16/10/15 Eoin Colfer

Darren slotted the bejewelled key into the wardrobe’s brass key. It turned in the slot with a sharp schnick. The door swung easily, though the hinges were old and rusted.
‘Those hinges are old and rusted,’ said Darren.
‘Yes,’ agreed Liam. ‘And yet the door swung easily.’
They stepped inside the wooden box and weren’t altogether surprised to find that it was not a box at all but a doorway to another dimension.
Darren scratched his head. ‘This is a bit like that book. You know the one with the wardrobe and the lion.’
‘Born Free?’ said Liam.
‘No. The other one.
‘The Lion King?’ said Liam, who would never win a Nobel Prize for anything.
‘Yep, that’s the one,’ said Darren, who was a kind boy really.
They passed through the wardrobe doorway and emerged several minutes later in the snow covered outskirts of an industrial town. The skyline was lined with burnt-out skyscrapers, their collapsed rooftops belching smoke into a grey sky.
‘Oh no,’ whispered Liam. ‘We’re in Scotland.’
‘No. No, look there,’ said Darren, pointing.
Liam followed his friend’s gesture to a line of huge.........


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Comment by Sarah Cook on October 16, 2015 at 4:09

…...rubble from the town buildings. As Darren and Liam crept to the rubble an old man emerged from it.

“Who’s that’ whispered Darren.

“Probably a homeless person” expressed Liam feeling smart. As the boys crept past the old man, they started their investigation of the burnt town. As Darren and Liam keep exploring looking through the factories trying to understand what happened to the town and who were the people that lived here, the houses were nothing like what Darren and Liam had ever seen before, they were walking around twisted up bikes but they didn’t see a car, the the roads were all weird shapes. It all seemed like a big mystery that they wanted to get to the bottom of. All of a sudden Liam saw something coming towards him.  

“What is that Darren?” “I think it is a type of aircraft carrying something, wait! run!! KABOOM

Nick & Anthony

Christ the King Primary

North Rocks Australia

Comment by Alex Petrella on October 16, 2015 at 9:29

The boys looked up as they gazed at the sweets pouring from the sky. Liam’s eyes felt glory and was delighted at the sight of these lush assorted candy. Darren however was more suspicious. “look at all those delicious sweets” exclaimed Liam in a dreamy voice. Darren stared at the sweets. Liam cried why you don’t try them because they look so tasty!”

“I don’t want to” replied Darren.

“Please” exclaimed Liam.

“O’right”   replied Darren “but together”

“OK, three, two, one” and they both gobbled up the exquisite sweets. All of a sudden they dropped like flies onto the ground. An aircraft landed near them. A mysterious man came out, he had fog covering him

“Get them boys!” he said “get them” two men came out. They were dressed like ninjas, they grabbed Darren and Liam and threw them into the aircraft. the only thing Liam could think about was getting out but Darren was only thinking about kicking some butt!!!

Year 5

Norbury Primary

London UK

Comment by Leesa Sharpe on October 16, 2015 at 10:55

Thomas Ashley Broomgrove Junior School

The ninja looking figures dropped the boys on the aircraft floor. They injected the two boys with a liquid to revive them from the affect of the sweets. The leader (by the looks of it) had a gold, cushioned throne with the two ninjas on the side guarding. The leader all of sudden gave out an evil cackle. “Two boys falling for some delicious sweets” (saying it sarcastically) The leader got off his throne and had a look like a policeman questioning a criminal. “How even did you get to this place?” the leader questioned them. “Well there was a bejewelled key and a wardrobe so we thought we would see what’s inside” Liam explained. “You two are very brave but not very obervant” he said slyly. The sweet wrapper said, “eat if you dare” which means… the leader was cut off as Darren suddenly started to get angry at being mocked“ I know what it means thank you” and he lunged at the leader ready to try and punch him. The guards immediately grabbed the boys.“Take them away” he shouted, whilst walking back to his throne. “Wait. What no, don’t lock us up” cried Liam. “But you two are good at predicting the future” with another evil cackle. “’cause guess what.. you going to be locked up”.


Comment by Alex Petrella on October 16, 2015 at 12:52

The boy’s hands were handcuffed and forced into a room with no windows, no air and no exit.  The slam of the door shook the walls like a shot gun which send a chill down their spines.

As Darren laid down on the hard floor, he felt something sharp poking out of his pocket. 

