It seemed to Matthew that this morning was unlike any other morning he had lived through. It began with the noise. Could anyone else hear it? He didn’t know. But he could not only hear it, he couldn’t hear anything else. It was like an enormous log being rolled over corrugated iron whilst a hundred thousand school children sang the Hallelujah Chorus.
However school was school and no excuses would be accepted if he stayed in bed. But it was not only the noise. As soon as he drew back the curtains he became aware of the light. It was as if a hundred suns had gathered directly outside his window and competed as to which could be the brightest. Matthew blinked...

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Comment by Anita Vine on October 5, 2010 at 8:40
. . .And it was gone as quick as a flash, he had sworn he could have seen something but he didn’t know what it was. . .but it was there. Suddenly a loud crash sent a chill down his spine, he turned to see that his door was slowly opening. As it creaked open a light shone, blinding him as he raised his hand to block out the electrifying light. Meanwhile a shape crept through the door it started to walk towards him and Matthew dared to peek at this hideous creature that was (most possibly) following him. What was it ?, and why was it in his room ? and most of all what did it want ?. . . .A grotesques hand reached out to grab him. He felt a tight pulling sensation around his neck . . .It was dragging him, tight and painful, he turned around and saw. . . .
Aidan and Sam
Comment by WP Central on October 5, 2010 at 11:39
“Aidan and Sam, you scared me to death! What kind of trick was that to play on your best mate?”
“Dude! You invited us for a sleep over.”
“I…I knew that. I was just messing about”, stuttered Mathew as a shudder crept down his spine. But Matthew was still suspicious about the noises he heard earlier.
When the clock struck midnight, Matthew, Aidan and Sam were still awake when they heard an eerie tapping coming from downstairs. Gradually, the sound became louder and clearer, until the sound came to a sudden halt. Aidan and Sam sprinted in to their sleeping bags and pulled the covers over their heads. Matthew stood still, feeling a little scared but he was determined to find the cause of the noise. All of a sudden he heard a high pitched female scream. Mum! His mum usually slept like a log. Why would she be awake at this time? Matthew ran downstairs, as fast as his legs could carry him. The discovery was shocking. Matthew dropped to his knees and burst into sorrowful tears. How could this be happening to him? He had never deserved this. It seemed like his life had turned into a nightmare…
Abberaame and Wajeeha, Langley Grammar
Comment by Janet Rothwell on October 5, 2010 at 11:40
We really enjoyed taking part in this story writing activity. We look forward to reading the ending of this story. Good Luck!
Abberaame and Wajeeha
Comment by John Iona on October 5, 2010 at 12:29
He was speechless, yet managed to let the tears sprout out of his eyes. He felt a cold shock freeze his heart, as he couldn’t believe what was there for him to see…
A trail of deep poisoned blood leading his eyes to some where unknown, the smell of blood stabbed the air like poisonous gases which pierced his soul in sorrow.

There was only one clue, the foot prints on the blood infested floor swept a red path leading to the creaking door still forcing its way side to side like an angry bull. His mates came in shock charging towards him as in he was the victim of death. Aidan shouted “Matthew what is going on”…

“Oh my he’s dead!”

Matthew got up from the floor showing them his blood stained hands in a curled formation . “ Its not me that’s hurt , its my mum she has disappeared ; I think…

Wendy Puscasu and Ilirjana Hasani
Oasis Academy Enfield
Comment by c stenhoff on October 5, 2010 at 12:52
She disappeared I think…

“What do you mean she disappeared? She was here just before we went to bed” Aidan said puzzled. “She was in her bed last time I checked and then I heard screaming and I rushed downstairs to see what was going on and I fell over and then…” Matthew burst into tears.
“We will find her, don’t worry” said Sam comfortingly but for some reason that did not make Matthew feel any better. “Thanks guys but I think I need to be alone for a while. I’ll call you when I “Aidan hesitated “I’ll call you if I find her.” Aidan and Sam collected up their things and left. Moments after they had left Aiden heard a bang. He rushed upstairs to find a tall, slender man in an ankle length coat, a wide brimmed hat tilted over his face and a navy blue scarf wrapped around his jaw…
By Ella and Lily
William Hulme's Grammar School
Comment by Margie Godwin on October 5, 2010 at 15:55
Aiden froze, within the next few seconds the mysterious man pulled out a dagger and slowly walked over to Aiden. He rushed down the stairs to the kitchen to get a knife and defend himself. Soon, he hears the man coming down the stairs. As Aiden’s heart pounds, he sees a shadow coming around the corner. Aiden hides under a table and as the man comes down he slits the man’s ankle. The man falls to the ground. Now, Aiden has a chance to take him out. The man said, “If you don’t kill me, I’ll show you where your mom is.” Aiden says okay, and the man takes him to the laundry room; and as Aiden approaches the door, the man trips him and locks Aiden in the room. As Aiden finds the light he sees Matthew’s mom strapped to a chair covered in gas and C4. The timer has 10 minutes till detonation. Matthew’s mom is dead, and Aiden is sitting down crying. As the man leaves the house, counting down as he drives away, “5,4,3,2,1” and the house explodes into pieces. The police arrive and the man is long gone. The cops say they’ve been looking for this man for a couple of years.

Evan, Nathan, Matt, and Luke
Lexington Elementary
Monroe, Louisiana

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