The dragon was on the beach. Dill knew this because although he couldn’t actually see it, he was too far away, he had been reliably informed by Shem that the twin plumes of smoke rising in the darkening sky came from the dragon’s terrible nostrils.
Dill’s ma and pa had gone with the rest of the elders, shining in their golden ceremonial robes. Dill had only seen them like this once before and he had been too little to understand. He had remembered the lottery though, and felt his ma’s tears of relief on his face when his name hadn’t been called out. After the sacrifice, there would be a celebration and dancing, which all seemed pretty callous to Dill, when you thought for a minute about the girl who was being offered up for the dragon’s dinner.
‘It’s supposed to be an honour,’ said Shem, chewing on a strand of grass, looking all solemn, like he cared.
‘Some honour,’ said Dill, and shivered. ‘Can you imagine it?’

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Comment by Anita Vine on October 5, 2010 at 8:37
Dill and Shem went to the beach to check out if there was a dragon or if it was just in their imagination. “If I get eaten tell my mum” says Shem. Dill laughs but at the back of her mind she thinks she actually might get eaten if it is there. Dill and Shem were so close to getting to the beach but no one was there, they must of got scared off or something. Shem says “I want an Ice-Cream!” What a stupid thing to say when they are about to see if there is a dragon on the beach. Then suddenly a rush of hot fire blew in to the air. Now there has got to be a Dragon here. Dill says to Shem “Now you can’t have a Ice-cream”. They both laughed but now there was as serious matter. They were going to get the dragon now, they turned the corner and there it was. Dill loved the fiery glow in its eyes, the dragon's eyes flickered with crimson before a spout of fire escaped from his lips. Smoke came out of the dragon's nostrils in smoky tendrils and rose to the air like silk. His scales felt like several flat, polished stones, each precisely stacked upon each other. The dragon's muscles rippled as he pushed the ground with his mighty feet and jumped into the air closer to Dill and Shem. When the dragon snarled, he revealed rows of yellow, slimy teeth like daggers. All of a sudden he put his neck down as though he wanted them to board. They looked at each other and they thought to themselves Should we……
Comment by Anita Vine on October 5, 2010 at 8:37
By Dawud and Michael
Comment by janet dowey on October 5, 2010 at 9:36
run shem said yes okay cried dill as the dragon let out red hot fire dill and shem ran as fast as they can they looked back half a mile down the road the dragon was gone.shem went to dills house and they looked out of dills bedroom window see if the dragon was there.just then dill thought to himself we have to see wherethat dragon has gone and fast shem said no we coud of got killed stop being a baby shouted dill.shem replied OK BUT IF I GET KILLED ITS YOUR FAULT.yes screamed dill thet's go dill ran out of his house with shem he was scared that he was gonna be killed they ran to the beach there were people having a good time dill said i dont get it............
jordon brownell
Comment by janet dowey on October 5, 2010 at 9:42
I liked this story because it was diffrent it was a bit of a mystery story and it was on a beach instead of a cave.
Comment by janet dowey on October 5, 2010 at 9:42
kill or ride the beast" dill said "go on what harm can it do it wants us to ride it " shem looked at the dragon in fear they got on shem was even more scared than before infact she was petrofied . they flew the dragon dill was loving it wile shem was sqeezeing it like a witchs cat they landed shem said to the dragon "stay here well be back in a minute" when they returned the dragon was gone.
ethan harrison
Comment by janet dowey on October 5, 2010 at 9:48
I have loved to write it again next year
Comment by Janet Rothwell on October 5, 2010 at 11:37
We enjoyed doing this task we are interested which direction this will carry on.
By Jasper & Luckshan
Comment by WP Central on October 5, 2010 at 11:40
Dill glanced at Shem. They looked at the sky in astonishment as they saw a large red creature gliding across the fluffy white clouds. Within a few seconds they knew without doubt it was the dragon. “What are we going to do?” asked Dill. The mighty dragon roared. The boys were paralysed with fear. As they were following the dragon’s path, they saw a young woman strolling with a Morrison’s bag full of groceries. She didn’t notice her surroundings. She didn’t even hear the supreme roar of the dragon. What she did notice was the colossal shadow that slowly towered over her. Startled, she spun round petrified. The dragon’s razor-sharp claws grabbed the lady…
By Jasper & Luckshan, Langley Grammar
Comment by John Iona on October 5, 2010 at 12:39
The lady's scream could be heard as her soul was devoured by the darkness of the dragon soul and her conscience was taken to the netherworld. Shem and Dill attempted to move but they were paralyzed by the shock of seeing that poor defenceless old lady getting swiped away by the dragon. Then Shem and Dill saw it with a mysterious emblem on it; it said the beginning of the end.
"The defenceless lady who got swiped away was a member of the dragon hunter society," Dill said.
“ I’ve got it everyone who’s been taken has been a member of the dragon hunter society ’’ Shem answered.
“ My Dad was a member of the dragon hunter society but he quit as soon as someone got taken because he realised it would be to dangerous if he had a family.’’
But then Dill saw it again, the dragon, but Shem didn’t see it and she got taken within a matter of time. The darkness had taken her to a world without light…

By Jack Watson Price and Benjamin Lammy
Oasis Academy Enfield
Comment by Elfin on October 5, 2010 at 12:54
The lady screamed like the night witches high pitched battle cry.'AIIEEEE'. The claws of the dragon tore into the ladys ceremonial cloak staining it red, blood dripped down like nightmare rain.'NOO MUM!'Screamed Dill. Only as the lady was being torn apart by the vicious , Blue Dragon did he notice that the lady was his mother. The dragon ascended into the sky clutching Dills helpless, limp, mother in its Samaurai claws.Dill ran after it shrieking like a Banshee.He followed it until he could follow it no more.He sat down on the sand feeling deflated.'Dill Dill' someone shouted weakly. Dill turned to see Shem panting and jogging towards him.'Come on we'll look in the morning.Dill stood up he heard a rustle, his head whipped back under the light of the moon he saw a glimmer of blue in the distance.
By Lewis Eaton, Nardine Mansour, Chinara Crichlow
William Hulme's Grammar School

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