‘All you have to do,’ said Bev, ‘is be available from 10am to 11am and write 6 paragraphs to go underneath 6 other paragraphs. OK?’

‘OK,’ I said. ‘No problem.’

It was only later I started to worry: What if my computer broke down? What if my head broke down? What if a Thing with devil-red eyes burst from my lap top and throttled me mid-sentence, leaving me incapable of fulfilling my task? I’d feel a fool. So it was a relief when, as the clock struck 11.01 precisely, I submitted my final words and collapsed to the floor in a sweaty but happy heap. I’d just spent one of the most enjoyable hours I’ve ever had, and certainly the only one that’s included strange men, dogs, hairy-handed assailants, resurrected fathers, silver-plated members of the Death Squad, and jam. Previous hours may have included some of those things, but never all in one go.

When I’d regained my composure I checked back to see how the stories were progressing and it was only then I realised I’d become delirious: Mincemeat bananas? The whole thing was a dream after all. Or was it…


Write Path is fantastic fun and I so enjoyed working with you all today and getting a glimpse into your startlingly strange and brilliant imaginations. Thank you,



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Comment by Nikki Heath on October 13, 2011 at 14:31

Hi, Sorrel,

You make it sound so hard!!! :)

 THANK YOU for leaving the Werneth Write-Pathers with such interesting paragraphs to follow. They had a ball! We hope you liked the day's continuations.

Nikki Heath

Comment by Sorrel Anderson on October 14, 2011 at 9:26

Hi Nikki! Haha! I had a ball too. I LOVED the continuations, they were fantastic. 


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