Hello its Miles Jones, Samuel Tibbert, Jeavon Copeland, Harry Welch and John evens. We have been given the task to complete a verse of the poem 'Dolphins' by Jane Prowse. It has been a great way to improve teamwork and we can tell you it got pretty intense on our table under the time limit.
we decided to take a dark and depressing theme to the poem as we saw the previous poets had given us the resources in the previous verses. Intentional or not, we took the oppertunity.
We took the theme of pollution and made it dark by protraying it through the eyes of a dolphin. We left it on a very open line for the next group of poets to create or carry on with the poem however they choose.
We Hope you enjoy and appreciate the sincerity of the verse.
Blog by John Evans
This was a challenge as we had to write a nonsense poem which is hard when there is no real meaning.
By Chris Layne.
  At first we didn’t know what to do so we started to brain storm. After we filled up the page with ideas, we started to put the words together to make a poem. After we adjusted it and finalized it, we were finished.
By Kentlee Armstrong.

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