2/9/15 Priory School story 3 Teri Terry

Scratch. Scratch. The sound pulls me from sleep. I burrow under the blankets, try to ignore it. Scratch, scratch. But I can’t. I sigh, and stretch. I’ll have to get up and let the dog into my bedroom, won’t I? He's not allowed, but Mum and Dad are away tonight. No one will know. Scratch, scratch. I open my eyes, then they snap open wider. Next to me, on the bed? The dog. His eyes stare back at mine, and then at the door. Scratch, scrattttttch....


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Comment by Miss Errington on September 2, 2015 at 9:43

I go down stairs and open the front door and there’s no one there. Then I turn around and I go into the kitchen to get some breakfast.  I hear a knock on the door, no one’s there but there was a little cat so I took it in. Then I heard the doorbell ring and I open the door and I heard a child’s voice asking if she can come inside so I said yes. She ran towards me, but I couldn’t see her and she charged straight through me and trashed my home. I was thinking what will she do to me?  Is she happy or rude? No one knows…

 Kane , Samantha ,  Ellie

Comment by Miss Errington on September 2, 2015 at 11:01

I opened the door and there was nothing to be seen, then suddenly, butterflies started appearing in my stomach. I saw something dark on a light floor. I pictured in my head a ghost but it was just the child. And then I heard a rattle of plates “CRASH BANG” the child changed into a Demon! Her face had changed her eyes were bigger than usual; her teeth were as sharp as knives. Her lips were covered with dark red blood. I tried to escape her but there was nowhere to go, but my bedroom window            was my only way out. I jumped.  I felt like the floor was trying to eat me, my head was all over the place! I had a head ache, but I also had a demon chasing me and trying to kill me. I was trying to get a burst of speed to get away from the freak that was chasing me. But I could feel the footsteps getting closer and closer! I jumped over my fence and ran in the road but the demon was as fast Mo Farah. I think that this is the end for me and my family…

Kieran Kennett Callum Burns Mackenzie Cox

Comment by Miss Errington on September 2, 2015 at 12:10

But I didn’t want to give up; my heart was pounding in my chest. The road was as dead as a empty box, there were no cars at all and the air was stone-cold. Although, the demon was approaching me I couldn’t feel the need to run. He was getting closer and closer. The demon wasn’t giving up so I decided to carry on running I didn’t want to but I had to. The footsteps were getting louder as he was getting closer. I stopped. He was gone. Suddenly I turned around and he was there in my face. I fell to the floor what was I going to do? His laugh cemented in my mind. I was scared. There was no escape. No one to go to…

By: Harvey vancliff, leah Wilkinson  

Comment by Miss Errington on September 2, 2015 at 14:03

As I awoke, I was breathless ! Arms were tightening  around my throat , I couldn’t sense the air . PAIN , PAIN. Out of the blue, blood trailed down my body. Grimy ,sharp claws dug into my neck. My life was going to end- too soon.

Scarlett Eldred and Rhianna Hurley.

Comment by Hollie Rush on October 14, 2015 at 11:11

The clawing stopped and the demon was nowhere to be seen. Then a silhouette hobbled out from the distance, hopscotching in and out of the pools of my own blood.  Its ox-blood loafers were now sodden - sodden red, its slacks ripped and stained. He looked traumatised. He looked like Morgan Freeman. Wait! - It was Morgan Freeman. Only, he looked nothing like he did in the movies. He sat without uttering a word, backed against the wall. I think we were in a basement. Either a basement, or a very very dingy living-room. The air was thick and clunky and lingered like sweet sewage. All was silent. Scratch. Scratch.

 Written by J.O Hudson and H.E Whippey

Ashlyns School, Berkhamsted. 

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