2/9/15 Priory School story 4 Tamsyn Murray

The house at the end of the street looked quite ordinary, at first glance. It had four windows, each wearing fussy net curtains, a sturdy blue front door and flower-filled hanging baskets on either side of the porch. The number thirteen glittered in the morning sunlight. If it hadn’t been for the two stone lions at the edge of the driveway, I might have continued on my way to school and never noticed anything unusual at all.

I’d seen a few statues in my time, even visited the those big lions in Trafalgar Square, so I knew what they should look like; grey and heavy, as though they wouldn’t topple over in the wind. Their eyes weren’t normally a burning, crimson red. And they didn’t tend to blink. Not ever.

At first, I thought I’d imagined it...

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Comment by Miss Errington on September 2, 2015 at 9:39

It was going to eat me, it came to life and my life was in danger. My mind was spinning making me feel dizzy and sick and ideas popped in and out my mind like a jack in a box. The lion’s flaming eyes were shimmering in the night light trying to hypnotise me.

He wanted to start an army, so that he could take over the world. However, I won’t let him. The sun went down and the moon came up. I thought I was going mad one minute it was there and the next it just disappeared. Searching for days, searching for nights I just couldn’t find him. I panicked night and day wondering if he will meet me again!

 Madeline and Jessica and Courtney

Comment by Miss Errington on September 2, 2015 at 11:09

I was constantly thinking about the hideous man, he was haunting me day and night. While I was asleep I heard the door creak and so I looked around my room yet to find a mysterious dark figure in the corner of my room. Then I reached for my torch and shined it at the figure but it was just my coat. But suddenly I heard an extremely loud band going on downstairs and so I headed straight for the door I ran as fast as I could. I stopped for a moment and saw the man chasing me. So I headed straight for Trafalgar Square and saw a fir  e breathing dragon, and so I looked at the top of Nelsons Colom and the statue was not there also 4 lions were running away from the dragon. And all of the museums were overrun by animals but I didn’t let that stop me from running from the dark figure. I was so frightened and heard the twelve rings of big ben and it gradually made its way to dawn. In the morning I was just dreaming all that time and found myself lying on the floor with my teddy lying next to me and with the covers on the floor.

By Kieran Bowman, Ehren Harman and Grace Furnell

Comment by Miss Errington on September 2, 2015 at 13:59

For the rest of the day, my mind was distracted by my everlasting nightmare. Dreading the night that awaited me, my stomach felt like it was tied in a hundred knots.

Sunset had come, my heart was beating rapidly. When I got into my bed, I wished my dream had never become reality. All night long the bells of Big Ben were ringing in my head, reminding me of my horrifying nightmare. I awoke in the morning, my nightmare had occurred but I know it will always be there at the back of my mind…

By Grace Bridges and Joanne Treamer!

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