I always dreamed of going on a Voyage of Discovery... tall ships, thousands of miles at sea, discovering worlds of untold beauty, filled with exotic people who were as interested in my life as I was in theirs. My life. Huh. Get real, Jodie - who'd be interested in me? I go to school, do my homework, watch TV. Nothing interesting ever happens to dull old me. Oh, except did I say I'm adopted? They're lovely people - Dan and Mellie. Always saying how they chose me and how they love me more than they could've imagined. Which is maybe why they didn't argue when I announced on my fifteenth birthday that it was time to start my own personal voyage of discovery. No tall ships, no exotic far-off lands - but shocks and thrills and experiences I could never have imagined as I discovered just what happened when I was born...

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Comment by Sarah Cook on October 14, 2010 at 0:05
The sun is barely up and I am prepared to do something I’ve never done before in my life. As I approach Mellie and Dan the butterflies in my stomach grow larger and larger. Standing in front of them I begin to speak my unanswered questions with the words “I want to finally meet my…... my real parents”.

For the first time in my life they have gotten angry, no furious they suddenly snapped back “your parents are gone Jodie, never ask again!” my eyes filled with tears as I run to my room. As I lie on my bed, shocked by their reactions I decide I have to figure it out on my own. I make my way to the local library, prepared to begin my task to find my true parents. I take a look around locating the nearest computer, I go onto the internet and search as many names as I could think of beginning with the letters T and B, I wasn’t completely sure that these were the right letters but they were the two letters engraved into my precious bangle that I have had as long as I can remember. Then I typed some last names I knew of, and jackpot!!!! A picture of a couple standing upon a beautiful boat who look just like me. I peer at the names of the couple and it reads: Tabitha and Brandon Salamander, I now know where all my sailing spirit comes from; after all they do look like sailors. But that doesn’t completely answer my question, where are they, and why did Mellie and Dan react the way they did?

Lily and Natalie - Christ the King North Rocks, Australia
Comment by Jenny Bache on October 14, 2010 at 9:19
Then I thought .. am I doing the right thing staying with Mellie and Dan? I stormed out of the Library in shock, I could not go home so I stayed the night on the street .... a cold miserable night. Very early next morning I walked back to Mellie and Dan's house and I saw a sign saying "For Sale". I wondered if my real parents would want me if I contacted them? Then I thought how happy my real parents were in the picture on the internet, did I really want to spoil such a good life for them? Then I saw Mellie and Dan and I rushed over to them and asked them for all my clothes and belongings ....

I had made a decision .. I quickly ran back to the Library and grabbed a free computer. I emailed my real parents ... "please take me back into your lives, because I have nothing else left for me here ..... "

By Adam, Lamar and Candice - St Matthew Academy, London
Comment by kgarnett on October 14, 2010 at 12:31
No reply!....... After a whole week of waiting, I decided to give up and search for them myself. Once again, I charged back to the library as fast as a cheetah chasing an antelope. Leaping onto a chair in front of a computer, I waited impatiently as the computer booted up. As soon as it was loaded, once again I typed in `T and B` and this time I searched much deeper into the internet. RESULT! I scanned the web page for the key word and there it was, nestled between several other words,` HAWAII .` I shot out of the chair like a bullet, racing towards its target! I grabbed all my gear and only knew one destination- the docks!...........
Having searched for hours on end, I finally found a boat to America. I found the boat’s captain and asked if I could come with him. He said ‘no’, but after I said I would scrub the decks, he slowly answered, at snail’s pace, ‘YES.......’

By Joshua and Magnus Beechwood School (Elizabeth College) Guernsey
Comment by Anita Vine on October 14, 2010 at 13:42
So I quickly rushed to the mop and bucket prepared to do whatever the captain said. But when I got back he had mysteriously disappeared from his deck. I rushed for help trying to find anyone that would know where he was. I eventually found the mechanic of the boat. The only information that he gave was the time he last saw him 2’o’clock . An hour later I heard screaming for help. Rapidly I followed the wailing and it led me to the captain. I saw a masked figure tying him up with spare rope, before he could say another word the man bound his mouth with tape, he turned round and stared at me with his glaring eyes. He ran towards me and I fell to the floor. Fainting. I woke up and saw . . . .

By Bobbie-Jean and Abbie
Castercliff Primary School, Nelson
Comment by WP Central on October 15, 2010 at 7:43
Red glaring eyes in a dark silent room, as the light turns on the silent room has a creak as the light bulb swings. Then the masked man SAYS to Jodie in a grim

"Who are you and what are you doing here?"

So Jodie frightfully tells the masked man her named her life story. As Jodie talks the masked man unmasked himself and Jodie stop talking then there is an awkward
silence in the room.

The man opens his mouth and says

"I'm your father"

Tears filled to her eyes as she screamed "DAD"

A couple of days later they sailed off to HAWAII and had fisn'n'chips for lunch but Jodie didn't realise that her dad had already poisoned the sauce. She took
a bite of a chip with some sauce on it and fell into a deep sleep. Jodie's dad
carried her on to the boat and
sailed into the middle of the ocean. He put her into the same coffin as her
mum, who he had already killed and pushed them into the ocean. He sailed into
the darkness wondering…

Brenna & Riley , St Clair
Comment by Jane Prowse on October 16, 2010 at 11:49
Wow! Please don't stop the story here! This is Jane Prowse and it's the first time I've been involved with Write Path - I hope not the last. It's been so exciting to see the story unfold after my initial paragraph - what fertile, exciting imaginations you all have. Looking forward to next year already. Jane x

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