“What is that?” exclaimed Darren.

Liam recognized the object straightaway.

“It’s the laser pen that you bought from the Science Museum last week.  Quick, activate it and use it to open the lock on the handcuffs.”

The boys acted quickly and watched with glee as the metal cuffs fell to the ground.

“Let’s try it on the door,” cried Liam, desperate to escape the room of horror.  It wasn’t long before the door unlatched, allowing the boys to escape the nightmare they found themselves in.

Apprehensively, they followed the flickering lights on the stairs as they descended to the base of the aircraft.   At the back of the room, they saw a wooden box.  It was similar to the box they originally stepped into!

“This could be our way out of here Liam!” exclaimed Darren.  “Come on, we’ve got nothing to lose.”

Tentatively, they fell into the box; their screams echoing around them as they entered a new dimension… 

Year 6 (Mahsa, Julia, Arqam, John, Freddy, Matas, Jamal, Diba, Lakshit) - Norbury School

Comment by Leesa Sharpe on October 16, 2015 at 14:06

Eleanor Broomgrove Junior school

The men scrambled the boys off the aircraft and onto a waiting helicopter. The pilot looked strange.. He had disgusting clothes with holes in them, scruffy trousers, sandals and dread locked hair. The man looked like he had been fought and caged hundreds of times. Darren and Liam were worried in case the man would try to kill them. He looked very scary. The man was rather tall and looked mean but his heart was soft and he said “Trust me I was kidnapped just like you are about to be and I am o only here to help you.” Seconds later, the engines started and the helicopter flew off. The leader ran after shouting “get back here you” but they were safe…for now….


Comment by Jenny Noble on October 20, 2015 at 1:31

An hour later...

Out of nowhere, a missile flew up, Darren yelled “look out!” and Liam, who had fallen asleep, woke abruptly up and fell out of the helicopter. Liam grabbed the landing skids and Darren bent over to try and grab him, only to fall out as well. Darren grabbed Liam’s leg and Liam yelled, “you’re pulling my pants down! I CANT HOLD ON MUCH LONGER!” Then Darren lost his grip on Liam’s trousers. Liam, who would rather die with Darren than live without him, let go. He landed in the ocean, a short swimming distance away from an island. Liam swam to the island shivering all the while. Once he was on the island, he explored a little bit and saw Darren. “Darren! I thought you were dead!” “Shush! Look.” Liam looked where Darren was pointing. “Oh my… what? No! I thought it was just from a TV show!” It was the TARDIS! Then the Doctor stepped out. That was too much for Liam.

When Liam awoke on the TARDIS, the Doctor said, “What are you doing on Luthanaris anyway? You almost got killed. C’mon I’ll take you home.” “Where are we?” Liam asked. The Doctor rolled his eyes. “You’re on Luthanaris, the other side of the Milky Way. I’ve been monitoring you since you dropped out of the helicopter. I’m taking you home.”

An hour later...

“But that’s what really happened.” They told Darren’s mum, who was insisting that they had been away for a week.

By Emily Barnett

St Mary’s College

Comment by Karen King - Oakbank School on March 3, 2016 at 14:30

Not believing them Darren’s mum sent Liam home and rang a psychologist for Darren but unknown to them both the sane organisation that locked Darren and Liam up had Liam on their watch list. Tracking Liam’s every movement their most trained assassin Krimz had been sent on a mission to eliminate Liam and destroy anything associated with him. Two days later it happened. During a psychology lesson Liam decided to go visit Darren since he hadn’t seen him since the whole incident, but when Liam got there what he saw was worse than he could have ever imagined Darren tied up against a chair with the famous contact killer Krimz standing beside him. Liam physically frozen only saw a glimpse of his sword before ducking Liam started to run but Krimz had him cornered only thing he had to do was swing his sword and Liam was no more, but miraculously a gunshot made Krimz sword fly out of his hand. Liam turned round to see the same pilot who helped them escape earlier on but this time a more close up view no it couldn’t be it was… Liam’s dad but after untying Darren they had some sort of reunion as they thought Liam’s dad had died a couple years back but whilst talking Krimz through his sword in a last attempt to end Liam except for his Lousy aim since he was lying on the floor he hit Darren the sword did a clear swipe ended Darren after an agonising 3 hours of crying Liam’s dad reviled to Liam a way for Liam to save Darren through time travel…

By Jack

Oakbank School  

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