3/3/16 Story 2 Philip Caveney

The house was very old, full of shadowy corners, quite unlike the simple two-up, two-down where Sam and his family had lived for so many years. But after Dad was gone, Mum said she wanted to move closer to Carlisle, to be near her parents and this place was all they could afford. It was stuck out in the middle of nowhere, looking like something from another time. Mum told him that she was thrilled with the place, it should have been much more expensive, but it had been on the market for so long, she’d managed to pick it up ‘for a song.’

 Sam didn’t much care. With Dad no longer around, everything seemed flat and heavy and endless. It was summer, so at least he didn’t have the horror of starting a new school just yet but he couldn’t seem to work up enthusiasm for anything.

 On the first day there, Mum asked him to carry some empty cardboard boxes up the attic. He was a bit surprised by this, because up until this point, he hadn’t realised the house had an attic. But he picked up the stack of boxes and went dutifully up the three flights of stairs until he found the ancient, paint-blistered door at the very end of the top landing. He turned the handle and peered cautiously inside. Then he opened his mouth and stared in absolute amazement…

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Comment by Andy taylor on March 3, 2016 at 8:54

As he gawped around the room, he glimpsed a shimmer of gold, it was one of the only sources of light in the shadowy, dark attic. Sam took a few more footsteps closer, as his eyes travelled up and down the gold. Slowly, he reached out and stroked the cold, smooth statue. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

“I must be in a dream!” he gasped, pinching himself.

“Sam, what are you up to?  I hope you’re not causing chaos!” Mum yelled.

Sam jumped out of his skin, as he fell back, grabbing the golden statue to support him, he hit the ground. He heard an ear splitting screech coming from his right, he looked behind the gold statue and Sam saw a ghostly white pair of webbed feet…




By Ned and Tilly Easebourne C.E. Primary

Comment by Kevin Sheehan on March 3, 2016 at 9:42

They approched the secret path where the white pair of webbed feet lay.As the ghost led Sam to a place and he feel into a white chocolate lake,where he found Ryan and Connor peaking through the gummy bear bush.
By Connor and Ryan loreto high school

Comment by Tricia Oyston on March 3, 2016 at 10:48

Picking himself up, Sam ran over to Ryan and Conner, who were jumping up at a very fluffy and pink tree, stuffing themselves with sweets.

“Where did you two come from? And where are we?” questioned Sam .Conner and Ryan were hyper and causing chaos all around this new appetizing wonderland. Suddenly the webbed feet of the creature appeared out of the white chocolaty lake covered by a sheet of marzipan. Sam creeped towards the hideous creature scared to uncover the monster, he was in the moment, his heroic moment…

Connor and Ryan gasped as Sam unveiled the sheet of marzipan. The animal serenely emerged out from the big pool of chocolate heaven. It slowly came out to hug Sam, however he dodged and vaulted onto the candyfloss tree, too scared to move a muscle. The atrocious beast sucked Ryan and Conner away into its great monstrous belly. Sam screamed in horror. He flinched away as the critter approached him. He had nowhere to go….Sam, petrified, reached out for his phone when the branch snapped he fell directly into the webbed footed, soul sucking monsters hands, when “ouch” the monster yelled in pain from the weight of Sam. He was as shocked as ever…


Charlotte, Saskia, Lahari 7W Sheffield High School

Comment by Emily Seed on March 3, 2016 at 11:55

Sam stood in isolated trepidation. He wanted to be surprised, but he had seen this in movies already. He was scared; he wasn’t. The glistening tint of a gold lock blinded him, sucking out his burning ravens. The beast wore a jewel from a crown, glistening against a gold chain. It didn’t seem as bad now that he had a plan. Grabbing the chain, Sam brought the mythical creature to its knees as it clamoured in uproar. Alarm bells started to ring. What was going on? How did Ryan and Connor just disappear into oblivion? “Time to get up Sam”…

Gilbert, Tanya, Charlotte and Umar - The Charter School

Comment by Karen King - Oakbank School on March 3, 2016 at 13:35

He woke up in shock because the gooey monster was laid on top of him! He started to scream in pain as the monster, crushed his bones with his big mass weight of a body. Suddenly the monster disappeared with a flash, and I heard my mum screaming. Then suddenly it was quiet so Conner ran downstairs to see a tall dark figure strangling his mum up against the wall. Conner grabbed a knife and stabbed the tall dark figure, but with no effect - the knife and his hand went straight through the man’s body!

The figure turned around and threw Conner across the room into a wall, without even touching him – it was like a force field! As Connor lay there stunned, the figure began to approach him, slowly and with great menace…..

Tom and Harry

Oakbank School

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