George trudged on. London was a very big place he thought.
"Look George, over the road, Great-Grandfather's shop," said
George's father. He and George had come to London, not only to
see the sights but to visit great-grandfather's shop. George had
never been to London, nor had he known that his great-grandfather,
who had died long ago, had owned a shop there.
George stared across the road.. The shop stared back, its two
bulging windows and the door between looking like a pair of eyes
and a nose. " What do they sell," he asked his father. "Wait and
see," was the reply. George took another look. "James Storey and
Co. Estd 1750," read a sign over the shop door.
"Lot of people been through that door," exclaimed his father.
"Princes, prime ministers, lawyers, film stars, pop stars and folk
just like us George." They crossed the street.

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Comment by Sarah Cook on October 14, 2010 at 0:15
Alan cliff group 5 –Kirsten and jarlath

As they got closer to the shop they noticed a puff of smoke coming from the chimney. George started running and saw a shadow through a small crack in one of the smashed windows. George felt a chill go down his spine - the old torn curtain began to fly about. George’s eyes gazed across to a large stone fireplace where he saw someone sitting on a old leather armchair. George’s father asked him “Are you alright?” As George turned back to answer his father’s question, the armchair suddenly had vanished and the fire had been extinguished! “I must go in, father, and see the shop” so he approached the door and realized that it was locked. He turned back to his father, and the door started creaking open. George cautiously entered the house and found an old faded coat hanging from the mantle piece. He gave his father the coat. A faded envelope with a smear of ink fell out of the pocket. Written on the front was the words ‘To my great grandson George’ so he slowly opened it, thinking ‘does George mean me??? and it read ….

By Kirsten and Jarleth - Christ the King North Rock, Australia
Comment by kgarnett on October 14, 2010 at 12:28
“Dear George,
If you ever read this letter, please help me! My heart is still pumping, but I’m very weak! I need help, I’m in danger! Search for my chest....”Suddenly, George stuffed the crumpled, old letter into his trouser pocket. Then he bolted across the room like a bullet! He heard an awful sound, like an old man in terrible pain....As he trudged through the open archway, George’s attention was grasped by a colossal spider web. He sprung back as he saw a massive spider, it had 8 eyes! He was blinded with fear! He sprinted strait through a wall, He then came face to face to with a shadowed figure....

Nairn and Don Beechwood School (Elizabeth College) Guernsey
Comment by Anita Vine on October 14, 2010 at 13:52
He heard a mumble . It whispered “if you are my great grandson you will be able to complete these challenges that I have in store for you.” George took a step forwards .The shadow took a step back.”Are you ready for the challenge George?” Suddenly an arch way appeared. It was darker than out of space. It was creepier than a vampire bat. George stepped into the dark arch . Suddenly a bright light crept into the opposite side of the tunnel. As George advanced further into the light. He saw a front room . It was a very small room. There where cobwebs going corner to corner. There where old furniture with dust on 2 meter thick. He started looking around. He saw something in the corner of his eye. It was a picture of his great granddad...
Sarah and Kiera Castercliff Community Primary School, Nelson.
Comment by WP Central on October 15, 2010 at 7:46
It was a picture of his Great Grandad, suddenly the pictures eyes flickered, and the lights went out! George stumbled around trying to find the light switch. Poof, he thudded to the
ground hitting something hard on the way down. Flash the lights went on. “ohhh
a chest” he yelled. George pulled open the chest, in the dusty chest a key
glowed through the dust, he grabbed it and had another look at the letter for
the last time. Scanning down the letter he read, “ P.S. the key open the trap
door in the ceiling, only once it will open the door. So open it wisely!”
George was running in and out of doors looking for the trap door. Bustling into
a room he saw something, up high, was it the door? Must be, so George jumped
was looking around trying to find something to use to get to the door. He
looked around there was only a piano and a chair, “that’s it,” he yelled “the
piano!” His dad run into the room wondering what had just happened? George
showed him the letter and the key. “Oh now I get it!” sighed his dad. “ we need
to move the piano under the trap.” “what trap door?” wondered his dad. “ up
there!” shouted George. They started to move the huge piano under the trap
door. George jumped onto the piano and got the key out of his pocket and tried
it through the key hole… It worked! He push the door open and stepped inside …

“Good Job” came a voice from the shadows.
“Great grandpa? Is that you?” he whispered into the dark,

“Yes, I am also cured because of you.”

“Yay! That means you could come back home with us” said George, delightedly.

So that is what they did.

Louise & Caitlin, St Clair

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