How long have I been asleep? Days......weeks.....months? Down here in the dark , locked away, out of sight. The others are still sleeping, the boy, the girl, their parents but......I’m not the only thing awake down here. Something’s with us , something lurking in the shadows , something.......wrong. I can hear it walking – no not walking, skulking creeping across the floor, over the supplies, over the equipment keeping the others alive. I can hear its breath rasping in and out rattling at the back of its throat. Not normal. Not human. I don’t know how long I’ve slept, I don’t know why I’ve been woken but I know the thing here with us wants to do us harm and I know I’m not going to let that happen.

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Comment by Sarah Cook on October 14, 2010 at 0:11
I crept off the floor silently. I decided to chase the man. No, not man, thing. The rasping voice continued to taunt me as I chased it vainly. I tripped over a rotting skull for the 57th time. Bones were scattered all over the sharp stones and the whole eerie chamber reeked of the stench of rotting flesh. I spat in disgust as a skeletal hand grasped my cut and bruised ankle. ‘Get off of me!’ I thought as I kicked the creepy hand, sending it halfway across the narrow corridor. I decided to keep moving to avoid any other curious semi-conscious limbs. I stepped into a pool of blood and instinctively flinched in horror as I glanced briefly at the scene of a skeleton skewered onto a stalagmite, clothes and all. I kept following the mysterious rasping voice as I ran awkwardly down the hallway. I heard the screeching of bats fluttering in the distance of the complicated cave system. I squirmed through a narrow gap in the wall when suddenly, I heard a young girl scream in a high-pitched rattling shrill “AAAAAAAH!!!” I shoved myself through the gap consequently giving me a deep gash across my chest leaving my clothes stained with blood. I felt dizzy just looking at the sight of my own blood. The girl had just awoken but her mum, dad and brother were still fast asleep.
‘I’m not going to hurt you,” I said…

By Ryan and James - Christ the King North Rocks, Australia
Comment by Jenny Bache on October 14, 2010 at 8:52
Valiantly the girl went around my clamy body and rushed towards the stairs ...... I quickly shoved the girl in a small space, trying to open the door. Finally I opened it and with fear and dread I stepped inside the pitch black room .... There was a single light bulb flickering on and off and I could just make out that there were maggots and blood everywhere! We walked into the centre of the room and tried to brush aside the maggots who began to crawl over our bodies, trying to eat our raw flesh, drinking our fresh blood. I felt faint because of the foul traumatising smell and dropped to the stone floor .... this was a living nightmare .....

By India-Rose, Jennifer, Taylor and Aspen - St Matthew Academy, London
Comment by kgarnett on October 14, 2010 at 12:31 eyes glimmered in disgust, as I noticed the wrangled body of a dead man, nearly rotten to the bone; his eyes stared coldly, piercing my soul. Despair filled my limbs, as I felt the presence of the beast on my trail; still horrified I slowly rose to my feet. I attempted to flee, but my body froze, as a hive of tarantulas swarmed across my feet. I could feel their faint hairs penetrating my skin. Overcoming my fear, I limped as fast as I could, praying for an exit. I heard an ear-splitting scream; instinctively I followed it. Crying in fear and pain, I passed through a dark opening and there, there I saw it, standing above the body of a dead girl. It gave a wretched smile. I was in its dreadful and utterly despicable lair...

By Nicolas and Adam Beechwood School (Elizabeth College)
Comment by Anita Vine on October 14, 2010 at 13:55
As I woke up I wished I had magic powers suddenly ...
I felt a shiver down my body. I had magic powers ! I discovered my hand could change into a sharp dagger, fiery balls that I could throw at him to help me kill him, robotic legs, 10 terrifying red heads, silver eye brows as sharp as knives , laser eyes , my name was Micro-dude, and I had feet like jet packs. How should I use my newfound powers? I set off on my journey to kill the monster. I came across a sign which had a sentence written in blood . Deadville. Go up the road and I will be waiting for you . I followed the signpost...
By Declan and Shane Castercliff Community Primary School, Nelson.
Comment by WP Central on October 24, 2010 at 12:02
As I reached Deadville the full moon shone on my face. It was very quiet. Too quiet; the only thing I could hear was my breath and the sound of blood dripping on the road from my open chest. Suddenly lightning struck over the town and the wolves started howling. I slowly stepped forward. I could see a dark shadow and hear him muttering to himself. I looked to the side; I could see the rotten houses with oozing slime seeping out of the chimneys.

Something ran past me as quick as a flash. My heart started pounding. I ran to the nearest house. I slunk into the room and the door slammed behind me. The floorboards creaked as I tip toed over them. The light that was hanging over me suddenly flickered, went out and all was dark. All I could see were red eyes gleaming at me through an open doorway.

The creature took a step forward and handed me a potion. I drank the blue coloured juice and it slid down my throat. I coughed and felt myself sinking to the ground. Everything was dark.

Ella, Elise & Lusia , St Clair New Zealand

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