19/10/2012 Grown ups! Sally Nicholls

The man is waiting at the end of my drive. I've never seen him before in my life, but I swear, he looks familiar. He reminds me a bit of my dad, but his hair is darker, like mine. He's got a scar like mine too, across his nose. I got mine playing football; I wonder where he got his. He waves at me and I scratch my scar, the way I do when I'm nervous.

            “Er … hello, Jake,” he says.

            “Er … hello,” I say.

            “Look,” says the man, scratching his scar. “I know you're not going to believe this, because I remember not believing this, but I'm you. From the future. I know everything about you. I know you secretly pretend to be an evil genius in Biology lessons. I know you've already planned what you'd say to Kate Middleton if you ever bumped into her at the bus stop. I know what happened with the mashed potato in Year Two, but if you don't mind I won't go into that here, as I'm still a bit embarrassed about that now. And – most importantly – I know you're in deadly danger. And that's why you have to listen to me.”

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Comment by WP Central on October 19, 2012 at 6:48

I looked at him, this man who said he was me … for a moment I was stunned, speechless, these sorts of things only happened in books, didn’t they?  But then I thought, if they happen in books, why can’t they happen in real life? And he did seem to know things about me that absolutely no-one else would be able to know and he did look a bit like me too … and the scar ….

I suddenly became aware of a low humming noise, a sort of vibration in the air. It seemed to make my teeth quiver and the blood started pounding through my head. It felt as if my head was getting bigger, that something in it was going to burst. The man heard the noise at the same time and looked startled, fearful. He looked around quickly but the road was clear.

“There’s no time left,” he said. “Sorry this is a bit sudden, I’d hope to give you a chance to ask me questions, to prove that I am who I say I am but we’ve got to go. Do you trust me?”

Barbara Band, Emmbrook School

Comment by Adrian Thompson Laisterdyke UK on October 19, 2012 at 7:37

Suddenly, there was a woosh and a brilliant light from behind me. I turned, to see an old man I didn’t recognise. “Hello Jakes,” he says. “Who are you?” we both say together. “I’m you – and you,” the old man says, laughing lightly. “It’s a long story. I’m here to warn you – I’ll call you ‘young  Jake’  - that you  - I’ll call you ‘middle Jake’ isn’t actually me – or you – at all. He’s a clone who was produced in a factory in China to do everything you could do, but at a much lower cost. He’s come back to now to try and kill you, and take your place in the future – you become Prime Minister, you know...”

He turns away. “Oops, probably shouldn’t have mentioned that’

At this, ‘middle’ Jake lunges at me, his hair swishing aside to reveal a razor sharp sword. I back away, until my back is against the garage wall. Cold sweat stains my shirt, as ‘middle’ Jake pounds towards me, head down, blade gleaming in the sun.

Then, things took a strange turn...

Comment by Nikki Heath on October 19, 2012 at 9:02

... All of the 'Me' Jakes disappeared. Just like that. Had I imagined them? Had something awful happened to them? My brain whirled, making me dizzy - so many thoughts and questions, now unanswered and driving me crazy. Maybe I WAS crazy - I'd been stressed recently; was I having some sort of breakdown?

Then I noticed a gleaming object on the floor. It was like nothing I'd ever seen, smooth, metallic like, but not a metal I'd seen in any place or at any time. I recognised it as the object that every one of the 'Jakes' I'd (thought I'd) seen had been holding. As I bent closer to pick it up, I could feel a faint trace of the humming I'd heard, just before they'd all disappeared. In the middle of the object, there was a small button. I pressed it, and listened, becoming more and more frightened as the words, and the implications of what I was hearing hit me. How could I change what was about to happen? I was already running out of time...

Comment by Anne-Lise Robin on October 19, 2012 at 9:16

A flash of light blinded me. This was too much to take it and I started retching. Gagging and panicking, I couldn't stop myself. From a distance, I heard a voice "Terrible, I remember that, most unpleasant." Even in the depth of nausea I recognized Old Jake. then as suddenly as it all started, I immediately felt fine and found myself in an immaculate white room. Old Jake was sitting in a chair quite similar to the one from Aunt Iris used to have in her patio. "Inherited it" answered Old Jake as if he could read thoughts. "We are now in a time-free zone Jake, and what you have in your hand is a time travelling device. You've just freezed the course of time, hence the sickness. But no...I know you're in shock but I have to tell you what is going to happen. I thought it'd help if I materialized the chair and the floor cushion for you, cup of tea?" Now I HAD gone crazy. Both young and old!

