It was a cold January day, the beginning of the Spring Term and the wind was blowing take-away cartons and free newspapers around Ashley’s feet. She was wearing the new shiny jacket Gran had given her for Christmas, her school jogging bottoms and sweatshirt. But she still felt cold. Her long brown hair was tied back and tucked into her collar to keep her neck warm.
An old car spewed out exhaust fumes like a dust cloud in front of her and she could almost see it settle on the shiny fruit piled up outside Harry’s Food and Wine shop. At least I walk to school, thought Ashley, but then Mum is an Eco-Warrior. She had promised to take Ashley to a city farm if she worked hard this term.
“I always work hard,” Ashley had said.
“Extra hard,” muttered her mother who wanted Ashley to become England’s first Green Party MP.

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Comment by Anita Vine on October 5, 2010 at 8:46
SCRUNCH! Another newspaper faced the death under Ashley’s feet. The wind started to whirl like an angry child screaming. Ashley held on to her new shiny jacket as though it was her life supply to protect her from the gushing wind. She went to the shop which was covered in dark black fumes as though a burning tower of destruction had raged through the helpless shop. Ashley’s mind was like a tornado destroying her choice whether to be the first green party MP. As Ashley stepped out of the shop her long brown hair suddenly opened out as though a ghost had cursed her. She scurried home.
The next day. RING RING, her alarm went off. Ashley rapidly leapt out of her comfy bed. Frantically got dressed and scurried down the steep stairs. She grabbed a piece of toast and swept her gloomy green bag off the wooden floor as though a falcon was catching its prey. Something felt strange but she didn’t know what. She went outside and saw a blue streamlined Lamborghini parked up on the curb outside the house. A middle aged man with tinted glasses was waiting for her.......
Abdullah and Matt
Comment by Janet Rothwell on October 5, 2010 at 11:38
We really enjoyed this experience because we got to mix ideas together and collaborate to create an interesting chapter with a cliff hanger. What will happen next in this story? I can’t wait to see our work in a published book. Thanks for the opportunity!
Savini and Anita
Comment by WP Central on October 5, 2010 at 11:40
She suddenly heard a man calling her name. She cautiously turned around and there he was. Who could that man be? She had recognised him from somewhere. But where? A mysterious woman with glasses on the tip of her nose looked down suspiciously at Ashley. The man winked at her. Where they in it together? In some sort of sinister plot? It suddenly dawned on her. She had seen the man on TV. He was businessman called Sir Alex Honey. She had remembered the name from her Mum who had ranted it in blazing fury. He was trying to build a large gas guzzling factory. Luckily the council had refused. He was a faint blur of pixels in Ashley’s mind. A bald man with that cheeky, unpleasant grin. But the woman? Who was she? Maybe an evil headmistress from a strict academy. She was cold-hearted. Her laser eyes made it so obvious. She had cookies in her hand. Sniffing around Ashley was drawing in closer to the woman’s hand. Ashley was like a puppet being controlled by this evil woman holding masses of tempting cookies. Why would Ashley give in? The woman was next to that evil Honey man. Thoughts flew inside Ashley’s head. If that woman thought that Ashley was stupid then she was wrong. Ashley wasn’t allowed to buy cookies because the packing wasn’t recyclable. Her mum might be helping the environment but at times she was such a yawn. Why did she have that delicious plate of cookies in her hand? Why was she tempting her? What use would a 13 year old be to a money-making man like Sir Honey and his malicious assistant? Ashley couldn’t resist, she was pulled in to the cookies...

Savini and Anita, Langley Grammar
Comment by John Iona on October 5, 2010 at 12:27
Ashley tried to get the cookies but the evil woman grabbed hold of her hand. The evil lady had kidnapped her and taken her somewhere obvious, but it looked very similar to what she saw as a little girl.

She thought of those days . Those were the days when her parents were still together as one. It was almost too good to be true. When she was young they lived in a massive house. Ashley used to hide under the stairs and carve wonderful pictures, but one day she heard her parents screaming very loud. She couldn’t get out. Ashley was locked in under the stairs! Her parents kept going up and down the stairs, and Ashley thought her mum was going to die. She had never heard her mum scream so loud. When the event ended she only managed to get out of the house with little Ben and Miss Piggy.

When she wakes up she realises that she knew this house from before.

Esra Ceritli and Aycan Ali
Oasis Academy Enfield
Comment by Elfin on October 5, 2010 at 12:49
Ashley grabbed the cookies and she was forced by herself to gobble them up. The lady stopped staring with her gleaming laser eyes and suddenly she smiled a warm smile staring gently into Ashley’s eyes. Sir Alex Honey stepped forward his hand perched onto Ashley’s shoulder and smiled at her too but his sour evil grin took over his face. Ashley found herself smiling back as if it was a trick or force of some sort. He held out what looked like edible paper Ashley grabbed it stuffing it in her mouth. Then she let out a BURP and edible paper was in Sir Alex Honey’s hand. Ashley looked closer at the paper and saw it was a contract of her DEATH BED and as she had burped her signature was on it meaning Ashley was at risk of painful DEATH!!
By Monnay and Clementina
william Hulme’s Grammar School
Comment by Margie Godwin on October 5, 2010 at 15:57
Just then, the evil man grabbed her, and she tried to get away. The man’s strong, steel grip was too much. The deadly grip was so powerful it cut off her circulation, and she passed out. When she woke, she found herself strapped in an electric chair…with a knife to her neck. She tried to scream for help, but she couldn’t. She was gagged.

Then the lights went.

They were about to start the electric chair when that happened. Then she unstrapped herself and ran to a door. She opened it and went inside. Then the lights came back on. She saw a ghostly figure approaching her with a gun. It grabbed her, and she found out it was Sir Honey. He held the gun to the head. Then she heard a gunshot, but it wasn’t from Sir Honey. He fell to the floor, dead. She was very confused. She around and saw a slightly familiar man. She asked him, “Who are you, and how did you get here?” He said, “I got here in a car, and my name is Max.” Then, he and Ashley moved into a home with Ashley’s mom and lived a safe life.

Sophie, Alexis, McKenna, Whitney
Lexington Elementary
Monroe, Louisiana

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