7/10/16 Primary Cliff McNish

Lauren McGinley was afraid of monsters. She saw them everywhere.

 ‘Don't be silly,’ her parents told her. ‘Monsters don't exist.’

 ‘Yes, they do!’ Lauren told them back. ‘There’s one!’ 

 Lauren pointed at a slightly monster-shaped patch of shadow on her carpet made by a chair. 

‘And there! Look at that really big one!’

 She pointed at her bedroom window this time. 

‘That’s just a tree outside,’ her dad said. ‘The other two are   shadows.’ 


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Comment by WP Central on October 7, 2016 at 7:20

“No, it is a Monster, his name is David’ she told her parents “David said he would hurt me if I didn’t do what he told me to.”

“Okay it’s getting late, you need to get to bed, we will talk about it in the morning.” Her parents said to end the conversation. Lauren got into the bed with a frightened look on her face. “Wait!” she said “Can you tuck me in and pull the covers all the way up to cover my face?”

“Of course” her mother said, and did exactly what Lauren told her. Lauren was out cold when her parents turned off her lights and shut the door. 

Later on, she woke with a start from a bang of thunder, shaking her whole room. She looked at the clock, it read “3:52”. She saw something in the corner of her eye, she swung her head around to see David standing in front of the window.

Katie B, Carmel Hill Education Program, Louisiana

Comment by Amy Lewis on October 7, 2016 at 9:09
" Hello Lauren nice meeting you again!" He said in a dark angry voice. Plus he was much different , David had a dirty teddy bear face and a dragon body with tiny wings . All of a sudden he smashed the window open with his tiger tail. Then Lauren's mum burst in the door and saw the sack of toys and her grandmother's old teddy bears head ripped off. It was all her imagination. Then the teddy bear's face fell off. Lauren's mum fainted...
Emily B, Isabelle, Jamie T, Tom and Crystal - Hoo St Werburgh Primary School, Kent, England
Comment by Andy Taylor on October 7, 2016 at 11:09

Laurens eyes slowly opened. “Hello Lauren” exclaimed a welcoming voice, Lauren lifted her head up to see a man dressed in white, it was a doctor. “Where’s mum?”  she spluttered “Here she-“ “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh”!!! She screamed as a strange shimmering shadow entered the room “What’s the matter Lauren?” queried the concerned doctor “It is David the monster!”she tried to get out of her hospital bed and run away  but her limbs were too weak…


By Nathan, Molly, Harry, Harrison and Tharshigan

Otters Class, Easebourne Primary School

Comment by Amy Lewis on October 7, 2016 at 14:05
"Why can't I move?" She screamed. She thought she was going to have a heart attack. This time, David looked different. His teddy-bear face seemed rounder somehow.
The doctor took Lauren's hand. "Don't be afraid, I'm here to help." He smiled at her so sweetly it reminded her of her mother. "I gave you an injection to help you relax and feel calm. Your mum told us you've been having some hallucinations lately."
David gave a demented laugh at this. "But there's one right there!" Lauren felt like crying with frustration. "And they're not hallucinations, they're monsters!"
Just at that moment, Lauren's mum walked in. As that happened, David transformed before her eyes. He was just a 'Get Well Soon' balloon after all?
"This can't be right," Lauren questioned. "Mum, do me a favour and leave the room again?"
Alana ,Jamie ,Robbie and Harvey.
Comment by Sarah Cook on October 10, 2016 at 0:00

“Yeah sure no worries.” answers Mum. As soon the door is shut, objects gradually start forming into monsters.

“Ahhhhhhh” screams Lauren.

Mum rushes in “Honey what’s wrong?” cries Mum.

“Wait, shut the door again get out?” suggests Lauren.


“Just for a test” answers Lauren. So Mum shuts the door. With mum outside once again, objects start to form into monsters. “Mum come in now” yelled Lauren terrified. “Get the doctor!” Mum calls the doctor who rushes in. Lauren shouts “GIVE ME A TEST, I THINK I KNOW WHAT'S WRONG.” The doctors obey her request and starts the test.

”What do you think is wrong” asks the doctor ?“

“Every time I’m alone in a room, slowly objects start to form into monsters” answers Lauren. Once the test is over, the doctor has an idea what is wrong.

“Helen” calls the doctor. “This is Helen one of the nurses here in the hospital. She will be taking good care of you so no monsters come and form.  I need to talk to your parents, is that fine with you?” asks the doctor.

The doctor brings the parents into his office. “I think the problem is that she is lonely, because monsters come when she is by herself. Is she home schooled?” asks the doctor

“Yes she is, just when Lauren says that she sees monsters, we don’t want her to be bullied by children just because of the monsters.” answers the dad.

“Does Lauren do any out of school curriculums?” asks the doctor.

“No, as I said before we don”t want lauren to be bullied”

“ Lauren must be lonely if negative company comes to her. So an idea is that she should get a pet for company so no monsters can form.”

“Thank you very much we will definitely do anything for our little Lauren” cried the parents with excitement.  

 By Evelyn & Isabella

Christ the King, Australia

Comment by Jacinta Keenan on October 10, 2016 at 1:36

The next day...

Lauren and her parents were discussing what they should do to help her.

"I think we should take you to an after school care so that you can make some life long friends instead of always being stuck by our side. You can invite them over for a play, if you want." Said Mum.

"Sure, I like the idea of a pet. Can I have a pet before I go to after school care. Please?" 

"Ok. What pet would you like?" asked Dad

" I'm not sure. What would you recommend, dad?" asked Lauren.

" I think a pet guinea pig would be great beca-" with out letting him finished Mum burst in.

" No a pet dog. We can train it and it can sleep in your room to keep you safe at night. You can take it on daily walks to the park. You could take it to your after school care, if you want, that is." persuaded Mum.

" Ooh, yes please. I would love a dog. When can we get him?" asked Lauren

" Do you want to get him now?" asked Dad. Lauren nodded. They got there raincoats and pulled on there shoes and ran out to the car while rain was pouring on the pavement.

They arrived at the pet shop and asked the shop keeper if we could have a pet puppy.

" Sorry, we don't have any dogs we sold out this morning, but we have some cats or birds.Follow me I'll show you them." he lead the way towards the cages. They all follow him to the cats.

" Ooh" said Lauren. She had just seen a ginger cat with green eyes.

" Can I have this one." she pointed to the cat.

" If you want that one, you get that one." said the father.

" So this is the lucky cat, is it?" said the shop keeper

" Yes please." said the mother.

" I think I'll name it Lucky." Lauren declared.

" Wonderful. Here you go. have a great day." Said the shopkeeper.

After that Lauren never saw the monsters again and she made lots of new friends at after school care and they loved playing with her cat Lucky.

By Kiara, Claire and Nicholas.

St. Brigid's Catholic School, Australia.

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