7/10/16 Primary Philip Caveney

The house was very old, full of shadowy corners, quite unlike the simple two-up, two-down where Sam and his family had lived for so many years. But after Dad was gone, Mum said she wanted to move closer to Carlisle, to be near her parents and this place was all they could afford. It was stuck out in the middle of nowhere, looking like something from another time. Mum told him that she was thrilled with the place, it should have been much more expensive, but it had been on the market for so long, she’d managed to pick it up ‘for a song.’

 Sam didn’t much care. With Dad no longer around, everything seemed flat and heavy and endless. It was summer, so at least he didn’t have the horror of starting a new school just yet but he couldn’t seem to work up enthusiasm for anything.

 On the first day there, Mum asked him to carry some empty cardboard boxes up the attic. He was a bit surprised by this, because up until this point, he hadn’t realised the house had an attic. But he picked up the stack of boxes and went dutifully up the three flights of stairs until he found the ancient, paint-blistered door at the very end of the top landing. He turned the handle and peered cautiously inside. Then he opened his mouth and stared in absolute amazement.

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Comment by WP Central on October 7, 2016 at 7:39

 He saw a puppy that had spots all over him and long fur. He put the boxes down then picked the dog up but the dog bit him and ran to opposite side of the attic. He tried again and again to catch the puppy and eventually caught him and asked Mum if he could keep the puppy. Mum said he could keep the puppy so he decided to name him, Max. On his way down the stairs from the attic he heard noise down stairs. Mum had just left to go buy food and it was only him and Mum. They also, didn’t have any nearby neighbours. So he decided to investigate where the noise came from, once he got down the stairs he looked all around the house but didn’t see anyone and they didn’t have any pets besides the puppy he just found. He went into the room he had chosen prior to going into the attic. When he got into his room he glanced into one of the shadowy corners of hid room and saw…

Hannah P, Carmel Hill Education Program, Louisiana

Comment by Amy Lewis on October 7, 2016 at 8:36

In the furthest corner of the room was dark, black, fiery smoke with sparkly gold dust swirling in mist, moving quickly like a tornado. Beside this was a metallic silver panel which was square with circles at each corner and covered in buttons. He stepped closer and saw that the buttons had writing and pictures on them. They were in a strange language which looked unlike any he'd ever seen before. Was this a teleportation device? Whilst he was inspecting the panel, he realised that Max had been investigating the fiery black portal. A hand grabbed Max at the same time as Sam grabbed him. Together they tumbled into the portal ......

Sharks Class, Hoo St Werburgh Primary School, Kent, England

Comment by Andy Taylor on October 7, 2016 at 10:52

…With an enormous thud, bump, crash he landed on the floor.  His initial attempt to get up just held him, stuck to the cold, hard ground   for longer. If he couldn’t get up now, how would he ever return?  He looked up and realised that people were walking upside-down in thin air above him. He noticed he was lying in the middle of a zebra crossing. Cars were moving backwards, but why? He panicked, and tried to move but fell on his head! Everything seemed to have changed, everything was … he noticed a message written in chalk on the road, which read:


It was only then he saw a large digital clock face on a big yellow tower. The time was counting down.

23:58:40… 23:59:39… 23:59:38…



By Lillianne, Lily, Kelcie, Max, Jonty and Geraint

Otters Class, Easebourne Primary School

Comment by Amy Lewis on October 7, 2016 at 14:02
He soon realised, that the harder he tried to get up, the more firmly he lay on th ground. Then it hit him. He thought about what could possibly be the opposite of getting up... he relaxed into the tarmac and soon found his body shooting upwards until he was finally standing.
"This really is backwards!" The thought to himself, astounded. Got up and in the corner of his eye he saw a dog which was looked like max he saw a man with max.the man faded from the world as the darkness grew over him. He slowly turned his head to find his dog max running away "XAM" he yelled with all his might running all the way.Every step he took was backwards, as we went deeper in the city.As he followed the dog he suddenly realised he was following his dog and didn't know where he was.In the distance, he could seed a human figure that looked like his father!
"rehtaf" he yelled, he thought to himself "where could he be?"
Then he rememberd what the word was that he heard over the telephone "nwot".

Finally, he realised that the word he was looking for was town."Dad"?
Comment by Sarah Cook on October 9, 2016 at 23:52

Flashback:4 months earlier

Sam and his mother and father are going on an outback safari to discover the new wonders of Australia. Sam hears a rumble in his stomach and is desperately hungry so  they all take a stop for a barbecue. Sam’s father suggests that sam should go and explore the native animals and plants but as father get’s the barbecue ready mother stop’s Sam and reminds him of the dangers of exploring alone until father convinces mother to go with Sam. So Sam and his Mother journeyed into the bush to explore. As father cooks the meat he realises there is no light around him and as the steak sizzles father looks up and sees nothing but darkness. And the more frightened he becomes the closer the darkness surrounds father. And within a second Father is GONE!!

Sam and mother  return see that father us gone so they search and search until they realize that he is forever gone.

Back in Opposite town

Suddenly Sam realises that His father was never gone he was taken to this horrid place. I got to find Max and rescue my dad. So Sam Finally catches Max and picks him up. Until Sam notices a collar that says Father.Sam’s natural attempt is to remove the collar and investigate it, but Max jumps down and in a flash Max transformed into Sam’s Long lost Father.

 By Samantha & Elianna

Christ the King, Australia

Comment by Jacinta Keenan on October 10, 2016 at 1:46

Then Sam asked his dad what he was doing here. Dad said when he got lost in the outback he saw a dog fall through a portal. He tried to rescue the dog and got stuck here and turned into a dog. Sam asked his dad how do we get home. We have to turn into a dog to get out said dad.You have to put on that collar and you turn in to a dog. So his father got a collar for sam and they turned into a dog. Now how do we find the portal? It is up on the mountain Sam. Wait if you knew how to get home how come you didn't?  It's a mystery, maybe we will never know? let's just get home. So they climbed up the  mountain which took 2 hours. Finally they found the portal. They went home to see their mum crying because she thought he lost Sam forever. As she saw them she continued to cry but they were tears of joy. The End

by Joseph, Xavier and J'Khobi

St Brigid's Catholic School New Norfolk, Australia

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