Comment by Christopher Lunt on October 19, 2012 at 11:00

"Okay I've had quite enough of this!" I cried to the old me.

"Understandable.  I'm..." he corrected himself "er, you're far too young for all of this nonsense.  But you see Jake, dear Jake, the world as you know it now will transform into something quite different.  The simple things you know and love will cease to be.  Horrors beyond your imagination will occur.  The bad news is, well, it's sort of... your fault"

"But I'm just a boy!"

This was getting ridiculous.  No, it had long since passed that point.  It was all too overwhelming and I felt myself unable to resist the urge to sob.

"Please sir, whether you're me, a robot, a clone or something else entirely... can I just go home?  Whatever I need to do to stop this from happening, I'll do it, I promise!"

The old man grinned back, as if he knew how I was going to reply. 

"Anything Jake?  Are you quite sure about that now?"


Comment by Eve Westwood on October 19, 2012 at 11:50

I stared at him mutely.  The whole implications of 'anything' suddenly ran through my mind.  I had a feeling 'anything' was going to turn out to be something pretty bad.  But what choice did I have?

"Good," he said, in that annoying way he had of anticipating, or remembering, my every thought.  "I know that I said Jake was you, and I was you - and I am you - or I was, but in the future, everyone is you."

Confusion burned in my head and distress was a pain in my chest.  I struggled to understand.

"How can everyone be me?"

"We had to clone you, Jake, because you were the only one who had the genes to resist the mutations.  It was genetic warfare, Jake, and the effects were devastating.  But you can stop it, if you are brave enough."

Comment by Carrie Humphrey on October 19, 2012 at 12:58

"You keep saying that but what am I meant to do? I'm just a boy!"

"Excuses!" The older me screamed "Now listen you're going to do exactly as I say"

I listened to every word he said each more horrifying than the last until I could take no more.


Eighty years from now on my death bed I make a pact with the Devil himself, turns out Satan can give me ever lasting life. He can give me anything I want, so I ask for more, I get greedy.

I ask to live forever, I ask for money, riches, women, I ask for world domination and an army to help me get it. An army of clones, clones of me. I'm the only person I can trust. To hell with everyone else!


And now the future is bleak, the world is built in my image only I exist. This future me is just a clone but he has told me what I must do.


The next day after hearing that story and my instructions, my mission is simple. Take a trip to Hell and stop Satan from destroying our future!


Moe Sharp Renaissance Learning

Comment by WP Central on October 19, 2012 at 13:33

"But ....but when I go back I will still be just a boy , how can I stop what will happen in 80 years?" "Hmmm give me time boy I was just getting to that bit, don't rush me - after all we have just stopped time. The only way to sort this is to bring your 'death' forward - the devil only appears to people when they are near the end of their life so....if you really want to sort this out you will have to accelerate that time by taking action!" I was confused and didn't know what to say but as I paced around the white room comprehension slowly and terribly dawned "You want me to kill myself??!!" I demanded in shock and amazement.

"Well no....but yes - you need to be in a near death state indeed but you don't have to actually die, that's the clever bit. Anyway sorry it's time for you to go back now byeee and good luck" The room started to spin around me I was violently sick again and when I straightened up I was back outside my house. Feet dragging I walked inside to find mum who was baking in the kitchen. "Mum I have to do something and it might be ok but I might be ..well lets just say I wanted to tell you I love you ok?" Mum laughed, she had a smudge of flour on her cheek and messy hair and was just about to take some jam tarts out of the oven."Oh Jake what crazy scheme are you hatching now? I love you too nutcase!" Turning away I force myself to walk out and go to the end of our road to the busy main road. Mum has always said the speed people drive at there is criminal, now all I have to do is get up the courage to step out....

Comment by Caroline Roche on October 19, 2012 at 20:13

…just when common sense, which had been nagging at the corner of my brain, kicked in.. "What am I doing?"  I thought.  I mean to say, honestly!  You really can't believe everything you read in books, and I had been pretty absorbed in that story.  That and the Doctor Who I had watched recently, The Girl Who Waited, with all that stuff about the future Amy and the timey-wimey stuff. Laughing, I made my way back to the kitchen to scald my mouth on the hot jam tarts, not seeing the little metallic gleaming object lying in the gutter ...

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