30/09/2013 David Orme

“Keep an eye on the girls; I’m popping back to the hotel to get the sun cream,” said Mum.

Dad nodded, but he wasn’t really listening. On holiday! At last! All he wanted was to snooze in the sun.

Terri and Sandy had been desperate to try out their new blow-up dinghy.  It was lovely to sit in it and let the waves push them up the beach, then back out again. They lay back in the boat with their eyes closed, enjoying the hot sun.

 After a while Terri noticed that the boat wasn’t scrunching on the sand any more.

She opened her eyes and looked round. The beach was about thirty metres away!

“Wake up Sandy, we’re drifting out!”

Sandy didn’t open her eyes.

“Use the oars to paddle us in again,” she said. 

But the oars were still next to Dad on the beach.

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Comment by Lynne Coppendale on September 30, 2013 at 9:46

Terri screamed “HELP! Dad wake up.” At the top of her lungs, as they drifted off more and more in to the distance, it seemed to get hotter and hotter as the sun beat down on them.  Then after about an hour of silently waiting for an Island that was never coming or so they thought.  Looking so hard for a shape in the distance that she finally found one. She lit up with hope but that was soon let down as the shape became evidentially clear. It was a…SHARK! Terri step back tripping over Sandy “What the hell Terri, have you ever heard of beauty sleep? Honestly Terri you look like you’ve seen a shark.” “Bbbuuuutttttt… Llllooookkkk… SHARK!!!” As Terri pointed towards it. Sandy looked round to see nothing but blue sea and clear skies. “Terri honestly pulling a prank like that it’s not really convincing is it?” she spoke in anger and rage. Then all of a sudden they both were flung off the boat screaming as they soon were submerged under the sea…    

Kayley-May Beaver, Danum Academy, Doncaster

Comment by Sue Parr on September 30, 2013 at 10:54

Terri swam up to the surface. She coughed out all the water. She looked around for Sandy but she was nowhere to be seen.

            “Sandy!” she screamed at the top of her voice.

            She felt something touch her feet and yelled. Terri looked but it was just Sandy. She sighed with relief. She yanked Sandy out. Terri hugged Sandy and then pulled back with disgust.

“I didn`t mean to-”she said.

“Oh leave it. Anyway how do we get back to the shore?” Sandy cried.

Terri looked out across the sea but the shore was nowhere in sight.

“Oh great! We’re stranded here and we have no way of getting back,” Terri said.

“I have an idea. Let’s try to swim back to the shore.”

“Oh yeah, where exactly is the shore?” Terri asked.

“Have you got a better idea? If you have, you might as well tell me before we die, since it won’t be much use when we’re dead, genius.”

“Uhhh, no but I don’t see how yours is Einstein standard.”

Sandy thought for a moment.

“Well it’s no use fighting, is it?”

“No, but let’s get to the point. How do we get to the shore?”

“I don’t know? I thought you were the genius.”

“I have the most awesome idea,” said Terri.

“Share it with me then, it’s no use only you knowing.”


“Well… Get on with it!”

“I… I forgot it,” replied Terri.

“Oh really, well that’s just brilliant. Wonderful. I think that, that is the most fascinating thing I have ever heard,” said Sandy.


Aditi, Isabella, Roma, Maya and Amy Y6 Heathfield School for Girls

Comment by WP Central on September 30, 2013 at 12:10

Sandy was very scared. The full severity of the situation they were in was only starting to hit

her now. They had been sat in the boat for a further 15 minutes now, and neither of them had


“What are we going to do!?” asked Terri, who’d remained silent since her “awesome” idea,

not that they’d ever learned what the idea was.

“I’ll tell you what we’re not going to do! We are not going to die out here!” Sandy snapped.

She wouldn’t have normally, it was just that the thought that she might die in the next few

hours was weighing down on her.

“Well what do you suggest!?” asked Terri, “All we have are our hands and our brains, and

right now, neither of mine are working! The water is so cold that our hands would go numb

in minutes, and my brain is just refusing to work! And if we go the wrong way, we are

definitely dead!”

“Look, we just have to stay calm. I mean, the situation could always be worse.”

“Don’t say that!” Terri yelled.

Sandy was about to ask why when she looked over Terri’s shoulder and saw the rainclouds

starting to form.

“We’re in a lot of trouble…”

Jack, West Kirby Residential School

Comment by Samantha Donnelly on September 30, 2013 at 13:49
Fisk watched as the storm got louder, louder and louder. He saw that the clouds were coming from the east, and knew this was a night to remember. The rain fell down, first in twos or threes, then in larger numbers, until it was a complete downpour. Any fisherman out that day wouldn’t stand a chance. Sweden’s coast was close by; he had travelled for months to get here, without the authorities knowing he was here. An ex-assassin didn’t live a very formal life. As he looked out of the window, he saw, he saw a boat. It must be a drunken sailor’s ship whose owner has jumped overboard and drowned. However, to his amazement, he saw two young girls, healthy, possibly dehydrated. He didn’t know what to do. His life was all about killing people for money. Saving people wasn’t something he knew about. His human nature, however small it was, took control and he grabbed his pilot helmet. He got onto the sea plane that had accompanied his trip to this island, (close to Kattegatt). He flew out, and snatched the girls out of the vessel. Within seconds, the boat had disappeared under the water. The girls screamed and the pilot landed onto his island. “Welcome to my home.” That’s all Fisk said. He didn’t have a chance.
Sandy screamed as Terri ran at the man that had she thought had kidnapped her and pushed him back. Fisk’s assassin’s instinct took over and he threw Terri into the bog beside him. Terri was stuck. Sandy screamed and ran to her sister’s aid, alongside Fisk who did everything he could. But it was too late. Terri was gone. All Fisk did was say one word. “Sorry.”

Jake & Teagan, Sandbach School

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