Sandra Elliott was shopping in town when she realised that something had changed. At first she thought it was something outside - a building had been knocked down, perhaps, or a road re-routed while she had been away. But it was more than that. For a dizzy moment she wondered if she had been transported into a parallel world, where everything was only nearly the same as the one she knew, and that in this world everyone had three legs or two heads or something bizarre like that.
But then she realised that it wasn’t anything around her at all; it was something inside. She had changed. But how?
She continued on her day, puzzled, but unalarmed. It was only as she was hurrying out of the supoermarket and pushed a small child out of her way that she began to have an inkling what was going on. The child fell to the floor and Sandra, without even thinking about it, trampled on its arm as she made her way out.
The child creamed in pain. "So sorry!" said Sandra automatically, and hurried away before the mother could confront her. But she wasn't sorry. That was the thing. She didn't care about it one little bit.

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Comment by Shea Reeder on October 6, 2010 at 8:13
Written by Diwa, Max and Jack from The American School of Vietnam

Sandra clumsily ambled out of the store and promenaded down the concrete sidewalk, the child’s scream resonating in her head, her mind whirring like clockwork—what was going on? She drank in her surroundings. She observed the statuesque buildings, the people scurrying about, and the trees, their golden leaves dancing in the light autumn breeze. Nothing stood out immediately as out of the ordinary, and yet…she could sense that something was amiss. Coffee, she thought. I need coffee. It’s quite early, after all; a few swigs is just what I need to clear my head. She absentmindedly crossed the street, paying no mind to the angry yells that emanated from the drivers. She stumbled into the coffee shop that she had been a faithful customer of for years—Bean Around the World—and murmured, “The usual,” to the burly shopkeeper. Several minutes later, her drink arrived; she eagerly gulped it down. The harmonious concoction of coffee, milk, and sugar comforted her, but only slightly. She gazed out of the window, and examined the bustling city outside. All of a sudden, she became aware of a startling difference in herself: she, an animal welfare activist and vegan, suddenly felt a fiery contempt towards the stray dogs and cats trotting on the pavement, the sparrows fluttering about, even the ant that was inching up the drywall next to her.
Comment by Darren Hartwell -Charters School on October 6, 2010 at 9:32
Sophie Rose Seccombe, Elizabeth Nicholls, Emily Redpath, Charters School

She ignored her disturbing thoughts and diverted her attention to the posh French restaurant across the road. A place where steaks were done rare. She smashed through the spinning doors with rage in her eyes. There was something new about her. A trip that should’ve taken five minutes took her three seconds. In exhaustion she collapsed next to the restaurant door and her chest heaved unbearably. She gathered up her strength and stumbled into the dark insides of the tempting restaurant. Sandra pushed past the waiter and into the excruciatingly white ‘Staff Only’ door. Without having any control over her body anymore, she attacked the helpless chef. He screamed as she tore at his flesh without any success and she howled as she smelt burning skin. Her own.
“GET OFF HIM” were the many screams of the other chefs that pierced her ears like a screeching eagle.
She ran out to the cold alleyway and suddenly everything seemed different. Her surroundings softened and spun in a rhythmic motion. Sandra felt her body almost turn to water and then rise to a new strength. She saw millions of different colours before her eyes, amplify and multiply. She saw a dark figure staggered slowly towards her. A slight familiarity raced through her as she pushed her body against the wall and fell into a sense of insecurity.
Comment by Adrian Thompson Laisterdyke UK on October 6, 2010 at 11:03
What had happened to her? What had she done? All of a sudden, a cloud shifted. The fullmoon could be seen. She jerked upright and her blood boiled.Hair started growing all over her body. "WHATS HAPPENING TO ME", she screamed.Her mouth and nose turned into a snout. Then she realised what she was, a WEREWOLF!
Comment by Carol Williams on October 6, 2010 at 12:41
That night she noticed something she thought even less realistic than becoming a werewolf. Through out the streets were other fictional and prehistoric creatures. It was as if the whole population Manchester had deviated into the most unrealistic forms. Suddenly she felt powerless. Of the creatures here, she was certainly one of the weakest. Though some life forms here were extinct insects, most were huge and very threatening. She was not being attacked, but she could tell some danger was approaching.

Jagmale and John, Fernwood School
Comment by Janis Bradbury on October 6, 2010 at 13:53
Sandra turned to find a horrifying beast complete with claws, fangs and a deadly determination in its eyes. It drooled hungrily at her, it’s deformed, misshapen body stained with blood from its latest meal. It growled fiercely, and before she could analyse the situation it charged. Its heavy feet making the ground quake before her. Suddenly her hidden reflexes kicked into action and she slid through its legs and pounced, gripping into the soft flesh of the creatures back. The dark, warm blood spurted out of the deep claw marks and covered her paws. The creature howled in pain and started to thrash around. She gripped tightly, climbed up, and sunk her razor fangs into the creature’s neck. The blood gushed into her mouth. It tasted good. It stumbled slightly and she bit deeper, ripping the flesh from its dying host. It fell heavily to the blood covered floor. Sandra stopped and stared at her paws, shocked, tears rolling down her snout. She threw her head back and howled at the moon angry for giving her this terrible curse. She looked down into the twilight lit street and stared at the oncoming torrent of nightmarish demons coming her way…

Laurie and Luke Knutsford High School
Comment by Allison Painich on October 6, 2010 at 20:59
Suddenly, Sandra realized why Manchester was going haywire. Back in '05, everyone got a letter in the mail stating the faucet water was temporarily toxic and everyone that drank it during that year would get sick in five years. The people of Manchester thought it was some kind of prank since they received it on April Fool's Day. So now, in 2010, everyone that drank the toxic water turned into vicious, man-earing creatures.
See, Sandra drank the least amount of water, so she was the weakest creature in all of Manchester. She was frantic with worry about her friends, family, and most of all, herself, and wondered if they would all make it.
"There must be a reverse antidote," Sandra cried. Then, it hit her. Before Grandpa Dan died, he gave her a strange liquid in a bottle. "Use this in case the world goes mad," he said. Sandra suddenly had a feeling of reassurance.

Jordan, Jabari, Keira, Indya
Minnie Ruffin Elementary
Monroe, Louisiana

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