7th October - Steve Barlow & Steve Skidmore

“What in thunder?”

Captain Grogbottle’s roar echoed round the bridge. The ship’s engines of The SS Tintanium had suddenly stopped working. One minute they had pushing the great ship through the Ocean’s waters, but now they were dead.

Then the Captain began barking orders left and right. Worried-looking officers leapt to obey, pushing buttons, checking instruments, talking in urgent, hushed voices.

“Engine room, engine room.” One of the officers, wearing a telephone headset, looked up from his control station. “No response from the engine room, Captain.”

“Hell’s bells and buckets of blood!” Captain Grogbottle turned a flushed face towards the ghostly figure standing on the bridge. “Do you know anything about this?”

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Comment by Nerine Chalmers, Qatar Academy on October 7, 2010 at 6:07
The figure said “Yes, Captain Grogbottle. The engine has been clogged up. Your worst enemy, Mistedious Rizer, has done it.” Then, the figure disappeared into the mist. He went down to the engine room. When he entered the room, he was hit by a sudden wave of drowsiness. He rushed up to the kitchen for a hot, steaming vat of coffee. “Arrrr, give me a barrel of coffee on the quadruple.” He thundered at the cook. Half a barrel later, he went down to the engine room. Clogging up the engines was a huge gumball. That was when he noticed that the engine room’s crew was sleeping deeply on the control panel. Captain Grogbottle heaved them aside and used one of their shirts to wipe the drool off. The drowsiness was overpowering. With his precious last bits of energy, he tipped the barrel of coffee onto the gumball. Then, he fainted.
When he got up, the ship was making noises like a giant snoring … into a microphone. “What in THUNDER is going on DOWN THERE?!” Captain Grogbottle roared. At the sound of his voice, the cook rushed to his side. “Captain, there is something clogging up the engines.” “I know. Do I look like a fool?” When Captain Grogbottle got to the deck, there were sailors running left and right. “STOP!!!” Captain Grogbottle vociferated. “WHAT is GOING ON?” “We’re trying to unclog the engines, Captain!” replied the crew. Captain Grogbottle grabbed a huge pole from the deck and ambled down to the engine room. He speared the gumball and pulled it out. Immediately, the ship lurched into action. “Now, to get that Mistedious Rizer.” spat Captain Grogbottle.
Usama and Mohammed
Qatar Academy, Doha, Qatar
Comment by Karen Gleave on October 7, 2010 at 10:45
As they arrived at the Caribbean, Captain Grogbottle shouted “Ship ahoy!” .They all jumped off the ship and started running towards the shore. They were looking for his enemy! Captain Grogbottle was running as fast as he could with his peg leg sinking into the soft, shingle sand. They were hunting all over the place for his arch adversary. Suddenly they crashed into Mistedious Rizer and his gang! Captain Grogbottle had a terrifying look on his face, he was still angry about Mistedious Rizer damaging his ship. The crew just stood there they did nothing. Without warning Captain Grogbottle took his peg leg off and hit Mistedious Rizer in the head with a thump! He was out cold!
Captain Grogbottle and his crew took the treasure and ran to the ship but his ship was sailing away! How did that happen? Some of the crew had decided to steal the ship. Captain Grogbottle didn’t know what to do. “Come on “he screamed “lets make some boats!” The crew went into the forest and stared chopping down trees to make mini boats for them to chase the ship and get home, how else could they share the treasure? They all were working very hard Captain Grogbottle knew they didn’t have much time, Mistedious Rizer would wake up soon and then there would be trouble….
Comment by Karen Gleave on October 7, 2010 at 10:47
By Emilie Postgate
Comment by WP Central on October 7, 2010 at 12:28
“Yes captain” shouted the ghostly figure over the deafening sound of the waves. “Your worst enemy Blackbeard has launched an attack on our ship, Arrrrr!”
“What!” angrily replied the gobsmacked captain. “Blackbeard, how dare he, I command an immediate attack on him, fire the cannons.”
“Aye Aye captain.”Replied the spooky ghostly figure.” So the figure named Skipper John approached the cannons rapidly and heaved a cannonball into place. “Fire the cannons!” demanded the impatient captain. SPLASH! “You missed, you stupid boy, how dare you.” said the annoyed captain. Suddenly a shipmate cried. “ Captain Blackbeard and his crew are invading!”
“Prepare your weapons,” shouted captain Grogbottle. “3,2,1, ATTACK!” And then the battle had begun. There was blood everywhere. People were fighting as though World War 3 had begun. But nobody had noticed that Blackbeard was still aboard his ship, then there was an almighty CRASH! “Captain,” cried Skipper John “we’re sinking…”

By Ishaq and Bradley Woodhill Primary School
Comment by Rosie Pike on October 7, 2010 at 13:50
Finally, the boats were built and the crew got ready to set sail.
As there weren’t many boats, Captain Grogbottle had to fit lots of heavy, fat and muscly crew into each boat. As the boats took off after their ship, something happened to them. The boats couldn’t stand the weight of the pirates and gradually started to sink, bringing all the robbed treasure down with them.
All the crew jumped into the icy water to discover that they couldn’t swim. Captain Grogbottle and three other members of the crew, Alan Swashbuckle, L. Grunt and Jimmy III, managed to survive by clinging on to a single piece of driftwood.
They floated slowly back to the beach to meet an awake and very furious Mistedious Rizer, ready for battle. “What in thunder…?” shouted Captain Grogbottle when he found out that Mistedious Rizer had woken up.
Inevitably, they were soon viciously fighting. While Captain Grogbottle quickly took a swig of coffee, Mistedious Rizer snuck up behind him and sliced off his foe’s peg-leg with a gleaming and very sharp axe. Captain Grogbottle twizzled on the fulcrum of his remaining leg and fell onto the gritty sand. Rizer raised his axe above the Captain and prepared to swing it down towards his heart…

Simrhan, Sophie and Cameron
Bishops Storford College
Comment by Linda Thiebaud on October 7, 2010 at 16:09
That day was not pleasent. A blood-curdling scream could be heard a mile away. Captain Grogbottle lay on the ground, but two captains were left. Blackbeard landed on the beach and leaped off of the deck. Blackbeard reached to his side and pulled out a raiper. Mistedious Razer did the same with long sword. They were silent, but deadly. They clashed weapons and the fight to the finish began. Blackbeaed did a diveroll and dodged and attack. Razer backdashed and slashed at Blackbeard, who dodged it. Razer stabed Blackbeard in the arm, but they fought on. They swore and taunted eachother, hour after hour. It was nearly sundown, and neither could barely stand any more. "Huff,' me!" Razer barely said. "Puff, Puff...w-watch me!" Blackbeard yelled. Razer stumbled, but chared at Blackbeard, and Blackbeard shielded himself with the tip of his raiper. Razer's dying breath burst out of his mouth. He dropped to the ground, an ugly sight he was. Blackbeard yelled in victory, "Arrrrrrgh!" And walked away, towards the nearby port, and where there's a port, there is a town. His frightening shadow limped away, and disappeared into the sunset. He found a new ship and sailed away. He never returned to the island now known as Galveston. They say if you listen closley, you can still hear Blackbeard's victory cry.
Comment by Linda Thiebaud on October 7, 2010 at 16:10
Submitted by Zachary and Cassidy

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