt to escape from his pursuer’s jaws he could only think of Brock … what would happen to him? Would he die here? The spider seemed to be toying with him, letting Jaymz go finally insane before he killed him … if only he could find a way to get out of the web what would soon be his death bed.

Just then, Brock, who had clearly recovered from being unconscious charged in wielding his Stanley knife what he used to cut up their food for meals, and ran in a desperate; brave attempt to free them both …

Jaymz felt the tearing and straining of the web slowly ripping apart. Eventually, after Brock’s hard effort Jaymz fell free from the web. Getting up slowly, Jaymz rubbed his wrists to try and get the excess web off of him. Brock slashed at the enormous spiders head, splitting it in half. Blood spurted everywhere it was a thick red liquid that immediately stained their clothes. But that was the least of their worries.

Harry, Holly, Paul, Tyler and Luis.

Danum Academy.

Comment by Anita Vine on October 12, 2012 at 12:47

A shriek, his own shriek. He then realised he had to be free from this blood sucking beasts lair. “Come on, COME ON! “He shouted at the top his voice. After a minute or so of wriggling trying to get free, he looked up to see the 8 blood like eyes watching his every move. It seemed to have got closer, and then looked forward to see the demon girl asleep on the floor. “Yureeka it’s like a game. All I have to do is wait till the spiders asleep then creep out of this place. ”Jaymz murmured to himself. About an hour later the 8 legged freak had fallen asleep but what he didn’t know was that the demon girl was gone. Another hour later after wretched pulling he was free. (or so he thought!) Right at the side of him was a wide and long board of wood. He then remembered that he had left over string that he had stolen from the unlocked art cupboard at school. He tied it up to the board, Jaymz had an idea. He thought that he would go and save his friend Brock. Jaymz was about halfway down this bloody, skull full cave when suddenly he felt a sharp thwack on his back!!!!!      

By Bethan @ Pendle Vale College

Comment by WP Central on October 16, 2012 at 13:03


            Jaymz turned around hesitantly; he saw Brock who had black eyes and, blood covered his whole body.  He was a demon boy.

            A scared hurt Jaymz started to run as fast as he could.  A few minutes later, he woke up sweating.  “It was just a dream” said Jaymz.  Then, he turnd over and saw a crazy looking demon girl, and Brock sitting beside her.  Jaymz let out a loud shriek………………………………


Cameron, Harris, Grant, Jolee & Jacob, Jesus the Good Shepherd School, Monroe, LA 



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